March 15th, 2012 | 529 Entries

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529 Entries for “pattern”

  1. Patterns are awesome they create images. i like patterns they make things flow. patterns are all over the universe. Patterns can be beautiful and sad They create everything in the world and are images repeated to make a certain beauty to the eye.

    By Nicole on 03.16.2012

  2. spots dots plaid colors checkers
    making clothes. so hard. too much time. don’t have a sewing machine =(
    those are the only patterns. exept in numbers. like math. number patterns. sequences. music.

    By Sarah on 03.16.2012

  3. The pattern on the quilt was intricate and beautiful. It seemed almost impossible that it was created almost 100 years ago. The colors and shapes jump from the cotton and into my imagination. I can see my great grandmother’s hands creating the masterpiece in front of the fire that burned out a century ago.

    By Anne on 03.16.2012

  4. He’s write a beautiful tale, read hers, and then talk to her. Even as strangers, they had a routine- write, get drunk talk, talk dirty- it went on for long enough. Till one day she realised he meant it. The dirty talk, the touch and everything that she didn’t.

    By Radhika on 03.16.2012

  5. Patterns all around the room. Floral. Striped. Polka. I’m in a room full of patterns and a door on each different pattern. I wonder… Is this a test? Am I supposed to pick a certain door? Does this determine by personality? Is this life or death? I think I’ll pick floral. Polka gives me a headache and stripes make me think of wallpaper. Floral it is. So pretty and chique. And this is it. Open the door. Find my reality. And I open it and it’s you. Standing there, with flowers wanting to hold me in your arms. I’m where I’m supposed to be.

    By Julie on 03.16.2012

  6. patterns develop in our lives and we don’t even realize it or plan them to. i see all these negative patterns of thought and behavior in my life that i want to start to change. we’ve got to revisit ourselves every once in awhile– really dig deep and reflect on whether we’re truly being the person we want to be. i’m excited to take this leap and reevaluate my decisions and get rid of negative patterns.

    By Julie on 03.16.2012

  7. She is going to do her first sewing project during March break. At 8, she has no idea what that will be like. Anything is possible when you are 8. She wants to make something beautiful to wear, something that only she can picture.

    By Margaret on 03.16.2012

  8. The pattern of shadows cast by the leaves danced madly as the wind blew through the narrow alleyway. It was a sharp cold wind under a bright yellow sun. The trees were orange and red. The world looked to be on fire but nothing was warm.

    By Jessica on 03.16.2012

  9. Her checkered-patterned dress fluttered gently in the wind as he took her by the hand, leading her out into the empty square. Bright, concentrated streetlights flooded the grey-tiled floor, giving the square an isolated and almost lonely feel. Except that she felt nothing but lonely, because he was there for her and while he would probably not be there forever, for now was enough.

    By July on 03.17.2012