June 25th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “antlers”

  1. The wonderous deer attempted to cross the road, seeing the shining light on the other side. Fascinated, he took a causious step out onto the pavement. Safe. So far. Another, and another. Finally half way through. HIT. And he was dead.

    By Sarah Perreault URL on 06.26.2011

  2. They’re everywhere. Never when you want to see them, but always when you’re with people you dislike. They’re on the wall of that guy whose house your grandmother cleans. They’re a trophy of needless hunting. They’re a borrowed symbol of virility, stolen from their creator by men with inferior masculine security.

    By Michelle on 06.26.2011

  3. Twisting, stark and strong, pulsing with dominance and might.

    By Daire URL on 06.26.2011

  4. Ewww this makes me think of rednecks and how they shoot deer and hang the heads on their walls. It’s quite sad. Even though I eat meat. It’s weird to think about that it was once an animal.

    By Samantha URL on 06.26.2011

  5. i always wanted to touch antlers…i imagine them so velvety, soft but firm. cool. in the cold season that surely reindeers galavant around in

    By indi-n URL on 06.26.2011

  6. Antlers reminds me of Bambi, due to this I now miss my childhood. Bambi was my favourite film as a small small child. It also reminds me of Iceland, I want to go there. I don’t think you’re ever to big to want to visit a snowy winter wonderland. Lots of animals have antlers, I wouldn’t mind having them myself. That’d be sweet.

    By David Toms URL on 06.26.2011

  7. The antlers on that buck were so great….. Just when I was bout ready to pull the trigger, he took off. I waited and waited for him to return, I’ll find him next season

    By Bell Navarro on 06.26.2011

  8. The antlers hung on the wall like some really great prize, and I just kept staring at them…knowing the animal that they once belonged to, would never grace the landscape around me again. He thought they were beautiful, I thought, that without the regal living animal standing behind them, they were a mere grotesque and out of place ornament of some warped person’s idea of

    By linda carlson URL on 06.26.2011

  9. Pointy. Rhombus from animals heads. Made of not bone but calcium.

    By Bell Navarro on 06.26.2011

  10. I drove by and noticed how big that moose’s antlers were. I pulled over to the side of the road, and got out of the car. Hi gigantic moose.

    By traci on 06.26.2011

  11. My father’s antlers hang on the wall above my bed. When he died, I had the coroner remove them so I could mount them and study them, remember my father’s dual nature. They seem like weapons. He carried them on his head like swords, and defied anyone who sought to hang Christmas ornaments upon them.

    By alexfaye on 06.26.2011

  12. the reindeer drew santa’s sleigh no matter the weather, the height, or the distance. That was the way it used to be, and then came the Grumble. It started as a barely audi

    By shan on 06.26.2011

  13. The moose rammed into David’s car, causing his daughter to shriek with fear. “Hold on, Becky!” he shouted. More moose where gathering around the car, making it impossible to drive away, unless they drove right into the moose.

    By Emily Woods on 06.26.2011

  14. Antlers: to kids they are pointy things that stick out of deer and other animals. To the Animals they are a source of protection. They give them strength and show gender. I mean, what would the world b like with gender confused deers?

    By Katlyn on 06.26.2011

  15. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (reindeer)
    had a very shiny nose ( like a light bulb)
    and if you ever saw him (saw him)
    you would even say it glows (like a glow stick)

    all of the other reindeer (reindeer)
    used to laugh and call him names (like Pinocchio)
    they never let poor Rudolph (Rudolph)
    play in any reindeer games (like monopoly)

    then one foggy Christmas eve
    Santa came to say (HO HO HO)
    Rudolph with your nose so bright,
    wont’cha guide my sleigh tonight

    then all the reindeer loved him (Loved him)
    and they shouted out with glee (YIPPIE)
    Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (reindeer)
    you’ll go down in history! (like Elvis)

    By Eugienna URL on 06.26.2011

  16. My dog loves to chew antlers, probably becasue they are practically indestructable, so the chewing never ends. And a hopeless case is the perfect cure to boredom.

    By Deirdre URL on 06.26.2011

  17. She was strong. Or at least she thought she was. Her brows knotted in confusion as she faces herself in the mirror. The same pink cheeks, the upturned nose and the hazel eyes. But antlers on the sides of her head? What the hell was happening to her?

    By yunisee on 06.26.2011

  18. Antlers are on moose. Many people hang antlers over their fireplace or on their wall. I think it’s terrible. Who would want to hang proof of a dead animal over their fireplace or on the wall? Moose are also on the 25 cent coin in Canada. I just rolled up a roll of quarters this morning.

