June 6th, 2011 | 621 Entries

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621 Entries for “painted”

  1. The last time I painted something, it turned out awful. It might have been better if I tried to express myself in a different way. Visual arts aren’t for everyone…

    By Bobby on 06.07.2011

  2. i painted a window red. it was a little wooden frame belonging to a small countryside cottage. there are flower beds on the wondow sill, and a cat is curled up around one of the flower pots. the cat is black and belonging to an old lady who has lived in the cottage with her husband all her life.

    By lois on 06.07.2011

  3. everything in this world. from textures, to liquids, to light was painted by a beautiful belief that we were all meant to belong. like tiny particles of a bigger hole.

    By Margaret URL on 06.07.2011

  4. i painted a big red elaphant one day inamed him herold and he liked lolly pops like by friend ptty oh how patty liked lollypops eversince the accident. he never fully recovered from the gold smelting accident, always playing with that gold smelter

    By Dixon on 06.07.2011

  5. The walls were painted a baby blue.
    The painted ponies go up and down.
    Were captive on a carousel of time.

    By Zoe.(: URL on 06.07.2011

  6. the word TEACHER is forever painted on my forehead just like the word BENL back in my study days. People expected me to be a good teacher just like my parents and I’m scared to think about it. I’m still nervous about the thought of being a real teacher XD

    By Chazzie URL on 06.07.2011

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    By Laura on 06.07.2011

  8. when you look at people you can always see their lives etched across their face, and the way they attempted to paint over it to make them seem perfect

    By Mayala on 06.07.2011

  9. Once I painted a picture with colors. Words, colors and sounds.

    By Haley Rose on 06.07.2011

  10. Finally a writing community that really compensates its writers. No more being shafted for hours of posting. Now you can help others to help themselves! for real

    By getitforreal URL on 06.07.2011

  11. tiny little fingertips
    pressing down, in colors running
    summer suns and breezes captured
    loosely outlined in the water

    By Irina URL on 06.07.2011

  12. I used to love to paint when I was younger. It was always just watercolor, but I wanted to do more. I have always been an artist. I still am, but I haven’t painted in so long. The last good painting I did was of a sheep, and it was actually acrylic, which was pretty cool. Since then I haven’t really gotten anything done. I have Photoshop now, does that count as painting?

    By Aaron Smith URL on 06.07.2011

  13. the room was painted. not with color but with the effort and strength the couple poured unto its wall.

    By Jonathan Mercado on 06.07.2011

  14. It was 110 degrees outside. Inside the Painted Ponies body shop, Slade ran a shop towel across his face and banged on the side of a vending machine he’d rigged up. A can of Budweiser banged its way down through the machine and bounced into the tray. The shop grunt hotboxed his cigarette and shook his head. “Why don’ you jus’ keep yo’ beer in the fridge, Boss?” Slade just looked at him and pulled the tab. Beer sprayed into his mouth and face and hair. He smiled and shook his head like a dog. “That’s why, you unimaginative bastard.”

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.07.2011

  15. Painted in blue the walls of my own surround … not dark blue … but the blue that pertains comfort, happines and peace … i love how still the color is … and the different shade it has …

    By Aya on 06.07.2011

  16. When I first bought my condo back in 2007 I had to paint the walls in a color fairly close to that of cafe con leche. Painting was not fun. In fact it took about three weeks more than what I had originally planned for it to take to be complete. The cafe con leche with eh one green wall as an accent was not flattering at all. I never felt comfortable in my place with those colors. The came Patty and then came the light gray and bold red colors. Now this was a palette I could work with. This is how I painted my place and this is how I now live- in gray and red.

    By blix URL on 06.07.2011

  17. I painted my wall yesterday.It was previously painted with white .Now I did with Blue.I like painted walls.Good painted walls inspire me.Its all about a painted imagination. painted walls are cool.I painted my body with blue.I painted my girl as well.

    By Tapajit on 06.07.2011

  18. I painted a mirror. Then it painted me. Blue, yellow, green, no red, just me.

    By michaela on 06.07.2011

  19. One day, I painted a picture. I dipped my brush into the paint and just let it flow from brush to page. I started out with blue. I placed the brush onto the canvas and found myself painting a sky. After I painted the sky, I added clouds. I then painted green grass, equipped with a pathway leading across the page. I then added a large sun where the sky met the grass, making a horizon. I had yellow, orange, pink, any color you could associate with a sunset on the painting. After the sunset, I added the little extra detail the painting needed. Upon completion, I looked at what I had done and saw that it was good. Then I mounted it up on the wall. And there it has stayed since the day I painted it.

    By Kaycie URL on 06.07.2011

  20. my room is painted color creamy white. i love to paint. the hotel was color green. i don’t like how they painted it.

    By Ale URL on 06.07.2011

  21. painted is a great way to express yourself. colors, hues, shades bleneed together with so many mediums you can use. it is a release and a way to have something tangiable to see afterwards. with all theses technologies we will soon lose our physical arts if we do not continue to paint. vincent van go and blues, yewllos and I wish I had more money and time to invest in painting.

    By Meg on 06.07.2011