March 17th, 2012 | 199 Entries

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199 Entries for “staple”

  1. Staples are things that exist in a stapler. They are highly useful for hurting others and putting the pages together. They are a smaller form of their cousins, the paperclip and are constantly in competition with them on the sales market.
    Staples are also what I’ve been eating for the past 3-4 weeks.

    By ltntt on 03.18.2012

  2. Staples. Where were they? Just when I needed them they disappeared on me. Just like my closest friends. Short metaphor. When I need help to put something together, amidst all my strife and anger, they must always add on to my struggles with their lack of absence.

    By Chris on 03.18.2012

  3. It hurts when you accidentally staple your own finger. They’re very useful when you need to attach one thing to another. This may be random but I kinda really want to metaphorically staple you to me forever just so we can be next to each other for as long as we want. That would be nice but rather creepy wouldn’t it?

    By Nancy on 03.18.2012

  4. Staples, a good yet bad thing. It hurts when you accidentally staple your own finger but they’re very useful when you need to attach one thing to another. This may be random but I kinda really want to metaphorically staple you to me forever just so we can be next to each other for as long as we want. That would be nice but rather creepy wouldn’t it?

    By Nancy on 03.18.2012

  5. They belong in staplers but have a metaphorical sense in our lingo, particularly in regard to pantry food. We have ‘staple’ foods – flour, rice, pasta, bread, milk, cheese, etc. Sadly, these foods are so demonised but yet, they’re staple!! Woe to anyone who is trying to go lo-carb, they’re pretty much going lo-staple and missing out on bread, pasta, rice based awesomeness.

    By Sarah URL on 03.18.2012

  6. The food crops that we grow is our staple foods. We not only use them for our daily fod, but our export as well for our forih

    By victor URL on 03.18.2012

  7. A staple props up the world. It keeps us fed; fastens our important pages together; fills TV programmes. Where would we be without it?

    By E A M Harris URL on 03.18.2012

  8. Staple your thoughts to your heart and step out the door and begin again, she always told herself, you will succeed in the end, but the end was now so near, but every day counted and her heart was full of holes, but she like a sieve continued to function.

    By annabelle on 03.18.2012

  9. Bread is the staple food of this little village. He expected something weirder, like maybe goat feet or something. He didn’t know why. The village was unchartered in maps, located in the middle of nowhere, but it’s as normal as any other village can get.

    It doesn’t stop him from thinking that something’s *wrong* with this village. He looks up to an abandoned house near the cliffs, and wonder what made him think that.

    By Circinus URL on 03.18.2012

  10. diet. that is all –

    By greg on 03.18.2012

  11. To staple the papers together implies I am finished with the story. Years in the making. Writing from my heart, flowing from and through my hands. Giving account of my history and what I use to be and who I have become. The tiny little nails that hold the lined paper together signify completion, and ending and a beginning of some kind. Once I commit to stapling these papers together, the story will be ready to share with those who are willing to take the time to listen and inter act as a reader and a participant in my journey.

    By Crisnole URL on 03.18.2012

  12. All the memories, the thoughts, the emotions – stapledheart. Overwhelming to my it with hurt.

    By Kate on 03.18.2012

  13. those can hold together things such as paper boards, etc. I love using these but

    By jeiyanni hollings on 03.18.2012

  14. Moving across my desk I see all that there is to be. A pencil, a speaker, a mouse, the stapler. The staple inside let’s it shine with all that it can be and without it it is broke. The staple is the soul of the the stapler.

    By mike on 03.18.2012

  15. Love is a staple in our house. Always there. Always needed. Right on tap like the ice machine in an American fridge. Don’t have to buy it in. Maybe we take it for granted. Maybe we don’t. Sometimes a regret. Sometimes a care worn crumpling of the heart. Sometimes a passion; a fire. Who cares and who questions? Love like salt – goes with anything and you know when it’s missing. It’s a staple for the soul.

    By Laura Notley on 03.18.2012

  16. OUCH! Right through my hand again. It would hurt so much less if there wasn’t so much blood. My tomb stone reads: Death by Staple gun.

    By eli on 03.18.2012

  17. Where would I be without the staples that hold my plentiful abundance of loosely white pieces of paper. Held together tight between the thin metals. This small creation has done great wonders. It truly has done itself justice.

    By jennymaria URL on 03.18.2012

  18. What is this? I can see the word, but I don’t make a connection. HAve I seen it before? Does it have a meaning?
    I’m not sure.
    It sounds… weird…

    By Kaywenn on 03.18.2012

  19. my mind stands blank. what’s a staple in my life? i cannot pursue. i cannot deny. i long for one staple in my life that i can hang on to.

    By strangedillies on 03.18.2012

  20. “This time… This time…” he thought to himself dreamily as the prettiest girl in the office walked pat his desk. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. He stapled his stack of papers together in defeat.

    By Jordan on 03.18.2012

  21. Staple. You have several sheets of paper that need to stay together. How are you going to keep them together? With tape? No. Use staples. It’s not as messy as tape, and more secure than paper clips.

