July 18th, 2012 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “stretcher”

  1. We were running without any consideration to where we were going. Mud was raining down on us hard enough that I couldn’t tell whether or not the shadows up ahead of us were merely trees or more people. The shouting continued from behind and I thought I heard the crack of a gunshot, but still we ran, stretcher carefully balanced between us as we raced in and out of the trees.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.19.2012

  2. Although quite a few years have passed by since the last time i ended up on a stretcher, i can still remember the feeling vividly. I woke up looking up at the sky.. In pain.

    By Fernando on 07.19.2012

  3. My friend told me that as a kid, she wrote a story about a rabbit and spent pages describing how to make a stretcher. I told her it was a sign that she should become a paramedic.

    By rushtail on 07.19.2012

  4. I was panicking. Looking around, I didn’t know what was going on. I soon was watching the ceiling pass by above me as they rolled me away. Never did I think that the last view I would see of my family would close behind the ambulance doors.

    By Maggie on 07.19.2012

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    By jessi on 07.19.2012

  6. yoga, is hot you have to work hard and sweat out all the bad toxins in your body to cleanse yourself. also meaning making little things last longer.

    By kayleigh on 07.19.2012

  7. In his pain induced delusion, Ryan wondered why the called the little thing the paramedics were laying him on was called a stretcher. Perhaps it was because every time he curled his body into tight ball of agony, the paramedics attempted to stretch him back out. This was his last vague thought before the black tunnel again swallowed his mind.

    By khakicat URL on 07.19.2012

  8. it lasted approximately 5 and a half seconds
    it felt like an eternity
    everything was a blur
    everything in slow motion
    i heard screaming
    i heard the sirens
    i saw the blood
    i saw her one last time
    then came the ambulance
    then she was lifted and taken away on a stretcher
    was it her fault my fault
    was i the one who should’ve stopped her from another drink
    i’m at fault
    i’m the one who’ll have to live with this

    By eet URL on 07.19.2012

  9. white lines, rolling metal marble, small pillow someone is hurt or dead. more white wall, clothing. unless they are in an ambulance.

    By Tina on 07.19.2012