December 26th, 2012 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “now”

  1. right now im sitting in my family room, I have just gotten back home from dinner with a friend. House is playing on the TV. My dog, Rudy, is walking on the hardwood floor, the thing about as I’m writing about “NOW”, its already in the past.

    By Bryn Allen on 12.26.2012

  2. Now i sit here. writing about the word now. Now is now. I am watching tv now. on my computer now. Now only ever lasts for a second. It was then. But now is now. Then it is past. but now was the future. so weird. Now i sound crazy! lol

    By Sam URL on 12.26.2012

  3. this is the moment, right now. so i’m writing about right now. Now this moment.. go.. that moment is gone it was then, it no longer exist and it lead me to here which is the new now. What happened to the old Now.. gone forever.

    By Nikki DeLoach-Martin URL on 12.26.2012

  4. this instant
    right away
    no time we to wast
    do it now not time
    at all do it

    By alice on 12.26.2012

  5. Now was the time for leaving. Her ticket had been taken by a porter, and Marion turned to wave good bye to New York. Not to anyone in particular – all her farewells were spent in St Paul – but to the general United States of America.

    Watch out, England.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.26.2012

  6. Let’s do it. Now. Right now. Let’s live in the moment, for the present, not for the future or the past. When I’m worrying, I’m living in the future, and when I’m sad, I’m living in the past, so I got live in the present. Now.

    By Jason URL on 12.26.2012

  7. Here and now. Now and then. Now is the present. And right now is a gift. Now is for accomplishing those little things you want to accomplish and those big things you dream of accomplishing. Now is important. What you choose to do with the time in your hands right now is up to you. Right here, right now. Now. It’s powerful.

    By Elise on 12.26.2012

  8. Now I stand here before you, wishing that I had said this so long ago. Now I am here to tell you, tell you everything, tell you how I feel. Now I am sorry, sorry that I didn’t give you the chance to hear it before. Now, now I love you. But not just now, but before, and always.

    By Miranda on 12.26.2012

  9. why wait, why not now? the world is full of so many risks that you aren’t taking. our worlds are influenced and made up of the decisions we make and the risks we take. if you want something to happen, make it fucking happen. nothing is impossible, unless you tell yourself it is. get up off of your ass and make something of your life, now.

    By ewin URL on 12.26.2012

  10. Now is the time to do the things I’ve been putting off for so long. Now I can stop putting things off without good enough reason behind it. Now I can be who I want to be. Now I can live as me. Now is the time. Now.

    By Robert on 12.26.2012

  11. now.
    the day is today,
    and the clock shall not wait any longer.
    now is the time for action.
    words have lost their voice.
    this is our time.
    we have grown strong once more.
    from weakness we have risen,
    like a phoenix from the ashes,
    and it is time for us to take back what is ours.
    right now.

    By Barebriar URL on 12.26.2012

  12. Now is the time to start, the time to go. There’s nothing in the way just yourself, but you seem to not want to go. Why? I’ll tell you because you are stuck, you have been stuck in the same place for eternity. Only you can change that, nobody else. It is up to you! Now go! But don’t forget the little people on your way to the top; don’t forget.

    By Fenwick on 12.26.2012

  13. Now, well I have already written about now, it is then that nobody considers. Then was when everything happened; then was when it started, where it started, but no one is focused on then, they are now more focused about now and what is to come.

    By Fenwick on 12.26.2012

  14. “Do it, NOW!! he screamed, as he glanced nervously at the door. The light behind it had already come on, he knew they only had seconds left to finish the job.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.26.2012

  15. right now, i’m sitting in my mom’s friends apartment,
    I still miss you
    I always will. but i’m slowly getting over it
    not using, or drinking.
    like you did.
    I miss you, now.
    but I don’t need you anymore.
    I love myself more than ever. right. now… :D

    By Lauren on 12.26.2012

  16. you and me are here together never to be apart we will live not only in the now but in the future and the past we will live here in this place in this now never knowing what will happen next I guess that’s the wonder of now we never know

    By victoria on 12.26.2012

  17. now. I just had this word. now, why did i receive the same word that I just had? now, that is not too likely, right? unless every first word on the website is now. now is such a strange time. everything is now, yet nothing is now. if this is now, then what is next: now?

    By Jordan on 12.26.2012

  18. together here in the now that is were I want to be not apart or in the past I want to live here in the now never knowing what is going to happen also having things be a wonder never knowing if I will die or live never knowing if the world has bigger things for me

    By victoria on 12.26.2012

  19. Now. A word that is a cue to do so many things. To say the words you have wanted to for years, plunge into the water you have been dreaming of swimming in for hours, or just say, “Now, its time to relax.” It’s a trigger for the guns that are our bodies. We have lightning fast actions and thoughts, and they all happen from hearing just one syllable.

