April 12th, 2011 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “obsolete”

  1. everything is becoming obsolete. tecnology is taking everything away from the world. The world’s beauty is becoming obsolete. people soon will be obsolete. my attention span is obsolete.

    By Jenn on 04.13.2011

  2. right the right word when u get there cause you dont live any more and i am still alive hahahaha. you are not living any more and i am.

    By Kayle McLatchy on 04.13.2011

  3. obsolete means gone, bye bye, egstinked, like some animals are obsolete.

    By sam on 04.13.2011

  4. Obsolete.
    But something?

    By Esme on 04.13.2011

  5. stones religion walls houses faith earth dirt thought worker animals books ideas

    By nicole on 04.13.2011

  6. No longer exists. Gone. Forgotten. Archaic. So old that no-one wants it anymore. Fallen into disuse.

    “That TV your grandmother owns is obsolete, you should buy her a new one.”

    By Jace on 04.13.2011

  7. cassette tapes, Cliff Richard lps in charity shops. all the bright shiny past things, now banished to the loft to be used as theme parks for spiders.

    By missmcq URL on 04.13.2011

  8. what does this word mean? I have no Idea, So I have no idea what to write about. sooooo is the time yet? can you tell me what it means? ………………………………………….come on!!!!!!!!!!………………………………Sen is bagngfffffrrdgwewientgy k4ordiuyrkjhgfd

    By jenie on 04.13.2011

  9. … like technology…
    I wish….
    remain forever …
    for us

    By Tyroceur URL on 04.13.2011

  10. i have felt obsolete at times. when my freiends ditched me, i became the obsolete. now i have nothing in my life that is obsolete; i have eliminated it all. i have nothing that can’t be used for at least something, so i think that i’m on my way to becoming a useful addition to society.

    By Emily URL on 04.13.2011

  11. A thing of the past with little to no importance. Nothingness. Insignificant. No longer used. A thing neglected, unused, unnoticed. An item no longer distinguishable from the rest.

    By Kayla Burris on 04.13.2011

  12. Too many things are obsolete now – and there my fingers stopped, unable to think of anything I couldn’t find in an antique shop and a local enthusiast to make it work. So is there an overlap with antique? Does obsolete mean something we can’t find any more, or simply have no use for?

    By joey URL on 04.13.2011

  13. Obsolete is what I am now. Dead to the world. Dead to anyone would could have cared and anyone who could have been there just to love me just to hug me. All gone I am obsolete.

    By 0_oJust Me on 04.13.2011

  14. It meeans no longer valuable or real or useful, as in a word or a thought pattern,and here is an example. I have made obsolete the notion that failure is possible.

    By janetta Fleming on 04.13.2011

  15. You are, you know. Don’t argue with me. Don’t even think about it. No one wants to look at your coloured stickers any more, the cubes that you are made up of. Your design was flawed when we discovered we could not complete you.

    By Katherine URL on 04.13.2011

  16. I don’t know what this word is but it sounds poetic and nice. so i will just say: WHATS DOES IT MEAN?!!?!?!??!!? NICE? KIND?

    By wordwhiz URL on 04.13.2011

  17. By Ed Miller URL on 04.13.2011

  18. Useless.
    Is that all that I am? Honestly, it’s amazing how one person who used to care so much can’t seem to even take the time to glance in my direction anymore.
    I don’t understand. Is it because I’m not good enough, or simply obsolete? There’s something better out there, isn’t there?

    By iGoldilocks URL on 04.13.2011

  19. The old car stood derelict in the farmer’s field. It had probably stood there unmoving for the last twenty years — ever since teleportation pads had been developed.

    By Mike URL on 04.13.2011

  20. I believe that all the technology we nowadays cherish will soon become obsolete. I mean, android phones, tablets, big screen TVs? It’s all going down the drain man, we need, as Morrison said, great golden copulations. That’s something that never gets old.
    Thereby I urge you to live!

    By Gonzalo on 04.13.2011

  21. nothing
    meaningless shadows

    By stephanie moore on 04.13.2011

  22. Sometimes we see things out and about that seem obsolete. An old gameboy from the ’90’s, a little black and white tv, but to be honest, these things aren’t really obsolete. they are just older; obsolete is something that has no purpose in the world anymore, it it useless.

