June 26th, 2011 | 453 Entries

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453 Entries for “morals”

  1. How bout Murals. One day, I would like a complete room or celling dedicated to one. Nature, mountain ranges, graffiti… it’s gunna be good.

    By ziptiecloud URL on 06.27.2011

  2. morals. right living . Jesus Christ. We should have morals or otherwise we’re kinda just out there living. Right morals. To live Morally correct is smarter in my opinion. Morals, I dont know what else to say about them. Everyone should have more morals in their life.

    By Novi URL on 06.27.2011

  3. The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of other things – of morals and mores and ceiling wax, of pigs with great big wings.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.27.2011

  4. just wasting your time instead of becoming a capitalist giant, especialy in this country.

    By MelcDiliu on 06.27.2011

  5. Morals are ideals we live by. They’re concepts we create to be a guide in our lives. Morals separate us from the animals. But morals are different for different people.

    By Joey on 06.27.2011

  6. we live in a world of false moral and no moral. But is really moral and are we truly capable to talk about morals. I mean about somebody else moral.

    By Seraphina on 06.27.2011

  7. I like to think that we all have morals of some sort. We all define them different ways and choose to act on them differently. Sometimes our morals come from childhood or a life-altering experience and sometimes we invent them for ourselves, deciding what we believe is right and what we believe is wrong. The most important part is that we have them.

    By Bri on 06.27.2011

  8. morals begins from the womb when mother touches her belly to feel her baby to calm him down…she gave it the first lesson in morals

    By kotkot URL on 06.27.2011

  9. The issue is not with what we think, what we feel, what we believe ought to be true, but rather to conform to reality. This reality? Man is not what he thinks he is. He is dead in capacity to good. Only able to turn to another for true life: Christ Jesus.

    By Kevin URL on 06.27.2011

  10. She weakly carried herself into the empty cathedral, knowing their eyes drawn to the limp greasy neon colored hair and tattered clothes. Her jeans torn beyond repair and her eyes sunken, decorated with bags to mark the number of nights gone without sleep, and tears to monument the life she could not escape.

    By Samantha URL on 06.27.2011

  11. morals are non-existent in my town. to be able to show love by stealing it from someone doesn’t make it love at the end of the day. to destroy someone else’s life so that the people they know are also robbed shows decay. morals. a very powerful notion

    By Edt on 06.27.2011

  12. values that people believe to guide their life and decisions. Often based on religious views or upbringing. What the person believes is RIGHT.

    By CC URL on 06.27.2011

  13. are not here any more..gone..people hate it and i search for it all my life..i stand by it and i am known to be one who have morals..i miss it in my life and wish if it is there all the time.

    By abeer maadawy on 06.27.2011

  14. my mom has taught me that morals are essential to friendships and a healthy lifestyle.morals shape our thoughts and actions.without morals,our daily lives would be filled with chaos and one would care if you died right in front of them.

    By Angel King on 06.27.2011

  15. Morals are something that every individual should have. They are the basis of right and wrong; they form the blueprints for a fair and loving society. Usually found in fairytales!

    By Jo on 06.27.2011

  16. What creates that fine line between wrong and right? Is it culture, circumstances, God? The beauty of morality is that it embraces variability. Accepting the “grey area” we all strive for make black and white. Perfection is NOT permanent. It is fleeting and whimsical. Life is a tool that enables us to determine what we think is perfect and what isn’t. How can we know good if we have nothing to compare it to?

    By Tima URL on 06.27.2011

  17. Robert didn’t have morals. Maybe that was why I loved him so. He always told me that my morals made me a boring girl. I always asked him, “Then why are you in love with me?”

    He never answered. He couldn’t. Who could?

    By angel on 06.27.2011

  18. Thorn turned to her brother, her young eyes brimmed with hateful tears. “Morals?” She questioned, exasperated. “Who can have morals, when no one else does?” Small fists beat against his chest, but the only sign of emotion Thade could show was sadness. “You can,” He whispered, wrapping his arms around his sister as a tear escaped his best efforts to remain in control of his emotions. “All you have to do is let go.”

    By heather URL on 06.27.2011

  19. Berbicara tentang moral rasanya sudah sangat sulit…negeri ini telah mengalami dekadensi moral. Banyak terjadi kecurangan dan ketidakjujuran

    By lie tjun boi URL on 06.27.2011

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Do you hear the judgment in the tone? Is it coming from them? Or are we hearing it regardless because it comes from us? What is right – what is wrong – very little is one or the other ant the things that are are most definitively so.
    Morals – ability to get on in life with out injuring others.

