March 16th, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “pastel”

  1. A pastel is a nice type of colour. Pastel colour’s are calming and relaxing. I’ve never met a pastel colour that wasn’t my friend. I’ve never met a friend who wasn’t a fan. They’re so relaxing decorators have painted whole rooms in them as it helps people to calm down after a stessful day and unwind their worries of their life.

    By Kate on 03.17.2012

  2. color

    By eunice on 03.17.2012

  3. well i was in art class one day and my teacher asked for my pastel to demonstrate how to properly use it.. i was happy sh chose me. I never get chosen haha
    man what a great day
    when she gave it back i painted the most glorious picture with it. of a flower in mi

    By travis URL on 03.17.2012

  4. Colours of the autumn morning and the spring afternoon. Misty, pale and enticing they encourage you to wander. They encourage you to pluck, pick and taste, sadness is their legacy.

    By PAUL on 03.17.2012

  5. Pastel. It is a color idea that I usually associate with the 90’s, or late 80’s. Usually with offices and such. I also think of cakes, like wedding cakes, and the frosting. It sounds yummy, and light, and creamy.

    By KParkin on 03.17.2012

  6. Ewww!!! Was all I could think that that that outfit she was wearing was disgusting!! I think I would tear my eyes out, looking at that thing any longer than i needed too.

    By quietkitsune URL on 03.17.2012

  7. is something I don’t know about
    it sounds like a fruit or crayon to me
    I think it could be someones name
    pastel made me spell somenoe wrong

    By Nathan on 03.17.2012

  8. Pastel colours are very in this season. Mint green is my favourite of the bunch. I remember the feel of holding a chalk stick in my hand. They came in pastel pink, yellow, green and blue. The smell of the chalk is also coming back to me now. Oh, pastels.

    By Lisa Zammit Endrich on 03.17.2012

  9. pastels are the same as those things you’ll notice in a bowl sometimes, called pastas. It’s a delicious sortiment of food derived from Italy way back, covering almost the whole landscape of the earth. If you didn’t know wh

    By Lasse leuchtmann on 03.17.2012

  10. Oh my god! I so much enjoy spring and autumn but I don’t, no I really don’t. Summer is what comes to my mind, summer with the sun upon us all, giving that blury, yet calming effect on us like we are all in a dream.

    By roxana on 03.17.2012

  11. Pastel is a type of colour. It’s sorta like blues and creams and pinks and yellows. Its also a type of thing you use to create art. Like a pastel drawing or pastel crayons. Some people like to use pastel colours for babies, on the walls and on their clothes. How cool is that? I mean, it’s pretty awesome when you think about it. I never liked using pastel crayons though, they’re all greasy and smudgy and get all over your fingers. But the colours are ok, I guess.

    By Meira on 03.17.2012

  12. my cloudy weddingdress of innoncense, I`m happily wrapped in morningsunny mist, i see you so nice through the small stings and holes, brocante covered sweetness, please stick that fistlike claw of mine into your belly an inch further, and smile lovely to my amber theeth, my dearest love!

    By Annie URL on 03.17.2012

  13. house

    By stefaniaionesque on 03.17.2012

  14. Paste is used to brush your teeth every morning. It is a chemical substance made by expert dentologist to clean up ur teeth and keep u free of oral cavities.

    Pastes are available in many colors and textures in the market, the oldest ones still come in white color.

    By Niket on 03.17.2012

  15. I’ve been taking drugs like I’m a new born pill addict. Popping ibuprofen every meal, 800mgs so that I can stand up and smile at people without cussing them out, first. I’ve been playing with the pastel magenta-purple-pink things, flicking them all across the class room, hoping no one will notice, but I’m sure some fifth grader comes in and gets crazy off what I leave behind.

    By Lancir URL on 03.17.2012

  16. Pastel crayons – I got a box of them and a sketchpad. I was a terrible artist, but I made flowers and flowers in blue and yellow and pink. Dust on my hands.

    By Anansi on 03.17.2012

  17. Faded and a box filled with Faber Castel pencils that Mum would buy for us each Christmas and put in our stockings. The muted sense you get from something slightly faded and soft-edged. The way pastels will melt into a page and crumble slightly at the tip.

    By Amie URL on 03.17.2012

  18. Can refer to a colour. Usually subdued blues, peaches, greens.
    Also refers to a type of sweet or throat lozenge.

    By K on 03.17.2012

  19. colour, soft, floral, glowing, beautiful, purple, pink, blue, garden in summer , cool wind in your face, in a awing, soft muslin.

    By mudi on 03.17.2012

  20. She took out her easel and began to draw, sweeping long flowing lines with her pastels. The colours were vibrant, almost reaching off the page towards you, pulling you into her imaginary world of abstract shapes.

