December 25th, 2012 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “fire”

  1. Fire? Why? To cook, OK. Fire? Why? To kill. No way

    By Voltmead on 12.26.2012

  2. “You know you should think about the fact that you are going to be fired next time you do something like that. Get a hold of yourself Joe, this isn’t a dream and you’re going to have to live with your consequences. Next time you’ve got a stomach full of not-so-ordinary mushrooms, you probably shouldn’t come into work, let alone refuse to remove the cape you made out of bubble wrap on your way in.”

    By DampBone on 12.26.2012

  3. Heat that rises through me
    it burns at my insides in the best of ways
    I cant tell you what it does to me
    I cant explain how I feel
    The spreading warmth just fills me
    I never want it to stop
    For being in that cold dark world again
    Well thats just lonely
    The fire inside of me is you

    By Krysta on 12.26.2012

  4. oh well i am not a fireman.. well fire is the third of the basic elements in the universe as considered by scholars earlier befire they realised they are stupid.. fire is a form of heat energy.. early man used fire for protection as well as for shelter and even cooking.. wildfires are most common everywhere..

    By Varsha on 12.26.2012

  5. I am a fire sign.
    I burn, I smolder, I smoke.
    So watch out. Though I appear to be calm,
    There is a fire waiting to erupt in me and
    you can get singed if you come too close,
    even though I do want you to come close.

    By Robin on 12.26.2012

  6. It destroys and consumes without prejudice. It can level a city and destroy a countryside. But if you keep inside the confines of a stone fireplace, controlling it. Then the force of destruction is tamed to a source of heat. One where the life of your family can be built upon.

    By River Ranter URL on 12.26.2012

  7. i saw fire this morining…! i saw it light up a man and a lady’s dress.. they were screeming and shoughting for help! but no one came along! i saw a child next to the fire he was crying to may be it was their son.. but he din’t do anything to help.

    By Vishakha on 12.26.2012

  8. warmth fire hot, take care of yourself. It is so cold in here, but not as cold as it is out there, with the bitter wind and the blinding snow. How will we live without this coal, without this oil? The heat we have now comes from the bones of a billion animals, millions of years in the making.

    By g on 12.26.2012

  9. The fire in my belly will not stop, my love and enthusiasm is unquenchable!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.26.2012

  10. It sparks. It gleams. It sounds like it’s cackling at us.

    On Christmas Eve, it will be you and I, sitting by the fire and snuggling. Snow will be falling, hot chocolate will be in our cup holders and my legs will be on your lap. Our Christmas will be magical — who needs a mistletoe?

    By MollyJ on 12.26.2012

  11. ive always loved this beautiful thing but its so strong and powerful and scary.

    By haileyk on 12.26.2012