July 4th, 2014 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “oven”

  1. I looked in the oven, thinking that maybe Catherine HAD put my cat in there.
    “Hahaha nice joke, Catherine!” I said, as I took the cooked turkey out.
    “What?” Catherine replied.
    “The turkey? You really had me going about my cat!”
    “What turkey?”
    “Oh god.”

    By olivia URL on 07.04.2014

  2. Apple pie is baking in the oven. The aroma lures me from the utility room into the kitchen. The windows are open and the cafe curtains blow out into the air. Looking outside the window, I can see the trees wrestling in the wind.

    By vicki burgess on 07.04.2014

  3. it was warm there. for a while. we danced and breathed each other in before the egg timer buzzed and our dream fell apart. now he’s there, and i’m still here, and the distance between us is cold.

    By Mauda on 07.04.2014

  4. barging in through doors cooking words inside our skins hoping they’ll be something more than burnt crumbs in someone’s mouth hoping someone will want to hear what we have to say because we’ve spent so long being told to stay quiet and all we want to do is shout

    By sunnysuraj URL on 07.04.2014

  5. He had been checking out new apartments all day. Finally, his realtor took him to the last apartment. When he walked it felt very small and confining. This was an efficiency apartment. the whole thing was no bigger then the bedroom he had as a kid accept one wall had a mini fridge, stove and a sink. What would have been his walk in closet was now a bathroom and the living room only fit a sleeper sofa and a a television stand. As he was standing there he began to sweat as did his real estate agent. He looked at her and he asked is there a heater control for this apartment. They both looked around and could not see any. As the looked around they noticed the windows had metal on them on the inside. and as they looked around they noticed everything in the room was not real. it was just a plastic picture of a kitchen and bathroom. They went to leave but the door would not open. They they began to feel around each wall but it just kept getting hotter and hotter. Suddenly the roof of the apartment was torn off and some carrots and potatoes were thrown on top of them. All they saw was a very large hand and a clever that was bigger then a king size bed. The lid went back down as they screamed. John began to climb on top of the potato see if he could pry the lid off this oven that they were trapped in.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.04.2014

  6. My house is like an oven. Hot days of summer have us baking inside. Pity it’s too perspiring to make his favourite pie. Oh well, there’s always ice cream or yogurt with seasonal berries.
    Baking season will start again closer to autumn.

    By Wanda on 07.04.2014

  7. Gentle moment on the green roof of a cold and dusty house–the one we left behind. I’ve never read silence quite like I could in your face that night in the gentle murmur of our laughter–all too loud and all too quiet under such bright moonlight.

    By aria autumn URL on 07.04.2014

  8. Between the tightly clustered trees and the thick canopy overheard, the once lush landscape quickly turned from paradise to oven, pulling the sweat from their bodies in sheets of salty water.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.04.2014

  9. Ovens. We use them every day. Whether it’s to bake for ourselves, our children, or maybe our greatgrandchildren. We can bake cookies or cakes or even perhaps a meatlof. It is endless opportunities with an oven. Speaking of ovens, an oven is involved with one of my favorite movies starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, titled, “Sweeney Todd”.

    By Ashley on 07.04.2014

  10. The ham was in the oven, the firecrackers were set on the table, and I could faintly hear Sousa on the cheap radio that my uncle kept on the patio. It was hot, humid, and sticky, and I pushed the already short sleeves of my blue shirt up higher, exposing raw flesh yet to be chewed on by mosquitos. My mother handed me a sparkler, patting me on the shoulder.

    “Your father’s favorite holiday,” she reminded me. I rolled my eyes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.04.2014


    By JANEAJACOBS-MASON on 07.04.2014

  12. My oven is currently occupied by my orange cupcakes I made for my little sister Olivia’s seventh birthday. orange is her favorite color so i figured that i would make her happy on her special day that she turns seven. olivia is so cute.

    By Miko on 07.05.2014

  13. I feel the heat from each of the four burners from my old fashioned style oven. “Don’t forget to watch your boiling eggs,” My mother reminds me for the third time. “I remember.”

