December 26th, 2012 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “now”

  1. This second. This moment. This instant. You will never have this moment again. Cherish it. It’s yours, for now.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 12.26.2012

  2. Right at this very moment I am watching a boat that is caught up in flames and those aboard jump ship while the flames lick the edges of their garments.

    By masked habit on 12.26.2012

  3. I need to start thinking about NOW, not living in yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. if i want my life to change i must start doing something now and not wait for the “perfect” time to start.

    By Willma on 12.26.2012

  4. Right now is special. It is everything. It is life. It is death. Right now is exactly who you are. It’s your thoughts, your personality. It’s your very being. You’re alive right now. You’re breathing, living, seeing, doing,. Right now is amazing.

    By S. E. Gutierrez on 12.26.2012

  5. What I love and like, where I live, what I enjoy…
    The day, month and year where you have to focus…
    The one you have to worry about…

    By Nurit on 12.26.2012

  6. Now. Everything has to start somewhere, so why not now. Right now is a blooming moment that lasts for an eternity, yet is only a moment, a fraction of life. Right now gives us the ability to choose for ourselves, to decide who we will be. Now. Right now. The present is everything and nothing all at the same time. A tiny sliver of time caught between past and present. Now. Now is life, death, joy, happiness, fear, elation, it is all we know. Now.

    By S. E. Gutierrez URL on 12.26.2012

  7. Now is the time. Not tomorrow, it wasn’t yesterday but now. What’s stopping you. me. or anyone from doing what you want. wish. dream. hope for. It is now. it is the decision to begin whatever you want.

    By Sam on 12.26.2012

  8. Now. What is now, really? It’s just a moment in time.. But does it really mean anything in particular?

    By Kalei Herbert URL on 12.26.2012

  9. I just want to be happy. But is there more ? I can’t really imagine my future… Will it get better ? I want this to be a wonderful journey.

    By Marie on 12.26.2012

  10. “the ‘now’ doesn’t look so good,” she said.
    but now isn’t forever, and the bad things will pass

    By stephaniewrites URL on 12.26.2012

  11. every time you tell me to get a move on, it almost happens now. The times that it does not, bring stress, bring heartache, bring whatever. So I would assume since I am not doing it now I am not being productive. Look how much not doing it now brings. Why don’t we think about productivity that way.

    By Kelsey on 12.26.2012

  12. I want cake right now. Now I want Harry Styles. I want to eat because I’m hungry. I want this to end now. It’s taking so long. This is the longest 60 seconds. Now I want to stop, but I can’t. Can I stop now? Or is this everlasting? No now? Oh okay. Now I want more food. Now I can smell food.

    By Kristen on 12.26.2012

  13. Now it is 01:36am and I’m kinda bored, don’t see anything I can do now except surfing and reading. Might start doing something else in a while though.
    Maybe start a new project on .NET or something, or maybe check my facebook.

    By Muhammad on 12.26.2012

  14. now is an awful time. seriously, it’s the stuff of my nightmares. it’s pretty lucky actually that the word i got was the word i was trying to get away from by doing this. now sucks. it seems that for the past two years, now has always sucked. woah, lots of negativity on this page, eh? guess that’s what you get when you give a writer the subject “now” during a crappy time in her life. now i shall go drown my sorrows in chocolate. now i shall sit here and mope some more. now hopefully will never be now again.

    By Dr. E. Amer on 12.26.2012

  15. Today is now. You have one chance to do something with now, but tomorrow, you’ll have another. It’s something completely unique to this moment and you need to be sure you don’t waste it. Now I write, now I speak, now I cook and now I am idle. Can I do more now?

    By Aran Cessile URL on 12.26.2012

  16. now i feel sick. sick in the mind. days where I can’t get out of bed. Days when I can’t stop myself from cutting. Days were im just stuck. Drepression sucks. But it is me. But onlu me now. Not me tomorrow. Or the next day. Just me now.

    By Terra on 12.26.2012

  17. now. now in this moment it it as if time stands still. I sit staring into the distances picturing where I could run too. where I could be free. but reality is I’m trapped here, forever. in this moment.

    By Hannah URL on 12.26.2012

  18. Now is the time to stand up, to say that we are here. We will not be frightened to sit back down. We will take the brunt of your words, your criticisms, as we vault ourselves to the top. We will be strong. We will take our pride with us, and prove that steel is stronger than spite.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  19. Now is the time. Here is the place. There is no future but the one that’s in place. To our future we go and with nothing behind, we give up our souls to the great abyss of time. Away!

    By Caleb on 12.26.2012

  20. It was time. He had waited so long, but now was the time to do it. He was going to do it, after all these years of waiting. Now was it. It was now.

    By Grace URL on 12.26.2012

  21. Kill me now
    Her text said
    She was stuck
    Alone in her head
    I felt bad
    For her fate
    Her world’s foul
    And it’s too late

    By recogirl URL on 12.26.2012

  22. now is the the time to do things. now is the time you get up and do what you have to do. now is the time to change yourself and see things in such a different way that only you can describe. now is the time where you start to be your true self and do what it is you really want to do. Now just go and do it, not later, NOW. now i have to go and go do what i do. now i’m going to go and meet up with my friends and smoke a blunt … now i don’t know what to do. now cypress hill is playing in my new beats by dre headphones.

    By Cesar URL on 12.26.2012

  23. now i am here
    i live in the now
    not in the past
    not in the future
    now is where i am today
    will you join me?

