June 26th, 2011 | 453 Entries

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453 Entries for “morals”

  1. the morals of this nations youth have long gone astray, lead by tolerance, indifference and this kind and gentler way. not my words but constantly they are proven to me. why are kids expected to not get a job for a lot longer now?

    By ccolville URL on 06.27.2011

  2. morals is about what one thinks is best. about values, about evaluating the world. but most of all about relating to others. what is right to do and what is wrong. morals is also about what is more than human in humans.

    By Catalin Ionete on 06.27.2011

  3. morals are taught by parents to their children, you learn them in school and from your immediate society, as you grow you shed and relearn your own morals and past morals are strengthened with age and experience. Morals aren’t real, they are imagined.

    By kathryn on 06.27.2011

  4. Many of our ancestors believed things we now find appalling, and religion, science, politics — even mathematics — have all changed to meet a wider understanding of the world.

    By Sean Campbell URL on 06.27.2011

  5. Why are children today born without morals? I myself am only nineteen years old and internally I weep when I look around and can only think what has happened to us? “forgive them father, for they do not know right from wrong”

    By ShannonLeopold URL on 06.27.2011

  6. the morals of most are kind of iffy. A car speeding down a racetrack of a highway at night? Fine. What if there is a tired driver on the other side of that stoplight, though? What then? A smashing of metal.

    By Rachel on 06.27.2011

  7. She thought he had morals. That he would never break her heart, cheat on her, lie to her. She was wrong. He didn’t seem to have any morals at all. He did lie. The whole thing was a lie.

    By traci URL on 06.27.2011

  8. ….and the moral of this story is: “Kids don’t jerk off in public”. The End

    By The Amazing Vitafix URL on 06.27.2011

  9. Morals. they are entirely personal, yet constantly impersonal. you cannot be told your morals. they are yours. Yet, they are bound within the constraints of society. Morals.

    By genevieve on 06.27.2011

  10. i have none. I am the image that appears in the mirror, the shunned, the surface with nothing underneath. I am the sum of my parts, put together and breathed into, not with morals, but with life. Take everything you have learned and allow it to sit, to simmer, like a pot on a stove, and when the morals come up, take them out, and the life you’ll live will be better than any other.They hold you back. Don’t let them hold you back.

    By Fotis on 06.27.2011

  11. Morals

    Aesop’s fables.

    “Where do the animals walk like we do, where do the animals talk like we do? In the fables of…. Aesop…”

    That’s a line from a song in a show I did when I was six years old. I remember most of the score. My mind does that ;)

    “There’s a lesson in every fable. Find it if you’re able. Every animal that you see, is a portrait of you and me…”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.27.2011

  12. of high note are very imprortant. be sure to have morals and use them everyday so that you will be kind to people and people will be kind to you. it makes a better world if people have morals and good values. we can all learn from them.

    By aubman on 06.27.2011

  13. I’ve had problems with morals lately. For example, I think that the continued path to a good relationship isn’t whether or not you lie, but how often. I can’t say for why, because I seem to lie to cover up revealing that I am uninteresting. I want people to understand where I’m coming from, and since it doesn’t seem to provoke emotions as it is, I have to make things.

    By Deanna URL on 06.27.2011