July 19th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “patrol”

  1. Pretending not to notice, how history had forebode us, with the green house in effect, our environment was wrecked, now I can only laugh, as I read our epitaph, we end our lives as moles, in the dark of dawn patrol.

    By Twix URL on 07.19.2012

  2. peter got caught for smuggling drugs from the patrol officer on duty at customs.

    By jeffery on 07.19.2012

  3. Bunch of people in cool uniforms.

    By Lou on 07.19.2012

  4. they patrol through the snow and die on the way. Never crawling back home in the last of their days.

    By Jorun on 07.19.2012

  5. The officer was on patrol in the city when a little girl came up to him with nothing but a teddy bear. Her face was streaked with tears and dirt and as soon as she saw him she gripped the officer’s legs tightly. He leaned down and picked her up and put her in the patrol car.

    By Ayla on 07.19.2012

  6. there is a lot of people patroling on the street,yelling or the freedom and cutting of tax.The police don’t know what to do

    By jickarrow on 07.19.2012

  7. the PoPo were going down the block to _____ the people and see if they had drugs and shiz! And when they were finished ______ing they went to go get donuts! I freakin’ love donuts! they are light and sugary! yummahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By HAT on 07.19.2012

  8. i dont know what this even means.. if it was petrol i would have know, but patrol idk! its probably something about police patroling some places :D peace! my time is up!

    By nucky on 07.19.2012

  9. The evening patrol was the most interesting. It was the time when the streets were thronged with people headed to pubs or restaurants, enjoying street performers and the like. It was also the time when pick-pockets ran rampant.

    By Doug Wyltk on 07.19.2012

  10. It seemed darker than usual…or maybe that was just because he was afraid where he hadn’t been before. Ever since that stranger had showed up at his house, screaming in the night about how dangerous it was, he’d been shaky and jumpy. Maybe this security job hadn’t been the best idea… And the fact that the buildings were all totally empty was somehow not as comforting as it should have been…

    By Mae URL on 07.19.2012

  11. Patrolling the streets was a hard task at usual, but in times like these it was worse than usual. It was horrible. Creatures prowled through alleys and most of the time if someone screamed you didn’t want to see why. Nobody liked being put on patrol, but everyone had to do it once a month. Then, of course, they had to see the shrink, but that was just how it went. It was a hard time and hard protocols were called for. You did your part or you were left outside…

    By Mairead URL on 07.19.2012

  12. The sirens whirred again. Red and blue like a lonely disco ball in an abandoned dance hall, the patrol car sped across the lonely highway.

    By Brooke URL on 07.19.2012

  13. “Get down” Meridith didn’t wait for me to obey; she just pushed me down and slammed her body on top of mine, grinding my face into the damp, musty-smelling dirt.

    By Erin Vataris URL on 07.19.2012

  14. hold it, but accept the shape of its existence like two hands of air holding all of space in honor, feeling its wholeness, filling its emptiness.

    By drew URL on 07.19.2012

  15. I think about my brother in the army and how it is dangerous for him to go on patrols because it develops a certain amount of repetitiveness of which those who he is chasing could use against him.

    By Natalie Bonsall on 07.19.2012

  16. men standing and walking around sometimes checking that everything and everyone is doing the right think, often they are in charge of keeping things safe and people happy. a job for some. pleasure for others

    By alina on 07.19.2012

  17. It was a quarter past time to give up
    and all i wanted was to go back,
    i looked for the past in your eyes
    and i saw it once or twice
    but then my walls
    shot up, and blocked you out
    and the patrol didn’t let me shout
    that you might of not be as bad as my doubts.

    By tiffani wilson URL on 07.19.2012

  18. They went out at night. Two of them left through the basement doors, dressed in black ski masks and black jackets. They wore their father’s boots. They didn’t fit either well. They clomped down the driveway with sticks in their hands, ready to take on anything that crossed. They’d learned about it in school. They’d read the papers. They heard there was a way to scare people into leaving. This was their town and they’d take it back. Here they came down the street. Walking down the center. Both of them with sticks in their hands. Clomping in their father’s boots. Ski masks pulled over their faces. They headed for the trellis. Beside it was a path that lead to the abandoned railroad that led straight into the woods. Here they’d find him. He was the man the girls gossiped about.

    By Meg on 07.19.2012

  19. Smash! THe patrol boat crashed into the barrier that the enemy had lain across the river. Soldiers and sailors alike went tumbling into the frigid waters.

    By Room 4 URL on 07.19.2012

  20. wow, I wasn’t expecting this word…but I didn’t really know what to expect. this word reminds me of snow patrol a band that I like that writes beautiful music…

    By Shelle URL on 07.19.2012

  21. I stand on guard, watching for the slightest twitch out of the norm. A sprig of a tree sticking out at a more obtuse angle than usual. A bench rusting after the spring torrents. Why so diligent over such trivialities?

    By Ashi URL on 07.19.2012

  22. I really think of snow patrol. You know? like, “if i lie here, if i just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” that’s an amazing song. i remember at my sister’s wedding, we all just laid on the ground and sang it. it was a beautiful moment. i really miss my sister, she was a great part of my life. but i’ll see her soon. i will, she’s the most important figure in my life.

    By Caity on 07.19.2012

  23. cops do this a lot, teachers patrol the hallway. it has 6 letters
    i don’t think it was spelled correctly
    its in purple it reminds me of petroleum jelly

    By Olivia URL on 07.19.2012

  24. the police patrol the streets
    the teachers patrol the hallway
    they do this to protect us
    to keep us inline
    they keep a strict order

    By Emily on 07.19.2012

  25. The policemen patrol my neighborhood like it is a police state. Everyone here is suspect and we are guilty until proven innocent.