    By Miko on 07.05.2014

  14. I let my words marinate like steak
    I chop them up, throw them in
    it’s word association

    To free words I can’t even think of
    bound like roasts in their strings
    for some reason the scissors are dull
    I can’t let them go
    I can’t let the scissors go either
    this is all too much

    By Viruliferous URL on 07.05.2014

  15. She knew it was a horrible idea to use the oven – but she decided to use it anyways. She did everything she could to make her cookie making escapades succeed, and soon enough the aroma of chocolate chip cookies filled the air, along with a subtle warmth that made everything more comfortable. Then, of course, she forgot to take them out, and the smell was replaced with a terrible burning.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.05.2014

  16. A bead of sweat rolled down my cheek,
    On to the searing grate below,
    And I knew these were the last thought that would enter my head.
    Why didn’t I put a meat thermometer in the turkey before turning the oven on?
    Why was my oven so damn big?
    And why did I marry a serial gold digger and believe in reform?

    Alex laughed on the outside and watched me burn,
    And then had a delicious meal.

    By Siege URL on 07.05.2014

  17. A hot jew filled monstrocity of DOOM, overshadowing the nazikingdom the OVEN OF DESPAIR, named with Dwarf Fortress.

    By toxodos on 07.05.2014

  18. Hot. White hot. Burning fury burst from her skin like a fiery oven. He loved how she looked when she was angry. She was cute no matter what she was doing or saying. Shes amazing.

    She whirled around to face Levi, screaming, “Where have you been!?!? Why did you leave!?”

    By Hannah Johnson on 07.05.2014

  19. It was just like the other oven, Steal body and beautifully coated black frame. An oven never excited me in my life but today it was my day where in, this oven was my best friend to prepare my first cake dedicated to the judges.

    By Georgina on 07.05.2014

  20. Walking down the dark damp hall she felt like she was in an oven. The ceiling was rounded above her head and it made her feel as if she couldn’t escape until she finally spotted the door at the end of the long corridor.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.05.2014

  21. Cinnamon buns are baking in the oven. Fresh, hot, gooey pieces of sugary bread. Can’t wait to eat some for breakfast. Coffee and buns are my favourite.

    By Kerri on 07.05.2014

  22. Cinnamon buns are baking in the oven. Fresh, hot, gooey pieces of sugary bread. Can’t wait to eat some for breakfast. Coffee and buns are my favourite way to start the day.

    By Kerri on 07.05.2014

  23. Melissa opened the oven to find that her chocolate chip cookis had turned a lovely golden-brown. She pulled them out of the heated metal box and moved them to a cookie sheet to cool. The Avengers and Cameron were out fighting another wave of doombots, and Melissa was getting over a sickness. Bucky made her stay home.
    Just then Melissa heard the door open and a melody of oohs and ash rang through the halls as the Avengers smelled to baking. In a matter of minutes, everyone was in the kitchen.

    By Cameron Kurtz URL on 07.05.2014

  24. Kristen looked over her kitchen renovation, she was happiest with her double oven built into the wall. The walls were painted a butterscotch color and reminded her of thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. She had tan tiles on the floor with shades of brown and butterscotch in them. The back splash tiles were a combination of tan colors with gold flecks in them it would blend nicely with the cream colored quartz counter top. The cabinets were a beautiful blend of light cherry wood cabinets. the fridge was blended in to the cabinets. She was pleased with her designed and she could not wait for the home owners to come in and see their renovation.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.05.2014

  25. The place where you cook the food. The place which is hot, but quite useful in the end. The best place to cook anything, from vegetables to meat and everything else really. It can be any color and it can perfectly fit your kitchen.

    By Cholla on 07.05.2014

  26. i met you yesterday but we were both distracted by his tricks and my overwhelming sense of unease. you probably won’t remember me, but my discomfort is hard to forget.

    By jane URL on 07.05.2014

  27. The sun cooked us thoroughly for the whole day, making the sand beneath our feet feel like the hot coals of an outdoor oven. We hadn’t had water in hours. We hadn’t had a decent meal in days. We were nearing the point where the only thing keeping us going would be our strength of will.