    By Marcela on 06.27.2011

  21. I had morals yesterday. I swear I did.

    Today’s not yesterday though. I think today I might kill a man. Then I’ll sleep with his wife. And then I’ll go finish myself off with a toasty beer down at the pub.

    Or I’ll remember that my faith gave me my morals and I’ll realize how stupid of an idea that was.

    By Josh on 06.27.2011

  22. morals. Morals? I didn’t think that there were people left that understood and applied this concept. There are a few, and hopefully they will be influential to the amoral multitude!

    By David Saleeba URL on 06.27.2011

  23. I wish I had more morals to be envious of. I love the idea that morality exists, but some people just don’t seem to understand morals. I want to be one person that people look up to and see that I am a great guy, and that my ideals are what make me very happy. I do, however, wish to be more adventurous with my morals and values.

    By Jeffrey Berry on 06.27.2011

  24. “Did you ever think about eating your own flesh?”
    He turned over the page, never looking up. “Not particularly, no.”
    She stared at the scars on his arm, and said nothing.

    By Annie P URL on 06.27.2011

  25. I don’t have any. I have a million. They don’t mean anything in the face of circumstance. Or maybe they mean everything. How should I know what I’m made of? I don’t have any context.

    By Laura Joy Salter on 06.27.2011

  26. Morals are strange things. Contrary to popular belief everyone has them. Whether or not they match the morals you have may be a different idea all together, but they do have some form of moral framework. Remember that, especially when you are in a different country, and your relations with people will improve greatly.

    By Damocles URL on 06.27.2011

  27. a trait we all wish everyone had, which means you have a conscience and try to do the right thing always!

    By CArolyn on 06.27.2011

  28. my morals suffered from suicide when i was young enough to still think the right way. now, i cant find replacements anywhere and i’m just barely making it alive everyday to breathe.
    my morals were the bestpart of me as people say, but i know now, that they must have been wrong..because more people like me now then they did before. and i’m happier this way without them.

    By Hope Selander on 06.27.2011

  29. M.

    By Jennifer on 06.27.2011

  30. Morals are what you believe. Everybody has there own; however, there should be some generally accepted morals/ethics that society follows. Morals can also be the lessons at the end of a story or parable.

    By jeffery on 06.27.2011

  31. i hav e good morals honest true trust loalty to all. being taught the right things. doing whats right at all times,the good in you. havving set decispline.

    By lisa hawk on 06.27.2011

  32. they just mess everything up. everone’s are different and no one should tell others what their morals should be. they are nessecary for everyday life, but everyone needs to think of their own and not be told what their morals should be by other people. only you can decide your morals.

    By Natalie on 06.27.2011

  33. Yes, well, I have none of these.

    By bob on 06.27.2011

  34. Ethics and morals. These words are always used together, if you have ethics then you must have morals. But honestly, who has morals? Who decides what morals are? Each of us have our own morals, own beliefs. I am different than you, and you are different than me. It’s that simple, you see? There is more to this world than black and white, more to dark than the light. There is more to see, if only you would open your eyes and dream.

    By Morgan Ashleigh URL on 06.27.2011

  35. Morals are self defined. They cannot be taught; they cannot be created. You decide what your morals are. Those who choose socially “good” ones are “good.” Those who do not, are “bad.” Religion and law and parenting help us to decide, but eventually, we are the only ones who can choose for ourselves.

    By Heather URL on 06.27.2011

  36. Personal compass
    Doing the right thing without anyone watching
    Guiding principles

    By Joey on 06.27.2011

  37. My morals.
    Be nice
    No drinking, for now
    Never intentionally hurt someone
    Realize that people can believe what they want to believe
    Don’t lead people on…if you are just going to hurt them, save them the time be descent enough to show you care about their feelings
    Care about boys but don’t make it everything
    Friends are important
    Self worth is so valuable
    Never say Never
    Don’t praise someone too much
    Be yourself.

    By Sarah URL on 06.27.2011

  38. She lost her morals, like a handful of marbles she let suddenly slip away. She backstabbed her longest of friends, she hurt the ones she loves. She’s a stranger. Without morals, she is nothing. Our friendship is nothing.

    By Mia G. URL on 06.27.2011

  39. What ARE morals?
    Are they a kind of flower? Bird? Color?
    Is it a word in another language, like French or German?
    What ARE morals, after all?

    By missstar on 06.27.2011

  40. Many of our ancestors believed things we now find appalling, and religion, science, politics — even Math — have all changed to meet a wider understanding of the world.

    By Sean Campbell URL on 06.27.2011