June 5th, 2011 | 578 Entries

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578 Entries for “plaid”

  1. i’ve been told before by someone very close to me that i wear too much plaid. i find it hard to fathom that it is possible to wear TOO MUCH plaid. i think it looks good on me and therefore, i’m pleased with the appearance it gives me. nuff said.

    By calvin mcroy URL on 06.05.2011

  2. Please
    Ice cream

    By you URL on 06.05.2011

  3. school girl skirts and boys neckties converse shoes and scottish kilts. quite ugly in homes. never to be maid into a dress. almost always a fail kinda gross

    By me URL on 06.05.2011

  4. Coloured roads crisscross one another, and as you travel down them each branched off into three separate paths. You keep choosing path after path only to come to an identical intersection. then you realize, you’ve just been making little square shaped circles your entire life.

    Oh god, what a nightmare

    By austen URL on 06.05.2011

  5. the new trendy shirt has blue plaid all over it. I think it’s ugly.

    By June on 06.05.2011

  6. I used to wear plaid every Monday. I loved the way the colors and the lines went together, perfectly interconnected lines and colors, like a beehive that just fits together. So I wore my bees on Mondays because everyone needs extra help on Mondays, and plaid became like an armor. Sometimes, it gave me a Scottish accent, too.

    By Daisy on 06.05.2011

  7. Cafe Plaid right off of campus corner. So many memories. A five minute walk from class. Coffee in the morning before class. Sweet plaid bar for a treat. Lunch with close friends…deep talks. Coffee and flirting. Studying for finals. Some of my sweetest memories is in that place.

    By Leslie Gile on 06.05.2011

  8. Plaid is a material that many today wear on shorts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc. Although it may not be the most popular style of the age, it’s pretty common. It can either be worn casually or slightly formally. You can buy plaid stuff from Old Navy and other such places.

    By Bree on 06.05.2011

  9. Johnathan stepped down from his old ’79 Ford tractor, wiping the sweat off his face with the back of his hand. Using an old rag from his back pocket, he cleaned the grease left by the less cooperative controls of the old rust-bucket. He strolled to the house to peel off his worn off jeans and plaid shirt for a long deserved shower. Another day done.

    By Rubylark on 06.05.2011

  10. i remember in grade 10 how we all went through that craze of wearing plaid. i’d see a girl with blonde hair and fitted plaid shirt and just want to BE her. i’d see a guy wearing plaid and think, thats the sexiest man i’ve ever seen. its so ridiculous how one fad can totally change your perspective on people. i mean, look at that. who the hell rates someone’s worth on what shirt they’re wearing?

    By Erin URL on 06.05.2011

  11. In college… you can tell what gender a room is by the bed sheets. If the sheets are plaid it’s most likely a boys room. But Plaid makes me think of warmth and winter nights cuddled up by a fire.

    By JustMeAgain URL on 06.05.2011

  12. I remember wearing a plaid shirt early on in my relationship with Paul. He said that it made him want to take me out on a date. Since then, I’ve worn much more plaid.

    By Julia on 06.05.2011

  13. i like plaid. i like wearing button up plaid. i like when my girl wears a plaid shirt with nothing underneath. her skin is so soft.

    plaid reminds me of summer days and good times. it also reminds me of winter days and snuggly times. i wish i had more plaid shirts.

    maybe something with a sparkly trim.

    By Susana on 06.05.2011

  14. I remember wearing a plaid shirt at lunch with Paul early on in our relationship. He said it made him want to take me out on a date. I’m glad he felt that way. I’ve kept wearing plaid.

    By Julia on 06.05.2011

  15. plaid like a school girls outfit.
    “you are gonna wear one”
    “oh really”
    i don’t mind.
    he’s good in bed.
    and i think he actually cares.
    or maybe its just the fact that he is my best friend.
    and has always been there.
    i don’t even know what we have
    but its something
    maybe just friendship with benefits
    or maybe its something else
    everyone says it is.
    really i think we are both just sick and tired of being left broken and alone.
    we hate being lonely.