    By JT on 03.18.2012

  22. That which binds two or more sheets together; it could also be a metaphor: “He is the staple of our family”. He is the main deal, the thing that, like the thin metal wire, holds a group to each other, binding them in ways they could never ascertain on their own.

    By deideiblueeyez on 03.18.2012

  23. In an instant, his mouth was stapled shut by a purple stapler pressed against the sides of his lips. Blood oozed from the small perforation the staples made in his inner cheek, as he hissed his pain.

    By Ina URL on 03.18.2012

  24. The staple of the tiny village resting in the valley was only bread. Nothing more. Often the villagers would only get to eat bread, sometimes for weeks or even months at the time. Most were poor, and some could not even get their hands on the bread.

    By Rachel URL on 03.18.2012

  25. You are the staple of my creativity. Without you, I could come up with nothing. No inspiration. You are my muse, whether you know it or not.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.18.2012

  26. a staple in my wardrobe is my smile. i always need to smile, because otherwise you dont see what is really beautiful about me. forget clothes, i can go out in an ugly outfit but with the biggest smile on my face and still look beautiful.

    By Mia on 03.18.2012

  27. I jumped as the staple entered my hand. With a grimace, I pulled it out, discarding it as I sucked the tiny droplets of blood from my throbbing finger.

    By Paige on 03.18.2012

  28. I have a buttload of staples in little drawers on my desk. I don’t think I even have a stapler. I don’t know what to do with them. I want to throw them out but I keep thinking they may come in handy one day. So they’ll stay in the little drawers on my desk for God knows how long before someone sees and makes me throw them out.

    By Sanaana URL on 03.18.2012

  29. Staple to hold two pieces of paper together or staple as bread is a staple food that keeps us alive. I guess in a way a staple is something that holds things together, paper or empty stomachs. What is amazing to me is what is a staple food. In Venezuela where wheat is imported, spaghetti is a staple food!

    By wordmonger on 03.18.2012

  30. they hold things up on the wall. They hold papers together. They can be used as bullets when using a stapler as a gun, but i wish they shot further and harder and what not! I havn’t used a staple in quite a while now! it sucks, i wish i could use

    By Dayne on 03.18.2012

  31. i liked staples untill they talked and a mouse ate them.

    By ava on 03.18.2012

  32. Sherlock pulled the sheet back from the cadaver, reaching for a fresh pair of gloves before gingerly lifting a roll of pale, cold fat. “How recent was the surgery?” He murmured softly to Molly, spreading the flesh to inspect the scar, “looks like about four months, based on the healing pattern?”
    Molly nodded, but remembered that Sherlock (probably) wouldn’t see her behind him, so added, “Yes, the stomach was stapled in late April, though was poorly maintained.”
    “Excellent,” Sherlock grinned as he made a small incision along the scar, “This is as close of a match to my case as I could hope for. You’ve been most resourceful.”
    Molly blushed a bit at the compliment, turning toward her work computer. “You’re welcome.”

    By floppybelly URL on 03.18.2012

  33. everything has fallen apart. my thoughts, actions, and body have been torn to shreds. i need a good staple, something that will help me pull it together.

    By Sara on 03.18.2012

  34. Staple. Staplers are safe. Secure. They hold things together. Like corn. Corn is secure. Corn is a staple in our lives. So are potatoes. We’d probably die without them. Oh gosh. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore. I shall type random words hoohoohahaha Leverage is really cool, unlike Glee.

    By Kimberly on 03.18.2012

  35. bring things together … a pain to tear apart, hmm … staple is random .. lol.

    By Dinah B =] on 03.18.2012

  36. Staple. Anything basic or neccessary we tend to want or demand more and disregard what are the basic stuff. Like rice. Speaking of staples, regardless of their price, we still buythem because they are very important and evem prices go higher, the demand for staples is constant. Unlike luxurious goods or aspiration stuff which can be set aside. Without staples, we can’t function well, although at some point we can go a day or two without it.

    By Marian Loren Ortiz URL on 03.18.2012

  37. He cursed and held his hand to his chest, grunting and bleeding all over his white hoodie. The redheaded man in the corner rolled his eyes and got the first aid kit, going over to the man as he said, “So, you’re a deadly man from a long line of assassins who wore knives on their wrists and you can’t use a stapler.”

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 03.18.2012

  38. Staples, huh? Well, staples are the spawn of the devil – the goddman things hurt like hell if they go through your finer when you’re rushing to smash your work together. But I like the feel of the metal ridged beneath my finger as I slide my hands over the edges of the stack of paper; it feels like the work is somehow complete.

    By KK on 03.18.2012

  39. i already did this word.yesterday. something is terribly wrong. but why is it that i expect everything on the internet to be perfect? we have a set mindset that for some reason, this nondescript screen that lights up with the touch of a button is our lifeline- our only connection to reality. and its sad, yet true, that we depend upon the ‘world wide web’ almost as much as air. and if something is not right, we are confused. alone. so what happens when this lovely internet becomes so outrageously overloaded that it stops. are we left in the dark?

    By Hope on 03.18.2012