    By Amanda on 06.26.2011

  19. They sit atop a deer’s head, for no reason aside from fighting. It’s really weird though, since deer always seem so peaceful. The antlers are somehow really majestic though. Strange how that works.

    By Karie on 06.26.2011

  20. fallen to the ground at the end of the season, another year gone…

    By devilbat on 06.26.2011

  21. antlers, still on skulls, hang from the garage as we drive by, and I wonder about what we find beautiful

    By Stratoz URL on 06.26.2011

  22. I don’t really know what antlers are. I’m not illiterate, just not an English native. So what? No big deal, and good news for bilingual dictionary editors!

    By Kymali URL on 06.26.2011

  23. Whether on the wall in some old manor, or on the deer itself, antlers are intriguing. Why don’t we have them for a start? Can you imagine a life with these on your head? Sure would make it hard to put on a t-shirt, which is why I suppose deer are naked.

    By Craig URL on 06.26.2011

  24. There was a pair of antlers attached to the top of the serpent’s head. He rolled he jeweled eyes past the ceiling and bared a set of double fangs. Writhing; his enamel blue scales clicked like the sound the earthenware plate made as it crashed to the tiled floor when he first showed his head which was now caught up by his elk like antlers in the strong fists of her son.

    By Paint S.C. URL on 06.26.2011

  25. i remember mike used to bring home the heads of the deers he killed when he visited family up north. he would have their antlers separated if it wasn’t a big bull deer, and he would also bring pictures in of the actual process
    used to creep me the fuck out. i could never look at him the same again after i seen those pictures. i used to have nightmares of him doing the same thing to my mother and i.

    By Hope Selander on 06.26.2011

  26. antlers are on deer. they make for a weird decoration in rednecks house’s. it’s a weird word. ant. like ants. craweling around adn junk. anad lers. LER. ssssss. la la la. i love antlers. what if antlers were pants? what on earth would you do with that.

    By lucy on 06.26.2011

  27. Here I am in this mountain paradise, water flowing and running and dropping over rocks, tumbling and around on the walls are antlers, mighty, huge lanters, mantles of pride and strength and camoflage within this forest of tall pine, hunted with a bow and ever bite of venison respected, and consumed with thanks.

    By lilmb URL on 06.26.2011

  28. trees tops move upward
    their leave bear and broken
    a rocky crag thrusts forward
    reaching toward heaven
    hands of millions
    raise high and spread
    like antlers on a deer

    By Kristopher URL on 06.26.2011

  29. ants..weird little creatures walkin on the ground eating your picnic food.. antlers are creatures who like eating ants…antlers..ant lovers…

    By sena on 06.26.2011

  30. are funny. sometimes i wish i had a cute knit hat with a pair of antlers just to dress myself up in. they’re also beautiful on various hooved animals.

    By Eliza URL on 06.26.2011

  31. Reindeer remind me of Christmas, the way the house smells, the way my mother always decorates the place to look like a miniature replica of Macy’s. When I was a child my favorite movie was Prancer…that’s about a reindeer too. Do reindeer have any other connotations beside Christmas?

    By Chelsea on 06.26.2011

  32. i have never heard about that word. i think it it also difficult to pronounce. is it an animal thing? i wouldn’t know, but i’ll check the dictionary soon

    By oreli on 06.26.2011

  33. The antlers were protruding from the shrubbery. A second passed, a second of silence, which was soon replaced by the rustling of branches, the snapping of twigs and the crunching of leaves. A golden stag rose above the bush, prancing faster and faster through the dimly lit forest.

    By Smarty URL on 06.26.2011

  34. the antlers that were stuck up my anus hurt so bad that blood started dripping out. poop was mixed with it. a combo of bloody poop. I needed to get to a hospital, and quick. i was dying and i knew it. I took off running the 20 miles in the worst blizzard of the centery. and as i ran every few steps i farted out a little more poopy diahrrea. a little here… a little there. I started to feel wek but knew I could not rest…. I had to save my anus and save it fast,

    By Ash on 06.26.2011

  35. i was at my cabin one fall, and my dog and i went for a walk around the fence line of a cattle field, just across the road and through a forest from where i lived. As we walked, Cody, (my dog) ran and twisted through the tall grass and barbed wire, we came across a pair of antlers..

    By Erin URL on 06.26.2011

  36. Antlers are on dears. The tend to be really big. Sometimes they are nubs. Deer fight with them and pick stuff up with them. They look like reindeer and are cute with pretty lights.

    By Beth on 06.26.2011