July 13th, 2011 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “etiquette”

  1. every princess has etiquette. at least, that’s what mary ann wanted you to think. she made it look like she was perfect, the perfect princess, daughter of the perfect king and queen. except, on the inside, she was someone she wasn’t.

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.14.2011

  2. Etiquette is to society as the tutorial is to video games.

    By Kayte on 07.14.2011

  3. LAst monday I was in a shop and Ifalled in love of a Shoes, but I didn’t see the number and it don’t wears well.

    By Anfran on 07.14.2011

  4. i have the best etiquette. and i think it’s important because it helps to depict your strength and poise as a respected adult. i am trying to teach my nephew good etiquette. its going to take time he’s only 16 months.

    By crystal on 07.14.2011

  5. Etiketten sind an fast allem dran. Da steht drauf, was drin ist. Wieviel es kostet, wer es gemacht hat, wo es herkommt. Ich kenne ein Kind, das steht auf Kleidungsetiquetten. Es sagt Gati dazu und die Güte eines Kleidungsstücks wird danach beurteilt, wie weich, stabil und sensorisch ansprechend das Gati ist.

    By Lisa URL on 07.14.2011

  6. A gift from Grandma so many christmases ago. Miss manners. “Trip, get you elbows off the table!!!” People have such horrible manners on the phone these days.

    By Sarah URL on 07.14.2011

  7. Modern etiquette has suffered greatly in the last two decades due principally to the advent of the internet. Internet etiquette has brought about numerous rules as to what is appropriate (and very few as to what is inappropriate) in a new digital age in which everyone can share anything and everything with anyone and everyone.

    By Nathan on 07.14.2011

  8. “She has never worn a dress, and couldn’t possible tell desconcern which fork to use first at a fancy restaurant. But she also knows nothing of callousness or jealousy. Yes, mother, she won’t be able to gracefully curtsy or host a flawless luncheon, but I could not care less about any of that. I am sorry if you don’t think she is fit to be my princess, because that is what she will be one day- no matter how distasteful you find it to be.”

    By Trista URL on 07.14.2011

  9. I use this word often to replace manners. I also value my principles of etiquette a lot. People who bump into me without saying ‘excuse me’ I often looked at with disgust. And those who don’t say the basic ‘Thank you’s or ‘you’re welcome’s I have more distaste for.

    By Lin URL on 07.14.2011

  10. sounds delicate . poised for delight and action …..
    as etiquette can prepare us for thus.

    By chris on 07.14.2011

  11. etiquette means that you are proper like martha stewart. its for royal families and people who like to impress others with table manners. its improtant, but not that important.

    By tatyana on 07.14.2011

  12. involving manners. there is a handybook for how everything should be done and how polite ordinary citizens should live their damned lives!! table, social, smokers… there is etiquette for everything!! :) hahahahahaha. i love marbles.

    By Aaron Lofton on 07.14.2011

  13. I couldn’t help myself, everyone was staring at me. I knew I’d made the most awful faux pas and my only instinct was to escape. It’s never easy becoming a part of a new world but this one was so completely foreign to me. I couldn’t handle the pressure.
    I was never ladylike, nor would I be at this rate!

    By Emma on 07.14.2011

  14. A certain behaviour that is accepted in a articular situation or class. For example, you could have a special etiquette for meeting someone important or for having dinner in an expensive restaurant.

    By Hannah Boschi on 07.14.2011

  15. “What have you been up to this fine evening?” I slipped off my painful Jimmy Choos and rubbed my cut, red feet. “Oh, and can you fetch me some aspirin. Second drawer as you enter the kitchen. Thanks.”
    “Hmm,” Robert mumbled as he dragged himself off of the sofa. “You really shouldn’t wear those damn shoes if they hurt your feet that much.” He spoke slower than normal, and seemed awfully relaxed.
    “I’m a girl,” I sighed. “It’s what we do.” A small white cardboard box flew through the air and landed on the seat beside me.
    “I’ll bring the water out in a minute,” he called.
    “So, anything good on TV?” I called back. He carefully came through the doorway, balancing a cup of water in his shaking hands. Making a face, I gulped down the medicine.
    “Good evening at work?” He sat down beside me.
    “Stop answering my questions with questions!” I laughed.
    “Am I?” He smirked. My smile faded as I smelt the alcohol on his breath.
    “Robert, have you been drinking?”
    “Noihavenotwhatevergaveyouthatidea!” His words became one.
    “It’s not polite to raid other people’s pantries, you know.” He just grinned, and his head fell into my lap. I was tired, and now frustrated. “Starting tomorrow, I swear to God, you’re going to AA.” I muttered furiously.

    By KK on 07.14.2011

  16. I froze, wait its being a gentlemen and a lady, no fucking over anyone, sipping tea and eating biscuits, wearing dresses and head pieces.