    By korrina URL on 06.05.2011

  16. i like plaid. i like wearing button up plaid. i like when my girl wears a plaid shirt with nothing underneath. her skin is so soft.

    plaid reminds me of summer days and good times. it also reminds me of winter days and snuggly times. i wish i had more plaid shirts.

    maybe something with a sparkly trim.

    By Susana URL on 06.05.2011

  17. So many memories revolve around plaid. Filled with adventure and mirth and joy. I am happy and surrounded by friends. Happiness. It’s red and awesome. I love it. Plaid.

    By Melanie on 06.05.2011

  18. “There, over there!” I called, pointing to the corner. He looked around, confused at what I could possibly be pointing at. To him, this store was just filled with junk, but to me it was filled with mystery. All of these items had a history to them, a story, but he felt they just had unwanted bacteria and a bad smell. It was their history that made them special, unique. I could look at an item and try and guess it’s story. Today’s find: a red plaid blanket. “It would be perfect for picnics,” I chimed as he began to walk away. I clutched my new treasure close to my heart. “To new adventures,” I whispered.

    By Haley URL on 06.05.2011

  19. flannel. men who wear flannel cut down trees. but maybe they write poetry in log cabin they built from scratch and drink wine out of the hand blown glasses they made

    By kate on 06.05.2011

  20. her plaid skirt was swaying softly with her hips as she sauntered by with that predatory lope. the clack of her high heels might as well be the nails of a lioness as she stalks her prey. golden hair fell in wavy curls about her shoulders and he couldnt help but lock his eyes upon that feline. the ordinary girl he was with turned her lip up in disgust at the filthy trash the boy was so intent on watching. ‘why even bother with shit like her’ she mumbled. ‘probably has more dieses than the average tick’ blue eyes flashed over slender shoulders and gave the boy a wink, too flustered, he didnt see the sneer turn up her perfect lips at the plain girl in jeans who sat beside him.

    By Caali URL on 06.05.2011

  21. i dont even know if this word is what i think it is. im pretty sure its a pattern. i have alot of plaid shirts, i had to clean out my closet and i threw five out and i still have another five that i kept. i dressed dexter up in a plaid shirt one time. he looked so cute, i miss him so much… i cant believe that hes gone.. when i think about it, it hurts so much! to think that somebody i trusted would take him away from me… he was everything to me!! tonight is a weird night, one i dont feel like being alone on… i dont know why, everything seemed fine when i was at work and then when i was driving home i just started feeling blah

    By Jenny on 06.05.2011

  22. Well one day I was walking around and saw Joel with a plaid shirt it was pretty interesting with the yellows and the pinks…but we walked around and saw lemonade and I said “WOW, IT MATCHES!!” It was a hot day that day and maybe it’s nothing important but I do like the pattern on some people.

    By Taos on 06.05.2011

  23. Plaid is the color for school girls. It is kind of a checkered striped look that is common in a lot of fashion. I like plaid sometimes but mainly when I was younger. To write about plaid is odd because it is just a simple pattern but almost all of us have worn it.

    By Holly on 06.05.2011

  24. plaid. my favorite pattern. goes well with stripes. something i love. yet also hate. so much like catholic school, but also my little rebellion. oh how i love it so. my lovely plaid. full of life yet so dull. and misunderstood in many eyes but loved in mine. you make me happy but sad. my beautiful plaid.

    By Zoey Rose on 06.05.2011

  25. Plaid is a pretty complex pattern… sort if like our relationship in general. I really need to talk to you, and even confess that I need to shake you’re hand, though as linked together as that may seem, sort of connected like plaid, I fear it would be the end of me… for you see, if I were to come in contact with you we may both disappear forever, or so I fear. We’d destroy the pattern and become a solid.

