July 12th, 2011 | 467 Entries

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467 Entries for “plague”

  1. It covers, rampant. Destruction is all you see, the wake in all its path. Darkness swirling, cast shadows all around. It covers.

    By Robyn on 07.13.2011

  2. You have to be kidding me the plague is you… Think about it, we made an island of floating garbage the size of Texas. Great… now I am going to be pissed off all day.

    By Giles. on 07.13.2011

  3. A plague upon your house. That blight upon my street. You, with the grass that hasn’t been mowed in nearly a month. Trim your hedges! Where do you think you are, the outback? This is American Suburbia! You will trim the plants. You will plant brightly colored flowers. Paint that front door. Keep that mailbox pole painted. Conform!

    By Dan in Ohio URL on 07.13.2011

  4. We need a new plague. There are too many humans.

    By me URL on 07.13.2011

  5. shitty metal band. Ants and bugs and stuff. So many bugs and zombies. im feeling a lot of zombies who are roaming around all the streets. wasps and stuff. Lots of flying bugs. Wrecked town full of insects and poisonous things.

    By John Marden on 07.13.2011

  6. i dont know what the hell it means, i think its about a disease or something bad so no idea.

    By msa on 07.13.2011

  7. plague destroyed many lives in the world, it refers to a cruel disease that’s taking lives everyday and threathens people in poor countries.

    By N.D. on 07.13.2011

  8. I am plagued with some mental mix up. I have been using a substance for too long. The wrong chemicals are filling the wrong receptors and it’s a mixed up situation.

    By Chrissy URL on 07.13.2011

  9. Many have benn seen by human kind but one is still at large, capitalism its called, thats the plague of modern times.

    By Jai on 07.13.2011

  10. It was horrible. My mother and I laid flat underneath the oldsmobile that we’d just gotten out of. We couldn’t make it any further without rolling over dead bodies, and that wouldn’t seem right, especially not in the current conditions. The plague had taken effect on the entire city, and it was spreading quickly. We didn’t understand why we were immune to it yet, but this fact caused us to become wanted convicts. We had to hide. Had to run. I wondered how long we would go on like this. how long we COULD go on like this. It was more than two people could bare. I closed my eyes, shut out the world that was around me and thought back to before this all happened. My father was still with us and life seemed so perfect. If only I’d known then what I know now. “Anna! We have to go now!” My mother broke me out of my reverie and my hazel eyes fluttered open as I was tossed back into this cold, uncaring world.

    By Angelique on 07.13.2011

  11. Boils erupted from his skin. He wondered why he was chosen.

    She eyed him with disgust and left. She couldn’t have foreseen that she’d fall victim to it too.

    By J URL on 07.13.2011

  12. If I shaved m y skin to give to yours could you survive this day of blood clogging up veins?

    I touch your tongue and bumps erupt, my fingers tasting everything

    I run them over fellow humans

    THey taste of decay, rust, sweat
    I taste myself

    I taste this human disease

    By AinsleyD URL on 07.13.2011

  13. fear and sickness flies death lonliness faith release lost medicine want

    By Sarah on 07.13.2011

  14. It’s a plague. Hate. It’s devours, consumes, kills. It strikes without warning and turns relationships, friendships, civilisations upside down. It ruins everything. And we let it.

    By Kiah on 07.13.2011

  15. I kept my distance
    after that final
    kiss on the cheek
    in his jeep
    so gray

    everything about him –

    For the rest of my time
    on this earth I knew
    I’d avoid him like
    the plague..

    By dinamspice URL on 07.13.2011

  16. it was everywhere. it was going around all over town. everyone keeps calling it the ‘plague that will never die’. Except the only ironic part was that everyone was dying. So I have no idea why it was called that, but either way it was terrible, and never ending.

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.13.2011

  17. it hurts people. and it kills. and you know what else hurts people? love. love hurts. because what if someone doesn’t love you back? what if there’s a deadline on the relationship and he/she just won’t meet it? you get hurt. so i guess, long story short, love is a plague. i’m done.

    By marge on 07.13.2011

  18. sick money family Africa children ill disease contamination

    By zk on 07.13.2011

  19. Something I have… Dont laugh Erm… Its spelled P.L..A.G.U.Who is telephone

    By Soumynona on 07.13.2011

  20. Once there was a Plague in the town of Blacks. It killed anyone infected with it. There was one person who could heal someone that was infected, and her name was Never. Never was a very simple girl. She always did the right thing, got perfect grades, and looked beautiful. She had no idea she had the power to heal someone of the Plague, until one night, her lover, Damian, who had been infected for 3 months, was on the verge of dying. He laid in his bed cold and still. Never couldn’t bear to see him die, and so she gave him one last kiss in hopes to be infected herself, to die along with him.but with that kiss in the next week he became stronger, and finally returned to full health. She never became infected, she only grew stronger. And this my dear friends is the story of how she endures life, kissing every weak soul, and hating every second of it.

    By Cedar Wood URL on 07.13.2011

  21. She asked me last night to tell her about my life and I don’t want to. I’m not proud of my past. I struggled, sure, and I am a better person because of it. I don’t understand why she wants to know. I’m not sure I have anything important to tell her, but I want her to know. I’m plagued by my past and it bothers me. I don’t want to worry about my past anymore.

