April 12th, 2011 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “obsolete”

  1. it’s like being useless and forgotten because you’re so old and broken that nobody understands how beautiful you used to be. i’ve walked by so many of you, and i won’t remember you tomorrow. how can i ask that you remember me?

    By EeSH7 on 04.12.2011

  2. wtf is this …im eating my sandwich

    By Poopblade on 04.12.2011

  3. cassettes, vcrs, big tvs, disposable camaras…things that are still around but are worth nothing and people have stop using them.

    By francys sandoval on 04.12.2011

  4. the world is an obsolete speck that rly no one cares about. THeres no point in living if ur just gonna die. u cant make a difference. its impossible. this obsolete idea is obsoletely obsolete. so there. obbbbsssooollleeeteteeeeeeeeeeee

    By Diana URL on 04.12.2011

  5. Alone…in the breaktking beauty of it all. there he gazed at the treasures unknown to the world. It was all his, all his…
    He could feel his greed taking his soul over, until he knew that this, this was the only thing that could ever truly, completely, make him happy.

    By Meg URL on 04.12.2011

  6. ah. a sad word, i think. like extinct. useless, dusty, forgotten, once loved. like a child’s toy taken everywhere and then forgotten for something better, newer, shinier. it’s hard to think of anything positive about it.

    By carmen emma URL on 04.12.2011

  7. dinosaur, outdated ~ The girl felt that she had arrived on another planet and she was already obsolete ~ gone ~ in another century that she knew nothing about.

    By Carol URL on 04.12.2011

  8. There it was, sitting on a table surrounded by other garage sale items. An old record player. The wood had been shined and cleaned, except for a small nick on the side. It was this anachronism, an old piece of buttons and dodads, no longer usable. Completely obsolete.

    By Sasha on 04.12.2011

  9. inafficent, unworthy, defective, underdeveloped, negative, not quite there, bad, not good enough,

    By Mercedes on 04.12.2011

  10. “Ah crap! Two seconds after I bought this thing, it became obsolete,” Miranda605 tossed her iVid560 into the Deconstructor Can™. “What are you talking about?” Steven2560 asked as he opened the protein bar the Deconstructor Can™ had just spit back out to them. “Gah, Steven, turn on your TempleChip™. If you didn’t keep disconnecting from the Grid™, you’d know they just announced the iHolo9. Ah crap,” she said again. “And you know the iHolo will be obsolete in two seconds, too!” “Come on, Mir,” he cajoled while he chewed on the bar. “You know, Energy™ is Energy™. If you don’t like the iHolo9, you can just Deconstruct™ it into something else.”

    By Izolda on 04.12.2011

  11. Obsolete is not being good enough, being unworthy. I think of negative feelings and judgment of others, no one is really obsolete. Its all about judgment, by people.

    By Mercedes URL on 04.12.2011

  12. Words are still necessary. Comfortable silence counts, too, but with the proper words at the right moment, at the right time, it will become clear.

    By yunisee on 04.12.2011

  13. There was no signal on the phone. Jim was comforted by this, he looked around from his vantage point on the top of the hill. All around the blue tinge of eucalyptus filled the air with perfume. Even the smoke of the bushfire was grey blue. He smiled, everyone had their time before the scrap heap.

    By Flyderkov URL on 04.12.2011

  14. He felt old and worn out and he was only 35. He could barely keep up with all of the new trends and honestly, when he tried he hated it. He hated where younger people were going in their lives.

    By Megan on 04.12.2011

  15. I’m obsolete
    I’m worn down.
    Like an old record player.
    I would only repeat.
    I suppose you got tired
    hearing the same things.
    Over and over.

    By Faro URL on 04.12.2011

  16. obsolete, done finished destroyed non-exsisting. ahhh, umm done like my quiche is about to be! hahahahahaha obsolete makes me thing of computers crashing, like my laptop tried to do in class, blue screen of death nearly made it obsolete. oh empty, the glass is half empty.

    By Char on 04.12.2011

  17. I am gone. I am no more. Once I served my country as well as the next. I had a simple task, widely used. Now I sit and watch the others. Now I wait for someone to make a call. But they pick up their boxes and talk to them. No more dialing. No more hellos.

    By Clay URL on 04.12.2011

  18. She looks at me with the eyes of a mother looking
    into the eyes of a child that doesn’t exist anymore.
    She speaks as though the words are too large and
    complex when in reality they are too small to matter.
    She knows that her baby is no longer hers but still….she holds on.

    By Jessica O'Shea on 04.12.2011

  19. What is obsolete? I think of obsolete as an unknown, something of mystery. Life is obsolete. A mystery, a big ol’ question mark. Blurred, like a juvenile watercolor. You can see shapes, but can’t quite make out the details. That’s life, full of little unknowns.