    By tocksick URL on 06.05.2011

  26. My mom always thinks about what it would be like to get a kiss from a man dressed in a plaid kilt. She loves everything about the Scottish, even the idea that she can’t understand some of the things they say. All of her favorite romance books have a Scottish highlander in them, shirtless in a plaid kilt. Her loves outside of her marriage. Thank goodness for her happy marriage, and happy dad.

    By Rachel Maria URL on 06.05.2011

  27. plaid makes me think of scottish people. shortbread cookies. bagpipes. it’s loud and not always in fashion.

    By benedetta bambagioni on 06.05.2011

  28. Plaid is a type of pattern used mostly in clothing. It comes from a scottish origin used mostly to make religious garb called kilts. Through religion it became a fashion forward swatch of fabric and pattern.

    By Deborah on 06.05.2011

  29. I just had to google it to find what this was about XD. The pattern… oh screw it, i¡’m not gonna make it

    By Felipe URL on 06.05.2011

  30. lines and stripes and cowboys and farmers and fou mouf gang haters and hipsters and flannel and sexy and rednecks and overalls and farms and sheep fuckers and goats and tony and boys and more hipsters and bright colors and yeah…

    By Mackenzie on 06.05.2011

  31. Plaid, I think it’s in this season. I see many people wearing plaid shirts, shorts, pants may it be a girl or a boy they wear it. I don’t have a plaid though, but I am thinking of buying one.

    By daydreamgoddess on 06.05.2011

  32. plate.. plane.. palid.. higher… flower.. orquidea.. pizza.. amor… esperezna.. paz.. lazo.. libido.. imprsion.. cultura… ir.. volver… plato.. como pizza en el palto

    By cataa on 06.05.2011

  33. the plaids of the shirts on the little boys chasing the little girls on the playground. the ponytails on the heads of the middle school girls as they bob through the hallway. the laughter of the sixteen year girl in the car of the sixteen year old boy. the girl with the one way ticket who wasn’t going back. take me to all that we had.

    By Samantha on 06.05.2011

  34. Both of us wearing plaid shirts most of the damn summer.
    Holding hands in Love Park.
    Holding hands in Logan Square.
    Holding hands while biking.

    The whole summer filled with plaid shirts, shorts, and holding hands.
    I didn’t regret a minute of it, but right now I’m having feelings of insecurities.

    Did you regret that love-filled summer?

    By Dalena Huynh URL on 06.05.2011

  35. well i dont know english very well so i really don’t know the meaning of if.
    in Italy we use plaid to call something that protects you from the cold winter, you use it whan you are sleeping. time is over.
    thank you sara

    By sara on 06.05.2011

  36. plaid skirt, plaid shoes, plaid boots i like plaid, plaid coat, red, blue and green plaid.
    thats all for now plaid

    By angus on 06.05.2011

  37. The girl wore a plaid coat to school everyday for a year. She loved it because her mom bought it for her before she died. When wearing her coat she felt as if her mother was always with her, watching over her. Everyone else thought she was crazy.

    By Mari Dent on 06.05.2011

  38. the plaid skirt ellen grace had that she lent me has white paint stains on it from when she went to school in pittsburgh. she would have stains on it. she’s so clumsy. but i love her. She wore the skirt for a halloween costume and it reminds me of the schoolgirl dress morgan gave me after jhenry’s farm. that was a fun night.

    By lindsey on 06.05.2011

  39. I really like this design. Not just in clothes, but in other things such as building designs or table patterns. If I were to choose something, I’m pretty sure I would get plaid shorts, not a shirt. The reason being I like plaid shorts because they go better with solid shirt colors. You can’t have a plaid shirt go with solid short colors, but that’s just me. I like being fashionable.

    By Shawn Olsen on 06.05.2011

  40. clothes all over differnet colors. summer time and my grandpa walking around in his button up shirts, hay bales, and summer sun. Barn door swinging open and horses

    By amanda on 06.05.2011