July 4th, 2014 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “oven”

  1. we don’t have an oven in our house. we use a microwave insted. an oven is much more harmless than a microwave but it might be slower sometimes. we used to have a big one under our stove but we sold it.

    By M on 07.05.2014

  2. “Goddamnit!” Ryan shouted, running over to his kitchen sink where he kept his fire extinguisher. He was too busy playing on his computer to realize that he left his cake in the over for too long. It had caught on fire and was making the room fill with smoke.

    By Kenzie on 07.05.2014

  3. Heaven. That’s what was in the oven. Dots of happiness melting into something so sweet and delious.

    By Princess on 07.05.2014

  4. God it’s hot out. I can’t believe she wanted to meet outside on a day like this. I’d rather be sitting in a nice climate controlled coffee house. What couldn’t have better been talked about someplace like that? But Sheri is one of a kind and it’s no use arguing with her when she gets her mind set. As I look up, sweat in my eyes, I see her tiny frame waving as she walks my way. “It’s hot,” I say. She laughs, but I can see a strange sort of strain behind her eyes. I’m officially worried. “What’s wrong?” Sheri laughs, her voice raspy. “You always were good at getting right into the heart of me, weren’t you?” I nod softly, but I don’t remove my gaze from her. She starts again, “I…. I need to tell you something important. Very important.” I gulp, lump forming in my throat. “It’s….” she struggles to get out. “I’m… I’m dying, Vance.” I feel the color drop from my face. “Well yeah, so am I,” I attempt to joke back in response. “You know what I mean,” she says.

    By Brian W URL on 07.05.2014

  5. They might as well have thrown me in the oven.
    The door swung open, and there she stood;
    hollow and transmuting fear as if it were hatred.

    By Jesse B on 07.05.2014

  6. They stood in front of the oven, watching the pizza bubble and burn. In the three minutes it took to bake it, one slip of the tongue had ended their marriage.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.06.2014