    By Tess B on 04.12.2011

  20. Blank old no use. Obsolete….like an old tape deck. VCR no real use for it. Feeling that you can no longer be useful to someone. Having no purpose. Being replaced with a newer better version…kinda sucks. Out with the old, in with the new

    By Bethany Williamson on 04.12.2011

  21. Sometimes, I honestly think I shouldn’t exist. I just doesn’t make sense. But then I look at the people I REALLY truly care about, and think otherwise. If I have only changed one person’s life in a positive way, My existence was worth it.

    By CaseyLea URL on 04.12.2011

  22. He was growing older. His expertise was in technology that had become obsolete. He had fewer and fewer options for employment.

    By sara on 04.12.2011

  23. My car is obsolete

    By lorena on 04.12.2011

  24. She tried to speak. But nothing come from her throat. Her voice had become obsolete from the lack of use. All those dark years alone… It was as if her silence stole her voice and left her mute and unable to tell him that she loved him

    By Hydra URL on 04.12.2011

  25. Your ways are no longer needed. They may have been forgotten. They may also have been remembered and trumped. There is no way to known now. The point is nobody cares.

    By C. on 04.12.2011

  26. obsolete. gone. i guess who i used to be is obsolete. that awkward weird girl. the one who forgot to wear a bra that one time. the one who couldn’t quite make solid friendships. she’s gone. because i found my groove. i know who i am now and i know who my friends are. and i kind of got hot apparently, that kind of helps i guess.

    By Mariah-Lynn URL on 04.12.2011

  27. Feeling obsolete is similar to feeling non existant. Invisible. Like a man running around the world looking for someone to love but ceasing to find that he first must love himself. He begins to feel obsolete. He is no longer here. He is gone.

    By Angelica on 04.12.2011

  28. Everything becomes obsolete faster than people can truly learn to appreciate it and learn how to use it properly. I think maybe people will start to give up on mastering technology…what’s the point?

    By Kony URL on 04.12.2011

  29. too obsolete
    to compete with technology
    I cannot be an avatar
    perfected in virtuality
    I am real
    and not made of plastic
    so I can be broken
    and won’t come with a warranty
    how lonely we exist
    in this world of fake energy

    By Jay URL on 04.12.2011

  30. What is obsolete–momentos and post it notes are obsolete. Follow me and I will show you an entire box of obsolete things. it is like Pandora’s Box and covered with dust.

    By Marta URL on 04.12.2011

  31. Obsolete. Love is obsolete. Why do we need it anymore? Half of all marriages end in divorce. Love means sticking by your love no matter what. What is love today if not obsolete?

    By Kiko on 04.12.2011

  32. You made me feel obsolete when you slept with me and left me. I was falling for you but you left. I feel so empty and alone and obsolete inside. Sad, sad, sad. Your heart must be obsolete. I hate you. I hate everything you stand for.

    By Erin on 04.12.2011

  33. Humans became obsolete years ago, when the computer became a commercial product. This is why technology has to be rapidly evolving — because humans can’t anymore.

    By Emma on 04.12.2011

  34. i see streets with no end, and days i can’t find future for, ideas I have been unable to process, and I am ok with that, for now. So many dreams I don’t know the end to, and I wake up to start another day as I always do, and always will. I know I can accomplish what I need to, but somehow never all I can dream of doing. and that is the way it should be.

    By sheryl URL on 04.12.2011

  35. It is so startling, so completely frightening, how one person can make you feel absolutely obsolete. There’s a small fury – how dare they have such power over you? – but mostly, it’s just a sense of loss. You’re left to wonder what could be so completely wrong with you that the love would cease. You feel worthless.

    By Lacey URL on 04.12.2011

  36. It was all alone, in a barren world. The last human’s touch was but a mere memory ten years past. The dust of solitude filled its aged cracks. Darkness and light crept in endless cycles over its form.

    By Peter on 04.12.2011

  37. The thing in her hands was obsolete. Old. Dusty. Nonworking. Yet, it fascinated her. It smelled like memories, made her think of all the thoughts and ideas it had captured. She smiled, raised it to her eye, and pressed the button. To her surprise, it clicked, seizing her own small memory.

    By Dani Tomczak URL on 04.12.2011

  38. obsolete items are no longer useful. gm had planned obsolescence, which — far more than unions — cost America its auto industry. Today many claim service sector industries like teaching are obsolete, but I don’t believe it.

    By pedantic peasant on 04.12.2011

  39. obsolete is old….really old, out of use, outdated. when i think osolete i think technology. by the time im out of high school have the technology i have learned to understand will be outdated. whats the use in learning what will be obsolete in just a couple years? well i know the answer, i just don’t understand it.

    By Darby on 04.12.2011

  40. nothing
    at all
    doesnt matter
    no one cares
    not important

    By eliza URL on 04.12.2011