    By leelee on 07.19.2012

  26. Awake late at night, dark, but the moon shining bright. The blue lights sparkled in the distance, as I heard a siren, I danced my last steps and broke away into the darkness.

    By Robin Mahan on 07.19.2012

  27. Moira and I sat crouched behind a crumbling stone wall, watching the guards march back and forth across the bridge. Each man gripped a sharp spear and stared forward with furrowed eyebrows.
    “We’re never going to get past them,” I breathed, sinking behind the wall and trying to control my shaky breaths. I hoped that Moira didn’t notice how badly I was sweating. My heart pounded so hard, that it had begun to hurt. I ran my thumb across the hilt of my sword.

    By Rachel URL on 07.19.2012

  28. She felt like she a patrolling her own computer, watching for suspicious activities only to be caught helpless with the onset of every lag, every stuttering mouse that skittered across the screen screaming that someone else had taken the wheel.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.19.2012

  29. Patrol always has reminded me of cops. The good and bad ones. Mostly the bad, and the stories that come with them. I remember once when a friend and I managed to talk our way out of being breathalyzed by an officer by talking about art and philosophy with him. It was a good night. One I won’t forget. Those days make my youth.

    By Michael Johnson on 07.19.2012

  30. cops police dogs drugs wakefield running scared fear why what happened fences jumping suicide run captive prison prisoner prison food escape watch out sirens lights beaches lifeguards saving lives shark army military war dogs soldiers weapons guns uniforms hit fight punch call drunk drivers dangerous killers blood dexter death

    By Katie Brown on 07.19.2012

  31. The patrol boat was shitty. It smelled like old petrol and the exhaust always got in Jimmy’s eyes. No matter where he stood. Jimmy should’ve called in sick but he figured you could only do that so many times in a week before it looked bad. With the way this exhaust was making him cough though, he might be legitimately sick.

    By Cruz Quinonez on 07.19.2012

  32. The cops chased after me as I ran as fast as I had ever run. I had no idea this much adrenaline could circulate through my veins. I dodged obstacles left and right as I heard their footsteps behind me. Eventually I ran into a metal wire fence. I mounted it and climbed to the top, and then I jumped over it with a clearly defined hurry in my step. I ran and ran until suddenly something grabbed me and whisked me away from the path I had been following. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from a deep sleep and there was a very beautiful woman sitting on a chair several feet to my left.

    By Katie Brown on 07.19.2012

  33. police. to pace, to walk a path with purpose. to keep safe. the patrolman was unhappy that the little girls were sipping colas in the crosswalk, but it was a hot day, and they paid no attention in their sticky giddiness. go figure.

    By elaine on 07.19.2012

  34. I gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, it wasn’t easy remembering how I’d failed him.I was meant to be his partner,I was meant to protect him and watch his back with the same burning intensity that he had watched mine with.
    “Damn you Cooper!” I cursed as I slammed the steering wheel with my my open palm, fighting back the tears that were forming from deep with in.
    “Why’d you jump infront of the bullet man?..always trying to beat me at something…bastard.Now you’re fucking dead…thanks for saving me Cooper…thanks ma-…”
    Tears were streaming down my face blinding my vision.I had to pull over,I had to pull it together, had to finish this patrol and find the sons of bitches that riddled Cooper’s body with lead.

    By Leighsha URL on 07.19.2012

  35. I didn’t know why we’d been chosen to patrol the site. I mean, out of all the possible people to do it, why us? We were barely trained, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We’d be killed without a chance if something actually were to happen. I sighed and shouldered my sword, standing up. No choice now.

    By rina URL on 07.19.2012

  36. They told me it was standard. Everyone goes on patrol. It’s not a big deal. They lied. I walked onto the street at night, watching the billboards glow in their eyes. There was nothing for them to hold onto. A man pulled a gun from his waistband, feeling comfort in it’s presence. There was nothing for him to lose.

    By Paige on 07.19.2012

  37. It’s late, it’s dark. There is a thin line between good and evil and there are a select group of people to whom protecting this border falls. You may think that neighborhood watch is a bunch of bogus, but it’s not. It’s far more important than anyone could imagine. The neighborhood watch is what protects the neighborhood from evil, but only when they don’t abuse their power. Like I said, it’s a slippery slope.

    By Mira on 07.19.2012

  38. when i think of patrol, I think about Snow Patrol. It’s not one of my favourite bands or anything but my ex and I had this song. It was called Chasing Cars and it was by the band Snow Patrol. They have this alternative type of genre to them. It’s pretty Groovy. i gotta say if you like deep music with moving lyrics you would probably like this band a lot, i do anyways thats why i had a song by them dedicated to the guy that i loved!

    By Tasha URL on 07.19.2012

  39. Dogs barked as their breath glowed in the luminescent light of the moon. Men shouted words unknown, in a language not heard of. Guns fired constantly, far enough to be mere echos, and yet close enough to chill bones.
    Sasha was afraid. She was deemed unclean like the rest of her friends and family. The dogs’ barking was closer and the patrols were heard just outside her shack. She knew she’d die. And her friend Micheal put his hands around her. She was afraid. But death felt warm.

    By Tyler G. URL on 07.19.2012

  40. What the f. I already used the word patrol for this game. This is dumb… Geez, I bet it’s the same word they use over and over. This website is probably a scam, trying to collect a list of email addresses to sell in the black market to oversea clients. Jerks. That’s what they are scam artists. Huh.

    By eliz on 07.19.2012