    By M.Yoder URL on 07.05.2014

  28. There’s a secret door behind the oven. Believe it or not, you have to climb inside, scary as it may be—just pretend you’re going to Narnia if it makes you feel better. You will come out on the other side any where you wish to be. Magic!

    By Alex URL on 07.05.2014

  29. The flame turned on, and Henrietta screamed. The witch shoved her in the oven. Her flesh boiled, her voice screamed. The heat was too much for her.
    Then it was gone, and so was she. She was watching herself from a birds eye. She was dead. What was left of her body was repulsive.

    By Niobe on 07.05.2014

  30. toaster oven toaster oven toaster oven oh my god what even is a toaster oven it is a toaster okay literally just a toaster not a toaster oven????? because you can toast things in a normal oven whereas with a toaster you can only toast things. which makes. total sense. i think i’m convincing myself of the legitimacy of toaster oven

    By Kathryn on 07.05.2014

  31. it was hot and she quickly drew back her hand as she realized it was still on. I wonder who could have left it on? she thought to herself as she turned the knob to power it down. it was strange coming home to realize that your house had been violated, and she could do nothing to erase those feelings of dread as she continued down the dark hall to her bedroom.

    By Jas URL on 07.05.2014

  32. Imagine a world without ovens. People would be eating much more ice cream, I’d like to live in that world.
    But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nice creme brulee?
    Can’t have creme brulee without ovens, but ice cream.
    Oh, the struggle of deciding.

    By Afnan Amdeen on 07.05.2014

  33. “A fairytale.”

    “NO, that’s not possible! Why don’t you believe me?”

    The mean woman shook her head stubbornly, wiggling a finger at my face.

    “You have a wild imagination, child.”

    Sobs began to shake my body violently, reminding me of my potential insanity.

    I was thrown into an oven. No one believes me.

    By A. Amdeen URL on 07.05.2014

  34. “A fairytale.”

    “NO, it’s true! Why don’t you believe me?”

    The mean woman wiggled her narrow fingers at my face menacingly.

    “You have a wild imagination, child.”

    Sobs began to shake my body, reminding me of my insanity. The mean woman didn’t like my tears, she started screaming at me.

    “IT”S NOT TRUE, YOU LITTLE LIAR,” she sighed and took a deep breath before kneeling down to my height. “There is no such thing as witches or magic ovens or candy houses. You’re mental.”

    By A. Amdeen URL on 07.05.2014

  35. I need a new oven – for baking all kind of tasty things. Cakes for birthdays. Pies for dinner desserts. And, muffins for mornings and coffee. Ovens are the center of the home – meals cooked – conversations started – memories made. I need a new oven.

    By RevChilly URL on 07.05.2014

  36. She squatted and peered through the filthy little window into the oven. The cake was rising, that much was clear, but it was lopsided and gooey-looking at the center. She sighed and thumped her head against the oven door.

    By mrsmig URL on 07.05.2014

  37. She could roast beets, squash, potatoes. Sure. She certainly knew how. She was a real whiz with gingerbread–the house hadn’t gotten there on its own. No, no. It’s onl magic if you don’t know how it’s done, and the witch’s muscle memory still knew just how to bake and roll and measure and sift. All that hard work wasn’t for nothing. Her oven was hungry–like she was–and only real flesh would do.

    By Yona URL on 07.05.2014

  38. She stoked the coals even higher and watched as the flames flared. It was hot enough to burn a body. The boiler oven in the basement, was the perfect solution to her problem. She had it all planned, and he wouldn’t suspect a thing…

    By Helen URL on 07.05.2014

  39. The oven was warm. The bread was still cooking but long since forgotten as instead she watched her show. Slowly the oven kept cooking the poor thing until a burnt smell rose to her nose. Freaking out she dashed to the oven only to see it a black mess.
    “This can’t be good..” She murmured.

    By Ashley on 07.05.2014

  40. What is that smell?
    William sniffed as he paused from reading his paper.
    I don’t know… it smells like something is burning…
    Yeah. But not food.
    No. No, it smells, sniff, like plastic.
    Oh shit.

    By Lena on 07.05.2014