    By Ali on 03.17.2012

  21. She couldn’t stop painting. Flowers, birds, trees, people, building, everything that she saw. Her walls area hogpoge of images from her travels, but still she had a favorite. The bunny she did when she was three, all ears and whiskers. it wasn’t on her wall, but resigned next to her mom’s hospital bed among the beeping machines, and it was done in pastels,

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 03.17.2012

  22. soft and lovely, smooth and light summery pinks, blues and purples, on a swing with cool wind blowing through my hair.

    By mudi URL on 03.17.2012

  23. The colors were light and pastel. I felt comfort from the swiftness of the pastel sheets that cradle me. It feels like home. It reminds me of childhood, baby blankets.

    By casey URL on 03.17.2012

  24. Pastels are gorgeous really. One time my brother broke my box of pastels. They went all over the floor. He felt really bad, but I never used them. And they looked so incredible down there. They’d split in hundreds of directions and there were so many colours! i loved it. I shouldn’t have. But there’s just something so awesome about seeing a rainbow on your studio floor.

    By Tasha on 03.17.2012

  25. They were drying out, with dust all over the table. Mrs. Geller was yelling at the students to quiet down, as many had not been working on the project. Though half of the class hadn’t even bothered to pick up a hard pastel; what was the use? Who likes doing self portraits out of foreign supplies anyway?

    By Rachel on 03.17.2012

  26. i scraped the pastel crayon on the sidewalk, because i missed my chalk. oh, that easter egg shaped chalk. how i long for thee. this pastel will never be the same. it will never mimic the same powdery bliss you do. the way you flaked off into the perfect colors, falling into the cracks of the sidewalk, creating texture and life. oh pastel, how i hate thee.

    By Milan on 03.17.2012

  27. The colors swirl around me, flashing here. Blocking my vision there. Why am I the only one who can see the colors and beauty of life?

    By kc URL on 03.17.2012

  28. pastel smears coated the walls of her apartment; it wasn’t like she had the time to clean that shit. he had been there all day yesterday, and he had no regard for the time she would need to put in once he left. and still, she invited him back. she loved the pastel smears–they told of a happier time and a happier person inhabiting her apartment and her life.

    By Salpi on 03.17.2012

  29. peace. is all i want. is what i want to give you. is what i want for you.

    By Corina Eugenia on 03.17.2012

  30. ht. A type of crayon that is oil based and creates a certain effect on paper. It’s a passive pale shade o varioopus colours.

    By Graeme on 03.17.2012

  31. I know that I am awake, but it feels like I am dreaming. The soft colours, the water and the swans.
    Are the fucking swans there? Didn’t he like the fucking swans?

    By corinnele on 03.17.2012

  32. sentimental scoop of color, my easter egg reveries, oil paints on a blank canvas, a soft breeze on the hem of my dress, i reach for your hand, another cloud up in the sky goes by in my peripheral vision; you are the gentle light of blue

    By Vanessa on 03.17.2012

  33. pastel reminds me of pink and my prep school where lots of people wore pastel colors like reds and pinks like jenna mead had really awesome pastel pants but i could never find any so i didnt have any but they looked cool. i really liked that look. with sperrys. it looked cool. it also reminds me of the name of my host mom which is pascale

    By Abby on 03.17.2012

  34. i just had this word last time i tried this website. i already wrote about pastels and how they are pretty but kinda girly. im not very girly. it reminds me of flowers. im allergic to flowers. thats all.

    By Abby on 03.17.2012

  35. Pastel blues and pinks and oranges light up your features as the sun passes up up up over our heads. As it rises I can’t help but think how much I’ve missed these days of spending every minute with your hand wrapped around mine, warm and safe.

    By Daisy Latta on 03.17.2012

  36. Every colour drained from soul. Bleeding blue, down to the scarring crimson brown. I was dying. It was too hot for me to bare. My once pastel pink skin, now laid a mess on the floor, like melted ice cream all salmon and peach.

    By Simone? URL on 03.17.2012

  37. a light milky shade of all colors. sweet and pleasing to the eye. not really my type of shade, i prefer strong colors which show how colors should really be. used in weddings mostly because it is so sweet and probably shows how sweet life should be from that point on.

    By strangedillies URL on 03.17.2012

  38. Clear skies, fluffy clouds and pale flowers of gold and blue met Jesse’s eyes as she stepped down from the stage coach. She never expected to go east again, but now she and Levi had made the journey. Too many years had passed since she’d seen Teddy, but she still recognized the sweet boy-turned-man standing in the crowd waiting there for them. The only thing that would have made this reunion better would be the presence of the long lost Eileen.

    By ritajuanita URL on 03.17.2012

  39. Just off the path, he stepped behind her. She padded down through the woods darting between trees. A swirl of pastel colors bounced with the sun, kicking off of her heels as he chased and she laughed.

    By DMM on 03.17.2012

  40. I like pastel colors. Soft, like the edges of wispy clouds in a pink-tinted sky. Not lurid, flashy, neon, that burns into your mind when you close your eyes. Color of just waking up and floating back to sleep, forming a soft pillow around you.

    By Holden URL on 03.17.2012