October 28th, 2010 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “missed”

  1. i missed this: 60 seconds and just a word to write about,
    exactly what you think, right in the moment you’re writing it!
    oneword: i missed you!
    i shall be back again and continue this adventure :)

    By ren URL on 10.29.2010

  2. Seems like I am missing my own self, lost through ages of self doubt and self destruction. I wish I could take it away from my mind and stash it in a little cute jewellery box while I walk along those rainy autumn alleys in central park.

    By Pruna on 10.29.2010

  3. saudade it’s the most empty word ever, but it fills the hole of the one that is missed.

    By catarina on 10.29.2010

  4. I feel more missed than I miss. I don’t know the reason. I heard its better to have the person you like like you more. I don’t think that’s the truth. My time alone here will be missed when I return. I think that’s what I missed the most when we were together.

    By Amber Rene URL on 10.29.2010

  5. Right now i am in Media center, my workplace. I am not actually sure if I wanna work here but I am trying.

    By rita on 10.29.2010

  6. I missed the bus this morning. I had to walk to school. I was late and got detention. Then I had to spend an hour after school, and missed the bus again. It was a horrible day.

    By Mike on 10.29.2010

  7. “OH I MISSED” cried Wario upon his inability to win at bumper balls.
    “YOOHOO” exclaimed the victorious Luigi as he raked up his reward of Mushroom Kindgom coins.

    By J URL on 10.29.2010

  8. I missed her like crazy. Which is appropriate. That word crazy. It was driving me crazy. Thinking of her every five minutes or so. Things would happen that would distract me from thoughts of her, but it didn’t last long.

    By wemuma URL on 10.29.2010

  9. “hahahahaha! you missed!”

    “did not”

    I looked down to see the truth of his words. a gaping hole in my midriff showed that the cannon had indeed been shot true. damned cannon. i never liked cannons.

    By smeddy on 10.29.2010

  10. I missed him dearly when he was gone; now I miss time alone. We missed the deadline but learned so much about ourselves that we wouldn’t have had it any other way. I missed Scotland this morning when I read Allie’s blog, but what I was really missing was time.

    By cludovic URL on 10.29.2010

  11. i missed last night game.

    By dhaines on 10.29.2010

  12. Missed by a mile, my sanity is long gone
    Where are you?
    Where am I?
    Alone and togehter
    Lost in a maze of time
    Unwilling to forget the past

    By Cynic on 10.29.2010

  13. not understand, lost somewhere, feeling of loosing someone we care about
    bad feeling

    By chiara on 10.29.2010

  14. Missed makes me think about how many things i may or may not have missed in life. its kind of upsetting but, i dont really mind, ive enjoyed a lot and met some of the best people.

    By Olivia on 10.29.2010

  15. I missed my ride to the game last night, and i was suppose to be there by 6 a clock. so needles to say i got into a lot of trouble and had to run 2 miles at the end of my next practice because my coach is crazy

    By hayley richardson on 10.29.2010

  16. I missed my brother. He is in the marines, and doesn’t get to come home very often. I missed him so much that I sent him a plane ticket so he can come visit as soon as possible. The next day, i come home and my brother is sitting on the couch smiling at me. I get so happy that i start to cry.

    By Rebecca Richardson on 10.29.2010

  17. I missed the beach as soon as we left. The sun and the water, the surf and sand. The beautiful creatures that lived there. It makes Ohio looks so dull and boring now that I’ve been down to Georgia, oh Savannah how I miss you!

    By Siskie on 10.29.2010

  18. i missed the days of innocent childhood when princes were real and happing endings were something i could look foreword to.

    By JB on 10.29.2010

  19. I missed your phone call last night. I miss you I am so sorry that we have not been together for quite some time. How are you? Is there anything new in your life. Do you remember all of the good times that we had.

    By Mrs. Robarts URL on 10.29.2010

  20. missed lost not found only gone forever. i have no clue where it is.

    By thomas on 10.29.2010

  21. I fell in love with a boy who moved away this week. I can’t believe I could’ve been with him all this time.. I missed my chance. I miss him.