    By Afnan on 07.14.2011

  17. Etiquette is something I was never taught like the other girls at school were. One of my closest friends was sent to cotillion every year, and came back home with curled hair and painted nails. She had the most dainty table manners I’d ever seen. One year her mother tried to send me as well, and my own mother had no objections, but I opted out when I saw the white gloves the girls were forced to wear- they made them look like Mickey Mouse. Not my 8 year old cup of tea, personally.

    By Zoe on 07.14.2011

  18. manners society politically correct respect everything that’s right or wrong concerning certain behavior . well heeled, discipline.

    By mykl URL on 07.14.2011

  19. ha! etiquette. some people have it, most people don’t. but really, for how confined we are by rules, do we really need more of that in the form of social norms. neatly labeled “etiquette”?

    it sounds nicer than it is. it becomes a rulebook to which people are held, and judged. even if its with the best intentions.

    By brittany on 07.14.2011

  20. i just can’t get enough good behavior or discipline out of anyone. it seems like everyone wants to have their way you know – it’s like you can’t even get a good hamburger without having to say please!

    By mykl URL on 07.14.2011

  21. Oh no, I already did this. Now I feel pressure to write something different. OK, I do know which fork is for what, but I never set my table that way. I’m not a fancy lady. Is this me myself and I, he asked? I sometimes can write a short story here, but right now I’m being watched by 23 pairs of eyes, but actually, they aren’t paying attention, so who cares? I am a courteous driver and I let people cut in front of me when we are exiting in a crowd, like at baseball games

    By alexfaye URL on 07.14.2011

  22. When I was outside I looked around and I was alone. Where was Drake? Did the little girl monster escape? Was she taken? One thousand questions in my head and I started wondering if the fact that Drake had barely spoken since coming back had anything to do with it. We shared so much and yet he seemed to often act differently, changing moods and thoughts, like he was following some strange vampire etiquette that had him behave different ways with different beings.

    By Anton URL on 07.14.2011

  23. If I were to assess myself, I wouldn’t say I have very much etiquette. Hell, I barely have self-esteem and the world expects me to have etiquette? I just wish I weren’t down on myself all the time and for once in my life, be happy. Just like anyone would want.

    By Demi Chan URL on 07.14.2011

  24. i feel etiquette but not adequete so i articulite how am i too appropriate. Its simple really just plain out free what to be whenever you see how it is i just dont know who knows how or who or so? let it go let it fall just to rise once again til it stops me in stand still against my will. when will it end? no one really knows but ill just go on and on until the story un folds. unfolding and spirils i take this chance to sing and laugh create and dance my dance. i cant move a muscle becasuse the milk is all gone but im wrong to think there us something wrong at all. extraterrestrial out of this world etiquettely accessorized i doubt to be obliged.

    By Ashley on 07.14.2011

  25. It was a strange day. and she went for a walk. her dress became dirty and she sobbed for her dead grandmother. Yes, it was a strange day. her skills were limited in manners, but how she missed her grandmother and how she longed for her silk white dress to be beautiful again.

    By Supermady on 07.14.2011

  26. A skill in fine dining with a certain set of manners. It can also be translated across to “high-class” manners in general, not just for dining. This is as much as I know…

    By Ross URL on 07.14.2011

  27. I think there is an imbalance between beauty, true beauty, and the thing that we call beauty, which is falseness, deception. In some ways I don’t believe i’ve ever seen true beauty because there is no true evidence it exists. A crying child, a barking dog. Maybe this is all the beauty this world has to offer.

    By Supermady on 07.14.2011

  28. Common sense makes it etiquette to respect other people. Read what other people may feel and realize that what bothers them is against it and what makes them happy is etiquette. Eat with your mouth open that’s not etiquette. Play with your feet at the table. Not etiquette. Make your wife cry. Not etiquette.

    By Sarah URL on 07.14.2011

  29. etiquette? Have you lost all your will to write with an eloquence reminiscent of empires… That’s a word is more difficult

    By Cola URL on 07.14.2011

  30. “It is imperative that you maintain proper etiquette when addressing Mr. Porsher” scolded my mother with her whispy voice. I shuddered to remember that day. The day in which Mr. Porsher turned against me and abused me in ways I had never known possible. I was forever changed.

    By Zander Slavitz URL on 07.14.2011

  31. It’s good to have knowledge of both etiquette and “street smarts”
    If one only knows about one of these they will be utterly lost when it comes to the other.
    Sometimes it can be especially fun when you incorporate both into the situation you are currently in. There are even times where that simple knowledge can make a difference.

    By Patrick URL on 07.14.2011

  32. behave like a lady. Dinner: be polite. Elbows off the table!!

    By Lindsey on 07.14.2011

  33. I don’t know much about etiquette. That’s probably because I don’t have much of it, myself.

    By Melanie URL on 07.14.2011

  34. Something not very common.
    No seen in everyone.
    Something hard to attain.

    By Sara on 07.14.2011

  35. Proper etiquette. I went to a school for it. I had to learn fancy table settings, learn to wait for a man to pull out your chair, learn how to balance books on my head for proper posture. I learned how to act like a lady. I never felt like one.

    By MJ on 07.14.2011