July 3rd, 2014 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “patch”

  1. I saw a patch of fur growing on my arm. I knew that something had come over me. This was it. The moment I had expected since that wolf bite me. I was turning into a werewolf. I started itching I wasn’t used to this much hair. It was growing at erratic rates.

    By christy on 07.04.2014

  2. Ishida Uryuu liked to sew. Everyone knew that. It was also a well known fact that his least favourite thing to sew was buttons. Not many people knew, however, that his absolute favourite thing to sew was patches. Particularly when nobody noticed that they were there.

    By Kathryn on 07.04.2014

  3. I’m pretty sure these concert tickets won’t patch things up with my significant other but that’s okay because I’m only going because I have a crush on one of the security guards at that particular venue. Yes, I am aware that agendas like this are the problem. Hakuna Matata, my friends.

    By Li on 07.04.2014

  4. once upon a time, i had a batch in my INTERNET connection. once i found it, i searcher google for its name. firstly. i graped the “virus” meaning and i was chocked ! because i know it is not the right translation for “patch”. Thank you very much.

    By patchy pat URL on 07.04.2014

  5. The patch of grass they sat on was still wet from the dew of the evening. They were so engrossed in conversation, they didn’t even notice the slow saturation of their pant legs. Her hands were outstretched, reaching towards something that no one else could see. He stared out in the direction after her with nothing but his eyes. Both searching.

    By Roxanne on 07.04.2014

  6. Patch it up, bit by bit. All the holes in his being, caused by her presence. He should fix them– no, they add character… He can’t decide what to do.

    By Julia URL on 07.04.2014

  7. She kneeled down and touched the dry patch of grass. “This is weird. It rained last night. And unless this is some sort of weird Jedi mind trick, this should be wet too.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 07.04.2014

  8. there was an area of the school, the one hallway where no one wanted to walk through, but overall just a patch in the framework of the entire school. no one remembered anymore even why they skipped it, and only one student ventured through. she knew why and she really did not mind the reason; the patch held secrets that no other student would know about, and with that she was content.

    By verbomaniac11 on 07.04.2014