    By Cheyenne on 12.26.2012

  24. Now? There is no now. The present is a figment of our collective imagination. When you do something, is it not automatically in the past? But I know one thing about now. I want you, here with me. Now. And always. Future, past, and imaginary present. You are my constant, my forever and always. Now is all I need, because with you everything is surreal. Now doesn’t exist, and neither do we.

    By Jenna Wellman on 12.26.2012

  25. “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,” the singer crooned on the wooden stage to the right of the bar as I slugged the last of my beer. Yesterday did seem quite far away – worlds, even. Her eyes as they looked at me, wordless and weary, piercing to my very soul. Her curls bouncing gently as she grabbed her things and exited my apartment for good. Images moved behind my eyes as I gestured to the bartender for another round. All I had now was the alcohol, and this shockingly apt music, and a rainy, drowsy night in a darkened bar.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  26. You say you’re living in the here and now, with no one to depend upon and only the present moment to guide you. You say you have no regrets, that the world is your oyster – the future your pearl. You say so many things, yet behind those words, your fear extinguishes them in a puff of smoke.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  27. NOW is the time! …time to Live….and appreciate what life has to offer. Now or Never!

    By RaShelle URL on 12.26.2012

  28. Now rhymes with meow. Meow rhymes with cow. Cow rhymes with eyebrow. Eyebrow rhymes with “Hi, cow!” “Hi, cow!” is something one would say on a farm. Farms are sinking under the corporate finger. Finger rhymes with singer, or stinger, or binger (not bin-ger, someone who eats/drinks too much.) Bingers have a disease, a disease of the mind. Mind rhymes with behind. Your behind is where you are blind.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  29. This is it, here he is,this is how it will be, it’s never going away.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 12.26.2012

  30. ”now,” he said, ”you can confront yourself with this one thing taking up space in your thoughts now, or you can decide to stay this way.” calm. sane. on the outside.
    let yourself go.
    three little letters solving what is wasting your time.
    the swelling.
    let your heart grow fond.
    before it’s eaten you up.

    By helen URL on 12.26.2012

  31. Tick… tick. A car drives by outside my window. The breeze of the heater, steadily humming beside me, hits my face. The overhead light creates a glare on my black glasses. My typing fingers hit the keys in slashing strokes. The couch cushions beneath me feel warm and scratchy on my feet. My sweater clings tightly to my torso and breasts. The air smells musky in this corner sitting room in my parents’ house. Thom York sings above a multi-layered beat. My breath moves rhythmically beneath it all. A lot is happening in the here and now, if we only pay attention.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  32. now? nothing. clear mind, clear conscience. I feel good, hopeful, ambitious.. romantic.

    By molly URL on 12.26.2012

  33. rush.
    did you feel this way, too?
    did you think you were dangerous?
    or just afraid; the way that i know you are, these things you say at one.a.m. i know you’ll just regret over breakfast, sheepish, was it really you who had said those things?
    it’s like a relapse, for you, to admit your humanity, raw hands and hard wanting, who’s gonna be there to save you from your own body?
    terms and conditions, you’re reading every paragraph from off my skin, everything’s caught the eye of the devil in you, lately, and i’m not gonna save you from yourself

    By robyn URL on 12.26.2012

  34. What do I feel right now? Disappointment, fear and anxiety – my breath speeds up just thinking about it. Yet it is okay to feel that way. It is not a sin to have those feelings, yet it feels as if it is the end of the world when they are upon us. “Why can’t it be different?” I lament myself. “Why can’t I be wildly happy from moment to moment, instead of fearful and afraid?” Alas, it is not so. Life is not meant to be lived in mere blissful happiness; indeed, meaning is created from those moments of despair and longing. The here and now is disappointing to those with too high of expectations.

    By C. URL on 12.26.2012

  35. Now is a relative term used to describe the present. In the time it takes to say it, it is no longer valid. Time is relative and fleeting, two concepts which normally don’t fit together. If something is relative it is usually within the perimeter of control.

    By Garrett on 12.26.2012

  36. Now. The ultimate yoga word. We’re in the present. The now I started with is already past. Now is new every minute. make the most of it!

    By S. Fenske on 12.26.2012

  37. “Not now!” Sara whispered harshly.
    Her sister pouted and sat back in her chair as Sara slid the eggs from the frying pan onto the plate.
    “Do you want bacon?” Sara asked.
    She turned to look at the protruding lip when Bethany didn’t reply. Sara sighed. She shoved the pan onto the back burner and sat in the chair next to her sister.
    “Mom asked me to take care of you,” she said quietly, “That’s all I’m trying to do.”
    Bethany’s dark eyes looked up at Sara with the threat of tears.
    “Sara, it’s been three days. Why hasn’t mom come home?”
    Sara felt the pit in her stomach that had been rolling around inside for the last three days.
    “I don’t know,” she replied, “But I’m sure she has a good reason. Maybe she found a job.”
    Bethany hung her head and Sara put an arm around her shoulders.
    “Eat breakfast and then we’ll go for a walk. I’ll bet Mom will be home when we get back.”

    By Cim URL on 12.26.2012

  38. It is now time to explain why the now is the most important now you willl ever have in your entire life of nows…. now is everything now is today, now is now and forever, now will never leave you, now will carry on through your life… live now, act now, think now, now now now now now.

    By Richard on 12.26.2012

  39. It’s now, the last breath you might possibly take. The last second you might have for your last smile. Don’t miss out on the chance, be happy. You’re still here, for now.

    By Katherine Aguilar on 12.26.2012

  40. Now. Now is the time to make lists and try to achieve all the things that you want. Now is the time to start living the life you want. Instant gratification shouldn’t be your motivation for somethings, but living your life is not something that you should wait on.

    By Rachael URL on 12.26.2012