March 16th, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “pastel”

  1. they are pretty colors that creat beautiful pictures. they are unique in their own way…. even if they smudge. THey get your fingers messy but its fun to just… have colorful fingers :)

    By ferrit on 03.17.2012

  2. Dad loved coloring pastel shapes and figures on the driveway with his daughter Gracie.

    By URL on 03.17.2012

  3. calm colors relaxing. i think of easter and room colors and easter eggs. usually a spring color with lilax and a light yellow. new innocence i prefer brightr colors tho, these are so suttle

    By becky on 03.17.2012

  4. Hard love is like cold, grey stone, freezing my heart over. Soft love is like butter, melting in my hands as if it were never there. But perfect love is like mellow pastel, warming me up from my head to my toes and never causing me anything but surprised delight.

    By July on 03.17.2012

  5. A color paint a type of art a type of item waxy oily

    By daniel rullan on 03.17.2012

  6. cool colours babies cream crumbly woollen jumpers dusty breeze relaxing soft dry smooth

    By Gabriella on 03.17.2012

  7. I think of dusky colours, crumbles and dusts of chalk sticks being blown and crushed across thick cream coloured paper. Woollen jumpers in gentle hues, baby pinks and blues.

    By gabriella on 03.17.2012

  8. Colorful.

    By robert on 03.17.2012

  9. I look up at the window above me to see a pastel blue inking the sky. I fall asleep, allowing the warm water to turn tepid before I wake up again. The window is now the darkest of blues, and it lulls my eyes shut. Time becomes unhinged, and I wake up seconds or years later. The air outside looks fresh with the anticipation of the purest blue in the sky. The week is finally over, and I feel as new as the world above me.

    By Marissa URL on 03.17.2012

  10. The girl walks by in her Sunday best. A dress painted with pastel blues, yellows, greens. She is holding a basket with like-color eggs and bright green grass as she skips, her feet clicking on the pavement.

    By Emily URL on 03.17.2012

  11. i lie only for you. pastels of pretty pinks and blues and yellows. i lie for only you. drawn on paper, smudged and deep with lines. meant to be beautiful. i lie for only you. i see for only you. i lie. i lie for only you.

    By Annie on 03.17.2012

  12. The color had started to fade from the curtains after years of abandonment. The deep purple had been reduced to a faded, dusty, pastel version of a similar color. No one had been to the old house in years. Ever since Emily had died, the rest of the family had stayed away, too many memories. They all preferred to keep them locked up and let them fade away with everything else in the old dusty house.

    By Kim? on 03.17.2012

  13. you look so very nice in pastels. it befits the vagueness of you. the hinting, teasing, wonder of you. there’s certainly so much more there, but we cannot see. perhaps, neither can you – yet. but it is sweet, pleasant, refreshing being around you. but id like to see you explode in a star burst of colors someday, because i know you have it in you.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 03.17.2012

  14. These colors swirl, and although bright become gray.

    It’s nature is fleeting for it is just a matter of time and decay.

    Nothing is perfect.
    Nothing is permanent.
    Not even the stars themselves.

    By Goldie Locks URL on 03.17.2012

  15. pastel tell me about the past, when William Tell colored in the apple on top of Joan Burrough’s neck and the blood spurted all over poor old weird Bill’s Mexico City apartment, en la colonia Roma, where the afternoon contaminated skies approximate pastel

    By John Oliver Simon URL on 03.17.2012

  16. Pastel, i really don’t know what that exactly means, but I guess is like a cake, therefore, I loooove cakes. Especially the three milk ones, yummy.
    Pastel also could be like a pastel color, you know? Like baby blue but more like the one in the sky.

    By Luna URL on 03.17.2012

  17. Her skin was the colour of a pastel canvas. Peachy and pure. He wanted to touch that skin. Caress that skin. Kiss that skin. Totally get under that skin. But he could only dream. Hunger from afar. Suppress his desire and bide his time.

    By Laura Notley on 03.17.2012

  18. I quite like using pastels and SMDGE SMUDGE SMUDGE! SMUDGE

    By Patrick on 03.17.2012

  19. There’s a certain way in which delicate other inferences of color are more important to me. The primaries wear on me so. Pastels are a cast of color that is more natural. Does that mean more expressive. I’m starting to become unsure.

    By Jack URL on 03.17.2012

  20. The man sat thinking about what to paint. His mind was full of ideas, as he glanced back at the pastel colors on his platter. The paint seemed so beautiful, so peaceful. The man took the paintbrush and swept it across the blank canvas.

    By Sarah on 03.17.2012

  21. purple color, purple word looks like something somebody would use in a piece of art. Pastel can also be a kind of candy so it has interesting and powerful connotations for me.

    By Rowan on 03.17.2012

  22. Pretty in pink, a sunset on the beach, a field at dawn, abides frolicking in the sea. A periwinkle sky at dusk.

    By Emily Bloom on 03.17.2012

  23. The sky reflected each color, dulling it to a light pastel. I was reminded of my watercolors, and how they were melting back at home because mother hadn’t let me bring them with us.

    By Carolyn on 03.17.2012

  24. Used in art, pastel paints a world that is beautifully fragile, a world full of subtleties and undertones.

    By A.T.G. URL on 03.17.2012

  25. Your eyes shone upon me,
    so crystal clear lightning shook through them,
    and your hand grazed my shoulder as we sat on the cold curbside
    and waited for the sun’s bright rays.

    By Mara on 03.17.2012

  26. So today the word is Pastel, and I just wanted to say that… well you know the pastel hair you always see on Tumblr? I wonder if it would be possible on my hair; you know, because my hair is so dark. Really wonder.

    I also remember pastels as a tool; the first things I learned to draw with. I kind of miss art; why I chose music over art or dance… I don’t quite know.


    By Louisa URL on 03.17.2012

  27. I love the pastel colors that come with easter, this word also reminds me of the spanish word pastel which means cake, so now im hungry for some since i havent had lunch yet! It is in purple and i reminds me of my favorite color, i think its funny how guys cant call out pastel colors.

    By Gracie on 03.17.2012

  28. Pastels are like washed out ghosts of real colors. Not really brilliant. Not really exciting. Kinda lame, actually. Be brilliant. Be bright. Let it all hang out. Full force.

    By Robert on 03.17.2012

  29. Spring colors blue yellow pink. Fresh air and smiles. Cool breeze and well done hair and nails. Play and laughter in the sunshine.

    By Dianna on 03.17.2012

  30. the bakery in brea
    i think of mommas cooking
    i think of my old church’s ceiling
    i think of pasta.
    italian food always sounds great
    colors, i think are pretty
    i wish my grandma would make pastel

    By jonathan jimenez on 03.17.2012

  31. كل الألوان موجوده بس بهتانه .. عارف لما تبقى حايتك كلها فيها كل حاجه
    بس كل الحاجات يمكن .. و مفيش حاجه أوي
    الحزن مش حزن أوي و الفرح مش فرح اوي ..

    By Alaa Arfeen on 03.17.2012

  32. She hated the way they broke in her hand, just when she started to get everything looking just right. the joy of the pastel, however, was in the smudging, turning lines into shadows and shadows into dreams.

    By emmystrange URL on 03.17.2012