    By Mackie on 07.13.2011

  22. plague is a though a disease but but it is most suitable word for the feeling one has after being heart broken cause it may feel the same….rotting inside. Spreading sorrows to others!

    By Faiezah on 07.13.2011

  23. Heat spread through him like a plague, his body was being carefully torn apart, his head was in agony, and o p e n i n g…….. “Six, wake up. We have work to do.” The Doctor’s voice brought him out of sleep mode.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 07.13.2011

  24. Plague

    I think “Bible”.

    I gave up on the Bible when I was about six. It described such an angry petty God. The God I imagined was nothing like that. So I decided the writers didn’t know what they were talking about and continued to believe in what I considered to be a more enlightened and less hormonal omnipotent being.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.13.2011

  25. “Just leave me alone,” Erica whined to her younger brother Jeff. He was always trying to play with her friends and take her toys. He wasn’t just a little brother, he was a menace.

    “Erica, don’t be like that,” her mother scolded. Her enlarged belly loomed out. “What are you going to do when we have the next baby?”

    “Be overrun with a plague,” she grumbled.

    By Leticia URL on 07.13.2011

  26. A plague of thoughts: this one disdain, that one creeping; over here is disgust, and below that self-loathing. Each stakes out a part of my heart, claiming that it shall win in the end.

    By wigout URL on 07.13.2011

  27. It was in the dark ages when people cried out for help, for prayer, for anything to get them through this living Hell. Anything. But nothing was there as they saw their loved ones fade away into earthy stone.

    By Martha on 07.13.2011

  28. The death plague was a nasty one to handle, with sadness and hopefulness spreading throughout. This disease was caught by every soldier in the Vietnam war, and there was no way to try to escape it. This was becoming of our once great, and healthy nation, being that it is now just a steadfast way to dying. This is the depressing truth, and there’s nothing else to say about it other than, “I hope i can make it out alive.” There’s only hope to get us through it all…

    By volleygirl17 URL on 07.13.2011

  29. She had been plagued by nightmares ever since the day she found out who she truly was. James told her these nightmares would help her. They give her messages beyond whats seen at first. She was finally starting to understand. She had to fight for James, for her mother, for witches everywhere.

    By Bri URL on 07.13.2011

  30. I don’t really know what to write about this word. It makes me think of the bible story with Moses in it. I don’t really like biblical stuff though. It irritates me. God is such an asshole. “I am the only God, follow me, listen to my rules, blablablaaah….” And there are way too many rules. And am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that the symbol of Christianity is a torture device?

    By Katie Leigh URL on 07.13.2011

  31. ĀK DIEVS! – KLIDZA VECENĪTE, SKRIEDMA PA BRUĢI AR SAVU slimo bērnu rokās. – Tas ir Mēris! Tas patiešām ir mēris! Mēs visi mirsism!
    Viņa skrēja man pretī arvien ātrāk un ātrāk, es redzēju bērna pūžņojošās acis cieši veramies manī un sāku kligt.

    By Alice on 07.13.2011

  32. Bubonic plague. Black plague. The plague that caused the potato famine in Ireland. You’re a plague just like that. You’re destroying me and everything that I am like it’s your job. Like it’s what you were born to do. But you’re ending soon. I’ll make sure of it.

    By xstal URL on 07.13.2011

  33. The plague of people outside my window was unnerving. What were they doing there; why were they covered in dirt with their clothes all tattered? That’s when I remembered what had been on the news that morning, what I hears without really listening. There was a mass infection turned virus going around the North Eastern United States. I live in Westchester, New York. I was in the center of it all. What was the result the new caster had mentioned? Oh yeah… zombies.

    By Bret on 07.13.2011

  34. Plague is horrible. It infects hundreds, thousands, millions of people. It’s scary. Many people die before a cure comes out. These usually happen in Zombie Apocalypse movies. So cliche.

    By Brandon URL on 07.13.2011

  35. Millions of people are dying and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. My best friend past only yesterday, and my parents are afraid that I’m next. What? I thought. How?

    By Crimson Hue URL on 07.13.2011

  36. plague, i had this word yesterday when i found this site on! i wrote…

    ring around the rosie
    pockets full of posies
    ashes ashes
    we all fall down
    we all fall down dead
    thats what plague does
    it spreads
    it engulfs

    By Hannah URL on 07.13.2011

  37. Love spreads like a plauge infecting my body my mind my words. I see you you you and I’m not even trying to look for it. Love. It leaves me infected.

    By milkie on 07.13.2011

  38. PLAGUE


    Everyone will die…

    By Hannah URL on 07.13.2011

  39. this is like ya know zombies ‘n stuff or like in Egypt when all those frogs ‘n bugs ‘n junk came all out of where ever and got those dudes in Egypt. But real plagues are jive.

    By Joe Jack on 07.13.2011

  40. His looks infest my soul, I can’t even breathe. He’s all I want but so bad for me. Like the dirt in my hair and the scars on my legs, he’ll never quite leave me. He’ll always be a part of my story.

    By ellie URL on 07.13.2011