January 10th, 2013 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “master”


    By JOANN on 01.11.2013

  2. I’m the master of all that is. there is no other master. i educate and i give love to all. Inspire people.

    By H Donut on 01.11.2013

  3. Rashida didn’t want to, but something in her core pulled her to him. Raised never to bow to anyone, she could feel her knees shaking as he approached. His stare was heat, setting her entire body on fire. “Will you do anything for me?” he whispered? Anything….what about dignity, respect, and independence? As she gazed into his eyes, she knew she didn’t want any of that. “Yes.”

    By Soft URL on 01.11.2013

  4. He mastered it.

    By FallColours URL on 01.11.2013

  5. He wagged his tail eagerly, waiting for praise. He HAD been a good dog all day. He hadn’t barked at any squirrels or chewed up anyone’s shoes and he hadn’t peed on the floor even once! Not even when he really had to go. He figured he deserved a treat for all that hard work, maybe a nice long walk with the man.

    Jake headed into the house and sighed at his dog, who was barking excitedly at the sight of him. “Bad dog, Conner,” he scolded, frustrated. “Shut up! Go lay down…”

    By hannah URL on 01.11.2013

  6. My master is God. He is the master of all things good. He is the one who gave me life and love. I am thankful, gracious, and courageous all because of Him.

    By Ashley URL on 01.11.2013

  7. He thoght hebwas the master of everything. The courtroom, the firm he worked and even his marriage. He controlled everyone an danything. But he realized now as he lay dying from the gunshot wound he was not the master. But soon he would be meeting his in the next life.

    By Jerri URL on 01.11.2013


    By Cindy Niese on 01.11.2013

  9. The Master turned to the Doctor, already knowing what he was going to do.
    “I have to, Doctor.”
    The Doctor looked saddened–no, it was more than that… He looked depressed. “You don’t have to, though. Please, we’re the only ones left!”

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 01.11.2013

  10. As I walked to the front of the class, I could hear the snickers iof the other students. I hadn’t yet mastered the reading and with every stutter, I could feel my face get redder and redder.

    By Lilly on 01.11.2013

  11. And he looked up at the sky and smiled. clouds rushed by and he saw the sun. the sun gleamed down through the cracks and deceased leaves of the trees. he took a breath. and said thank you master. and continued to walk to the door.

    By ally on 01.11.2013

  12. Master. Dogs. I am my dog’s master. I hate when this term is used to describe a dog’s owner. I think of me and my dogs as friends. On the same level. Almost equal. I treat them as equals, and they treat me as more than equals. I am not their master, I am their bestfriend.

    By Pascua on 01.11.2013

  13. The master of the books was in his office all alone thinking about how things were so bad, How did they get THAT bad? Was it his fault? Maybe, now he will never know.

    By Alyx on 01.11.2013

  14. you are the master and commander of your life. Don’t let anyone else make you do anything you don’t feel is right. Follow your gut. you are in charge here. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Its no one else job. Be free from everyone’s opinion. Yours is the only one that matters.

    By Abigail Colbert on 01.11.2013

  15. me and my man. hate and love. wired and sad. a little bit of good and slightly bad. cold and hot. master and servant.

    By Dee URL on 01.11.2013

  16. Because there was a strike the first few times, you needn’t always be the master of your emotions, and draw up a line to walk on. When the feeling is right, and true, and reaches to you, let it master you. Swim in the ocean. Because that’s how love is. Endless, boundless, soft, touching every part of you.

    By Gargi. URL on 01.11.2013

  17. “thank you sir” he said. “It won’t happen again”
    His master looked at him with an unreadable expression on his face. He turned and walked away.
    Mukabee knew this was a good reaction.

    By Sam Sullivan on 01.11.2013

  18. mad max killed blaster of master blaster
    master of the house keeper of the zoo, ready to relieve you of a sous or two
    getting gr

    By Nol Beckley on 01.11.2013

  19. They tell me at this juncture I am the master of my fate.

    I don’t want to be servant to it, either, but maybe just bringing it breakfast in bed every now and again would be okay.

