July 12th, 2011 | 467 Entries

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467 Entries for “plague”

  1. There were two people left in the place. It was truly horrible, the stench of rotting flesh as the flies and fleas feasted in the twilight of a grand history, such as Los Angeles’ had been. The plague struck quickly, and there was not much time to put things in order.

    By Daniel Helman URL on 07.13.2011

  2. She was caught up in a plague of love. She couldn’t forget him, nor could she stay with him. He burned through her skin, wreaking havoc on her body and her mind. All night she tossed and turned, trying to shake him loose from her head. She knew it was over, the end was near. There was no cure for this disease.

    By annes URL on 07.13.2011

  3. The plague should of killed them all, but instead it was making them stronger. thye getting near to death, then fighting back and no-one knew why.

    By kirsty booth on 07.13.2011

  4. Sickness and disease spreads into my soul as I heard him say those words. Telling me its over, telling me we’re through. I was about to puke, my stomach was going to fall out of me. I couldnt breathe or think or feel.

    By Suki on 07.13.2011

  5. It seems medieval. Black rats, pus filled boils. Or a third world phenomenon – completely disconnected for Western society. But we hear about them constantly, there’s a new epidemic every few months. And people fall for it every time.

    I’m still wating to contract E.Coli.

    By Victoria URL on 07.13.2011

  6. “The plague? I thought that was overcome many years ago!”

    “Not the medical plague, silly! I am saying that he is a plague … a plague on this entire project! He is insidious, building a little web of lies and deceit that are going to take the whole thing down.”

    “That bad, eh!”

    “Don’t laugh! I told you what happened with the last project he was involved in. We were very lucky to avoid being sued more than once!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 07.13.2011

  7. sleep plagues me. I could sleep for days weeks years. Like the bubonic this plague has put me 6 feet under the covers. Unclean is posted across my bedroom door.

    By Aaron Ray URL on 07.13.2011

  8. its a disease . i guess . not pretty sure . if i had time i would search it on google . it causes many deaths . its a not a good thing . i think i am finished .

    By haider kazmi on 07.13.2011

  9. The plague spread through the land like a wildfire, consuming families like so much dry wood. Five miles out from the village, an old man sat in a hut sprinkling herbs over a bubbling pot.

    By Ryan Blades URL on 07.13.2011

  10. black
    nyan cat

    By zoe on 07.13.2011

  11. the plague of the 21 century is that men have become very selfish. People are dying in the horn of Africa out f hunger, yet others are filling bins with waste food. If we could all love each other as we loved ourselves, we would overcome the 21st century plague and make the world a better place to live in.

    By Darwin on 07.13.2011

  12. Suddenly the people began to panic as they began to see the sure signs of the disease spread amongst their children. The boils, the spots, everything was there. Knowing that the end was upon them, they began to make preparations for the end. Some began to pray, some slit their own throats. Only one was accepting of this fate.

    By Eddison Forrest on 07.13.2011

  13. humanity is a plague of the eath because we a re the cog within our loving world. everything wlows the grass goses unto the trees as the tree to sand and water and so on and so fourth. animals have chanin i clock if

    By mike on 07.13.2011

  14. The black death is one of the most prevalent diseases in the 14th century. Caused by the enterobacteria Yersina Pestis, it is mainly relating to the bubonic plague, where buboes spread everywhere on the body. Also, there is the pneumonic plague and the septicemic plague.

    By Blackiedog on 07.13.2011

  15. The first plague I think about is the supposedly inevitable plague of zombies that will eventually consume us all. I don’t believe in it, but you do. And your belief is what matters to you most. Survive the plague and continue on.

    By Benjamin Jones on 07.13.2011

  16. Scourge and purifier.
    Engulfing the plain; a virus spreads
    For conquest or demolition.
    A modern form of war.
    Innocent victims.

    By BMC on 07.13.2011

  17. A plague, the sound alone send tremors down my spine. I can remember when I first heard the word it was referring to an out break of a illness that had thousands of people in India. I hope that we do not have another one in our life time.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.13.2011

  18. A plague, the sound alone send tremors down my spine. I can remember when I first heard the word it was referring to an out break of a illness that had killed thousands of people in India. I hope that we do not have another one in our life time.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.13.2011

  19. The plague is upon us, there is no escape! When we do, it’s then we realise the truth. The plague is us, we are a plague unto ourselves…

    By James URL on 07.13.2011

  20. the biggest think that has plagued our modern world is,according to me, laziness. people claim they don’t have time but i think that its all because of laziness.