    By Alyvia URL on 10.29.2010

  22. He’s always going to be missed.

    By Sssss on 10.29.2010

  23. I could say that I miss you, but that would be a lie. To be honest, I’ve moved on from you. You were a wonderful part of my life and we shared experiences I won’t ever be able to share with anyone else, but all of that is in the past now. You’re nothing but a memory to me now. I used to miss you, it’s true, but now you’re nothing more to me than something that was missed.

    By Kb on 10.29.2010

  24. His eyes were big and green, looming over me as I watched him be drove away from me. My hand waved absent mindly as I tried to stay strong for that little boy who was more to me than life itself. How did this happen? How did iI decide to let him go to summer camp? His father had assured me he’d be fine but had any one thought how I’d feel? Who would test my cookies or ask to have seconds of the desert I made?

    By renee on 10.29.2010

  25. I missed you yesterday. You weren’t there and I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to be there, I was hoping you would come but I didn’t see you anywhere. I missed you when we were dancing all night long and the halloween party was going. I wanted you to be there.

    By Zara on 10.29.2010

  26. missed calls are very irritating. they can also be used to signal things. missed items are hard to find.

    By hanumesh on 10.29.2010

  27. I have been missing you for months now. I missed you that day on the ultrasound – a dark place where you should have been. I have missed you all summer. I miss you as October turns to November, the month you were due. You are missed, child. Missed.

    By Lisa URL on 10.29.2010

  28. What have I missed by being lost to the questions as they arrived? What did I miss by not being willing to let myself sit with the question? Questions work so much more effectively when we become intimate with them, rather than rush through their nuances without noticing. Questions are like your best friend: they take time to get to know, they are filled with surprises and light. They want what is best for you and they want to experience it alongside you.

    Questions are not meant to be fumbled around or passed or kept separate. They are meant to be held, cuddled, shared deeply. They want to be written into both comedies and tragedies. They want to flow through the blood and be given through the breath.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 10.29.2010

  29. I was missed when I decided to make an end to everything. Actually I didn’t know from which point on people felt that I was missing. Maybe I wasn’t that important to them. Whatever, since I wasn’t alive any more this wouldn’t bother me any longer.

    By Teresa Eder on 10.29.2010

  30. Missed describes many things. From a time frame to an object. They’re many uses for this word.

    By TylerGarren on 10.29.2010

  31. Missed describes many things. From a time frame to an object. They’re many uses for this word. mmmmmmmmmm

    By TylerGarren on 10.29.2010

  32. I miss my friends and I miss the time I used to spend with them. Don’t get me wrong I like it here, but it’s just not the same. I miss my small little town, and I would love to go back to how things used to be. But such is life, and it goes on. I still miss it.

    By Devin C-G URL on 10.29.2010

  33. Were you try something but you fail or overshoot that goal.

    By Remington URL on 10.29.2010

  34. When i think if missed, I think of some body gone forever. Many peple dont know when theyll be gone, so missing is a greatly used word. Many people come up missing every year and we cant do anything about it all the time.

    By Mikel on 10.29.2010

  35. I missed my mom yesterday, she didn’t come home.

    By Anna Galyardt on 10.29.2010

  36. missed can be used for, I missed something. or it means that someone missed something and it can be used in missed work.

    By Charlie1 on 10.29.2010

  37. I missed you. I saw that you called,I guess we will be playing phone tag. Missing is when you screw up or don’t do something right. People are missed, like grandpa <3. I've missed you!

    By Bob on 10.29.2010

  38. When i think of missed, I think of some body gone forever. Many people dont know when theyll be gone, so missing is a greatly misunderstood word. Many people come up missing every year and we cant do anything about it all the time. Kidnappings, runaways, and many more are all different types of ways people come up missing.Its like they are just completley wiped off the earth.

    By Mikel on 10.29.2010

  39. I believe that the meaning is when you were amming for somthing but missed

    By Zac on 10.29.2010

  40. I miss my dog who is at home. I miss my friends that live in California. I miss the ocean and other body’s of water. I miss the mountains in Tahoe. I miss the lakes which were freezing cold but welcoming. I miss a lot of things.

    By haileyp825 URL on 10.29.2010