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.11.2013

  20. the master of the universe is everything that is right with life, without a master everyone would collapse into nothing and fail to exist. without life what would we be. we need direction to guide us to the better choices in life, and this is what a master gives us

    By becky on 01.11.2013

  21. she lifts the whip up for me to lick;
    i know it’s my blood coating my tongue
    but i smile, savage and lion-hearted
    because all it tastes like is her triumph.

    By h. b. URL on 01.11.2013

  22. man mean evil not nice scary gets everything dosnt have to do anything not friendl6 thinks the

    By stephanie on 01.11.2013

  23. You can master all that there is to master. And still not have mastered anything. Significant. Listen. There’s a lot of talking.

    By Nikita Das on 01.11.2013

  24. A master is someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Hardly Doc Hammer. He laughed derisively at himself at the very thought of being referred to as a ‘master’. A master is someone in control of their own life and certainly he was not. Why, at this very moment he was reeling once again (and this had happened too many times before to count) over feelings for his very dear very best friend with whom he felt closer to than anyone else in the entire universe.

    By Crizzy URL on 01.11.2013

  25. I believe we’ve all been in a situation where this term applies to us. It seems to have ruined countless countries and many more people than anyone cares to admit. If anything is for certain: it is that this is a dangerous position to be in, both for you and for those around you.

    By Gareth on 01.11.2013

  26. My master told me I should never open that door… But I haven’t listen to him. Now I’m here, stuck in this weird new reality… I really don’t know what to do. It’s all so strange… I’m scared.

    By Rachel R. Furtado URL on 01.11.2013

  27. Yes master i shall serve you in all of your world domination schemes. We shall rule the world master! Take it over and enslave humanity! dance puppets dance! Dance for your master peons! Mwahahahaha!!!!

    By Amanda Thornton on 01.11.2013

  28. WHat shall I get you master? A cold beverage perhaps? Tea? A fluffed pillow for your lovely feet… such lovely feet… would you like a foot massage master? some scented oils my master? I just want to touch them master… just once. please master? you have such lovely feet my master, so lovely.

    By Amanda Thornton URL on 01.11.2013

  29. i am the master of my own life. nobody should be able to tell me who i am, or who i should be. Yet, at the same time, i am constantly living under the thumb of the expectations laid down from the moment I was born. Nobody is an existentialist because everyone has to be subjugated to the powers of society.

    By Icarus on 01.11.2013

  30. it used to be that I feared I had no future; now I have never been more certain. I am not like the heroes in your typical came-from-dirt success stories; I am not strong enough for that beating-the-odds miracle bullshit. there’s a point where you simply must accept your destiny and play your assigned role. it just so happens I live the part of a girl who can, and will, be thrown every possible obstacle to get in the way of her success. I am weak and powerless, so it is time to bow down and kiss the feet of our master, mother nature.

    By t URL on 01.11.2013

  31. There was a MASTER who lived in a castle at the top of a tall hill. He kept his slave girl in a seperate room in the castle, and there she had lived since she had been brought to him by his men, some many years ago.
    The master’s name was Jerry and he had bright ginger hair. He was a complete moron. Basically, not sure where this is going… Trying this one word thing out for the first time. Just want to see what happens when my time is up… Do I submit this? I hope not…

    By Hannah on 01.11.2013

  32. I’m trying to master the art of loving, the art of caring. But it’s so hard to master giving up so much of yourself to be with someone else. So hard to master the art of having faith in human kind.
    how can I master conquering my doubtful mind

    By ashsam on 01.11.2013

  33. No one cares about these because there are none . we are all true “masters” within our selves and we all should be viewed as such. So dig deep, delete all negativity and get to know you true capablity.

    By yanik on 01.11.2013

  34. sam had a new kung-fu master. he was a level 3 blackbelt. he knew a lot of kung-fu. his name was sam. we called him sensei ( it means master in japanese ) so me and sam had lots of fun learning the sacred art of kung fu. sensei told us to only use it for self defense.

    By benjamin.verswijver URL on 01.11.2013