    By Libby on 12.26.2012

  20. please tell me now. tell me all the bullshit lies in the past now, because there won’t be a second chance. you won’t get another time to redeem yourself. so please all i ask of you is to just tell me right here, right now, the truth.

    By Ang on 12.26.2012

  21. Now – this slippery translucent moment, cold and writhing in my hands, gasping. I am blind in this ocean world.

    By Neelvar on 12.26.2012

  22. The time is now. Now is my time to be free. I need to loosen the chains that bind me, so I can open up my wings and fly. I have been kept prisoner for far too long. I am tired of being told that I’m not living my life right. So now I am going to start living in the moment, and not worry about what other people say. I am a caged bird, and I have set my self free. I need to use my strength to fly as high and as far away as possible, before I am captured once again. So what am I waiting for? It’s now or never…

    By Annick URL on 12.26.2012

  23. now. what is now? everything is now. what isn’t now is always now, because next is always now. next is never happening because now is now.

    By jsmith1852 URL on 12.26.2012

  24. i am sitting in my bedroom on stumble it is 11:28pm right now. now is ranslated to ahora in spanish. I really should be asleep now but I am not. Now is this singular moment, and every millisecond there is a new now. Now is an illusion of time.

    By mb on 12.26.2012

  25. then, past, future, kill, human, no idea.

    By Ruby on 12.26.2012

  26. Now I’m relaxed. I’m reminding myself to enjoy the now and not stress so much about everything on my to-do list. And maybe I need to reduce the size of my to-do list to enjoy those things I’ve already done a little more.

    By Barbara on 12.26.2012

  27. Now. Do it NOW. That’s what should happen. But it doesn’t happen in my now, it happens in yours. And for that, future Cameron, I am sorry. Your life will probably suck. Maybe you can throw your burdens forward, just like your forebears.

    By Archori URL on 12.26.2012

  28. I feel that now is a word that give you options on what happens for you now. In some aspects now is the aspect of change in life..If that makes sense.. I also find the word quite forceful..”do this NOW”

    By Abby on 12.26.2012

  29. “Not now,” she said. “Wait until you are asked. If I was on crutches or very old and feeble then it would be helpful. I can open this door for myself.” She glared at me. “Go, be useful to someone else and stop holding the door for me.”

    By Meredyth URL on 12.26.2012

  30. Our time is now. there is no need for me to think about the present really. what is now? is it now? now? now? all those nows that are actually just thens. all those nows that dont exist. because there isnt a now. there is no present. you cant say this is the present, because your this is already in the past.

    By Claire on 12.26.2012

  31. now I write. the words flowing from my mind, slivering own my neck,down the veins of my arms to my finger tips. bleeding slowly into the paper, smudged gently by the side of my left hand.

    By Hannah URL on 12.26.2012

  32. She had spent eighteen months. Eighteen months of getting berated, demeaned, and on three separate occasions, beaten. She’d lost her dignity, her self-respect, and eighteen months of her life. That year and a half was gone. She could never get it back. The other two though? She knocked on the door of the apartment they shared. As she heard him drunkenly stumble to answer, she thumbed off the safety of her Beretta.

    By Chris Clow URL on 12.26.2012

  33. what do I have to do now. noting. NOW can do what evva I please. and now I like it. Now te weather is cold and sowing now.

    By Dorcas on 12.26.2012

  34. Now i’m going to start my life and do what’s expected of me. Now I am enlightened, living in the present. Now i’m going to go kill myself because the medications the doctors prescribed aren’t working. Now is the time things are gonna be different. People are different.
    Now, the truth is we are all the same. Everything is the same, nothing has changed, now.

    By wordjunky on 12.26.2012

  35. The crunching of snow underneath my boots reaffirmed the mission ahead. Breath seeped out of my body back then, when he left me standing amongst angry snowflakes and visible signs of life. But it didn’t matter. I lost my dignity back then. Now I was here to find it–to get it back and never let it go.

    And no one was going to change that.

    By Marissa URL on 12.26.2012

  36. right now i don’t care not bit for what happens now then i was hopping for some peace of mind now on I’ll think plan before this repeats again.

    By M.Z. URL on 12.26.2012

  37. now
    let me fold into you
    let me be your skin
    let me cling to
    your every fiber
    if I don’t
    you’ll go up into
    the clouds
    and disappear
    and I just want you

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.26.2012

  38. i want to say now. now is the present. the present is now. i’m typing now. what else should i say now. now. now. now. it sounds weird now. what is now? how should i say now?

    By Jaze on 12.26.2012

  39. Now.

    In the time that it takes to say “the moment to act is now,” the ‘moment’ has passed. Yet we question why nothing ever gets done.

    By Chrissie on 12.26.2012

  40. Now is nothing but an illusion. It is a fleeting moment in time, suspended between the past and the future. Now is nothing but a word written at the top of this screen. Now is flying right past you as you’re reading this line.

    By Griselda on 12.26.2012