    By SID URL on 07.13.2011

  21. I am filled with fright. The plague was again here. Where o where will we run? Before us and after us it steps in our shadows. Is there any way to escape it?

    By Adelle Brereton URL on 07.13.2011

  22. Back in the day, health was not a very important priority to people and they didn’t really have the hygiene we do now. So they would be inflicted with this plague that would make them extremely sick. Sometimes the people who caught the plague would be put in separate rooms and closed off from the rest of the community so they wouldn’t pass it along. Example would be Shakespeare’s time.

    By Fatma URL on 07.13.2011

  23. The Plague hit hardest in our coastal village, with babes tossed in the water alongside old men for months. When finally we survivors stood on the beach, ragged and starved but free of disease, we watched as the waves coughed up our dead, one by one. They were happy to see us.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.13.2011

  24. The bubonic plague was an interesting disease. I enjoy reading about the way it affected europeans in the middle ages. Sometimes I wish the plague would come through today, and get rid of a lot of people, like television reporters and council workers.

    By george jetson on 07.13.2011

  25. The bubonic plague struck England in the past. it resulted in boils and disgusting growths on peoples bodies. many people diedddddddd. it was quite an unfortunate even. That’s too bad.

    By Amina URL on 07.13.2011

  26. It is a disease caused by mice.. the word is also used otherwise in English for instance thoughts are plagued with..

    By Neha on 07.13.2011

  27. “You have brought a plague upon us. Your filth and your sin make us wretch until we die. You have infected us all with your ideas – my daughter most of all.

    By stevelw on 07.13.2011

  28. The black plague killed millions way back when. The descriptions of what happened to the victims of the black plague are horrifying. Think about blackened faces and swollen, protruding tongues, bodies stacked up in the streets. A living nightmare and it must have stunk too.

    By Jennifer URL on 07.13.2011

  29. i dont know what a plague is but still i’ll write about it. because you asked me to do so. So, now what i want is that the time limit to get over because i have no idea what’s happening!

    By Amber on 07.13.2011

  30. the plague has come and it has a name J-I-S-T and Im here to bring the pain…Love me hate me, it’s all good

    By Josh on 07.13.2011

  31. I always used to get the word plague mixed up with ‘plaque’. When I was a child there was plaque all over London in the 1800’s and millions of people died from it. And then there was the plague on your teeth if you didn’t brush enough. I still have to double check myself.

    By Jaggarte URL on 07.13.2011

  32. Fill, as I kneel
    the mansions

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.13.2011

  33. I believe that the rhyme london bridge is falling down is based on a great plague which had struck london. i wonder when did that happen. And also cant believe the kids actually think its a fun game to just play without knowing the history of the rhyme.

    By sreekanth on 07.13.2011

  34. it’s coming. The overuse of antibiotics, and the right-wing establishment’s refusal to understand natural selection is bringing it closer every day.

    By Lavan on 07.13.2011

  35. This is a plague, a host-compromised, bug-infested plague. Everywhere you turn there are zombies who have been taken over, red at the gills, frightened of their own shadows.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 07.13.2011

  36. I dont really know what this word means. Im guessing its some sot of mad cowad

    By gaby on 07.13.2011

  37. The plague was devastating. The best reading I have done about the plague was in Galileo’s Daughter–she described how it affected real people in a real time. Not a fictional account. That was eye-opening. Modern day plagues: I guess AIDs.

    By elizabeth b URL on 07.13.2011

  38. God sent millions of plagues throughout the world in the time of Moses, to prove that he was God and the creator of everyone and everything. The pharaoh made his heart grew cold and thus didn’t believe in anything. However, this is happening nowadays. God is doing miracles and no one wants to see them or even listen to them. It is going back to those times, and just like it says so in the book of Revelation those that add or take away words from the Bible will be added all of the plagues described in this book; even so, there will be, after the rapture, the manifestation of the ten plagues that took place in the book of Exodus as well!

    By Jordys URL on 07.13.2011

  39. The infestation had begun… and it was she who began it. My secret welled up within me like vomit, the words straining against the back of my throat. What could I possibly say without betraying who had started it?

    By Chelsea on 07.13.2011

  40. A plague eats away at my conscience. Warning me of imminent danger. Something is rotting within. I must prevent this plague. I must fight this disease.

    By Nishat on 07.13.2011