July 5th, 2014 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “fisherman”

  1. Within in an hour of arriving at his cousin Ted’s weekend game fishing retreat and hearing the epic tales told by all the avid sports fishermen assembled, Adam deeply regretted that he had not mentioned that he was a fisherman in mind only. He’d never actually cast a rod into any kind of water, unless you count the fishing pond at his daughter’s school spring carnival, and even then he had failed to hook the giant yellow plastic guppy with the enormous paper clip in its mouth.

    By Erica on 07.06.2014

  2. this is such bullshit. he pulls a pair of rubber boots out of the closet and tells me to put them on. when i refuse, he begins yanking the shoes off my feet. i do not want to go out. i do not want to catch fish. i do not want to kill. he insists that i can throw them back, but then, what’s the point?

    By kirsten on 07.06.2014

  3. The potatoes weren’t bad. They never were. Her face was different tonight. Somehow, more tired, more lovely than usual.

    She noticed the new hook wound on his hand.

    By Lena on 07.06.2014

  4. HE fishes for the love he has of nature. He loves the water and the fish, one day he catches a great fish. He’s so in love with it. He let’s it go. Without any second thoughts because he loved it so much, it was capable of so much.

    By Valerie Mia on 07.06.2014

  5. Papa was standing there as usual with his basket empty. We kids were hoping for food tonight at least but watching papa’s basket empty made me realised that we would be sleeping today emtpy stomach like the other nights. Wish our days would change wish mother water would bless papa and us with more fishes. Papa would sell fishes in abundance and we would have enough money in our purse to keep food filled in the vessels. Papa would usually sit before his empty basket and cry knowing his family would sleep emtpy stomach tonight. I wanted to grow big as sooner as possible. I would earn some money and mummy could cook good food out of the money I earn but Menina my eldest sister say’s I still have ten years with me to be eighteen. Then papa would marry me just like he is about to marry Menina. I heard old aunty Feo speaking Menina bring huge money out of her marriage. Papa don’t look pleased, Mummy keeps crying and Menina keeps praying. Mummy said Menina would bring with herself a cute, chubby baby when she marries and if it is a boy. Menina’s husband with throw a festival in his son’s name and if it is a girl she would be sent back home with Menina. To me it sounds like the fish trapped in net and out of breathlessness eventually dies and if the same fish be released into the water again she swims back into life.

    By GGomes on 07.06.2014

  6. i wish i could send y heart away at sea, with a fisherman. leave him completely in charge of anything that happens to it. lord knows a complete stranger with no regard for anything other that fish and the sea, would make better decisions with my poor heart than i.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 07.06.2014

  7. The salt air chewed at her hands like the cold winter winds she had left behind in New York. “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of you,” she mumbled.

    By aria autumn on 07.06.2014

  8. your hook
    wedges itself into my very core

    i wish i could hate you for piercing my heart
    but i’d be dead

    if you hadn’t pulled me out of the water

    By S on 07.07.2014

  9. Fish and Chips. No fisherman no fish and chips.Be

    By Bernard on 07.07.2014

  10. The fisherman was at a loss to think that our government was unable to get a fishing agreement sign and enforce, when the answer to the problem was in they hands, and cultural in nature,

    By victor URL on 07.07.2014

  11. I have had the same word 5 times. I do not want to write about fishermen. The word fisherman is just a word. It doesn’t give me any image in mind.

    By Rhi, Writiing Hopeful on 07.07.2014

  12. the fisherman smelled of taffy and adrenaline—-the perfect scent. it drew me to him—in him —and i lived there for as long as he would allow it. i inhaled deeply—-exhaled shortly, only anxious to inhale again—i wanted his scent to be the last thing i remembered.

    By Safon on 07.07.2014

  13. The waves crashed over the bow of the tiny boat as the storm hit its peak. Tossed and thrown upon the ocean, the fisherman struggled with the nets.

    By Joe Carey on 07.07.2014

  14. He was like a fisherman, reeling in women left and right in his nets. She didn’t mind so much, because it was more of an accidental tangling where he kept blustering around and tripping over his own feet and trying to shake them off: he only had eyes for her. She’d never really wanted one of the men who got all of the ladies; it was too much work, too much competition, and besides, she wanted to be the pretty one in a relationship. But he– he was alright. He made her smile.

    By Amy on 07.07.2014

  15. man goes fishing to catch himself
    the hunter hunts for his soul

    By sappho on 07.07.2014

  16. I’ve never talked to a fisherman in my entire life, but I think they have calm characters. I really like to learn fishing. it sounds pretty cool.

    By Elena on 07.07.2014

  17. The fisherman stepped out onto the platform. Gear all ready to go, all he had to do was wait. Waiting was the hardest part he thought. Staring into that abyss really got to him. And sometimes there was nothing and the darkness felt like it would swallow him. Catching stars for the United Galaxies to use as a power source was draining.

    By Ruth on 07.07.2014

  18. He floated along the sea because he was lonely. The girl he loved never looked in his direction, so everyone told him there were many fish in the sea. Not one single fish came even close to his fishing line. Everyone told him there were many fish in the sea, but no one told him how to properly go fishing.

    By jolyssa on 07.07.2014

  19. The fisherman sighed as he brought his line back in. Another day, and yet he still hadn’t caught anything. It had been weeks since he’d had as much as a slight bite on the line. He didn’t even know why he bothered anymore; it was obvious he was a lost cause. He repelled people, and now he even repelled fish.
    He walked slowly down the pier, almost dragging his tackle box and rod behind him. When he reached the end, he turned around and looked at the calm rippling waters once more, imagining what it would feel like to sink under them. To live forever under the calm shore. To exist entirely underwater. Or perhaps he wondered what it would feel like to drown, to feel the air slowly leave his lungs as the water claims his life. Which he would prefer, he was unsure of.

    By Michelle on 07.07.2014