    By Laurenlove URL on 04.13.2011


    By stephanie moore on 04.13.2011

  24. I don’t know what this means.

    By Megan Trees on 04.13.2011

  25. “The human mind, it’s such an obsolete thing.” he declared, turning towards the opened window, twirling the weathered book in his hands. “You say that, but I see you cannot even convince yourself that.” His eyes glanced over at the speaker. “A thing becomes useless when old, as is the same with the mind. A mind is tainted at birth, filled with thoughts and ideas that aren’t it’s own creation, but a creation of others. It soon becomes disgustingly muddled, unclear, and withered to the point of being worthless and weak. Posession of a mind means nothing.”

    By Luhan URL on 04.13.2011

  26. What say you to living your FB quote? We’re making the right decision by staying away.

    Though it is painful and not something I want to do, I have been frustrated by not having the chance to share directly with you. Because you are you.

    I could be, of course, convinced to chat about it today.

    After all, our thoughts and feelings will NEVER be – wait for it – obsolete.

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 04.13.2011

  27. My world has become obsolete. The mind which has been host to ideas has faded into the twilight of nothingness that is contemporary life. Commercialism and Silly popular music and films. Where is the mind’s power to create and mould ideas? It has become obsolete.

    By Rachel on 04.13.2011

  28. that which once was is completely gone without a trace — it has disappeared, either physically or of significance.

    By sid blake URL on 04.13.2011

  29. Hw quickly does technology become obsolete? O maybe it’s me. I reember watching X-files and never a thought about the huge clunky phone that Mlder uses to call his freaky friends.

    By Tonia URL on 04.13.2011

  30. Todays hip-hop young american, apathetic society of teenagers is what comes to mind for me. I find the technology, the lack of interest and innovation and especially the lack of political knowledge in todays youth to be obsolete. Growing into the future, we have a complete lack of educated peoples, all with the simple knowledge of high school and an arsonal of divine comedic expressions not to mention their parents to support them through the later parts of life.

    By Olivia Jacobs on 04.13.2011

  31. I feel so obsolete when I’m alone and feel like everyone else is doing something and not inviting me. Obsolete is a lonely girl like the one in The Ring. She’s stuck at the bottom of a well and no one will let her out. But the difference between a scary girl with long black hair that haunts people through movies and the girl named Obsolete is that

    By Nikki on 04.13.2011

  32. The difference between a child named Obsolete and the girl with black hair that haunts people 7 days after they watch a video is that Obsolete as a girl isn’t creepy. In fact, she adorable as all get out and she doesn’t know she’s beautiful and she feels that it MUST be her fault that her friends have deserted her and she is unimportant in their opinon. No one

    By Nikki on 04.13.2011

  33. Obsolete is a word used to describe technology. A word to describe something that is no longer current because of the passage of time. A word used to describe beliefs, computers, and people. To come full circle, one day it will be replaced some day by another word, because it is no longer worth using.

    By Misha URL on 04.13.2011

  34. That old way of thinking that got us the attention we desired as children. The way it helped us through high school. The way it nurtured us through surviving our childhoods. The needs it created in ourselves to resist change. And the desire to flee from ourselves and the truth of the moment.

    By Jason URL on 04.13.2011

  35. Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Sugar is Sweet. And so are You.
    Is Love Obsolete?
    Devotion is Dated but Affection is Sweet.
    Is Love Obsolete?
    Is Life Obsolete?
    Is Love Obsolete?
    Not in my Suite. Not in this Lifetime. Not on this Lifeline.

    By sweettea URL on 04.13.2011

  36. I have become obsolete
    Replaced by another

    By Candace S. URL on 04.13.2011

  37. when someone is obsolete, they are

    By Micah on 04.13.2011

  38. The idea was obsolete.
    Nothing could happen without it.
    We were alone now, without a plan.
    Everything was over now.
    Because of this obsolete idea
    we had to start back at the begining

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 04.13.2011

  39. I was just thinking the other day about how computers without the internet don’t get used a whole lot. And blind people don’t use them at all. Do they? I feel completely ignorant about the blind, maybe I should do some more research.

    By Heather on 04.13.2011

  40. it’s like being useless and forgotten because you’re so old and broken that nobody understands how beautiful you used to be. i’ve walked by so many of you, and i won’t remember you tomorrow. how can i ask that you remember me? give me a heartbreak, give me a smile, and your memory will never be obsolete.

    By EeSH7 URL on 04.13.2011