October 27th, 2010 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “siren”

  1. siren is something to be aware of and i think of a siren as a fire some one hurt um greek mythology and you see sirens when a police car or firetruck or ambulence comes by when there is an emergency

    By tori URL on 10.28.2010

  2. Siren is a sound on a police or ambulance car. When there is a accident the sirens goes on.

    By steph URL on 10.28.2010

  3. I heard the siren blaring in my head. I wanted to know where it was coming from, but I was scared to find out the truth. The truth was, there was no siren. I am just hearing things… Loud things in my head. What does this mean? Am I going crazy?

    By Aston Teague URL on 10.28.2010

  4. Cops have a siren on their cars so they can warn people.

    By Rubber Ducks on 10.28.2010

  5. Siren is a light that show when there is an emeregency.

    By Remington URL on 10.28.2010

  6. Sirens are a great thing. They make people get out of the way. I wish I had a siren on the top of my head so whenever I would walk by people would get of the way like I am royal.

    By Willis URL on 10.28.2010

  7. As I sit in my bed I hear the siren in the distance. I wonder what it’s for. Is there a fire, or a tornado? I am always curious to know what is going on, but living in the city, I never find out. Just another night with the “lullaby of the siren.”

    By URL on 10.28.2010

  8. A siren is very loud and on a firetruck. It makes people move out of the way. In my opinion, it’s very effective.

    By Remington URL on 10.28.2010

  9. A loud anyoing sound. It wakes you up in the morning befor you wont to.

    By Zac on 10.28.2010

  10. loud wee woo wee woo. Fire trucks have them. They warn people about something or ever a fire. They are very helpful

    By ash on 10.28.2010

  11. A wailing in my ears, I sense danger. The loud noises going off around me, making it hard to think. It is almost impossible for me to move around, knowing as the siren is blocking my thoughts.

    By haileyp825 URL on 10.28.2010

  12. Something used for an alarm. it can be used for danger or to wake up people. it can also be used for alarming for tornado

    By Charlie on 10.28.2010

  13. a very anoying noise i hat it so bad if it goes off i will go insane for it will be the seventh time i have heard the fire alarm go off in one day.

    By Dudley on 10.28.2010

  14. There goes the loud buzzing sound again calling me to wake up, I thought again. I wish I could wake up once without the loud, annoying sound yelling at me. Its time for school again. I need to learn again and again even if I know the knowledge already.

    By Tyler on 10.28.2010

  15. A siren is loud and annoying i think. Sirens mean that there is either a police or an ambulance; neither of those things are good at all.

    By karina URL on 10.28.2010

  16. Loud noises that wake you up when you are having an amazing sleep just for you to find out that nothing is going on and it was a waste of your time and now you can’t go back to bed because your brother is going crazy over nothing.

    By Allison URL on 10.28.2010

  17. A siren his something that is on fire trucks, police cars, and ambulance. They tell you to get out of the way. It makes cars pull over. They are red,blue, and white. They are also really loud.

    By Cooper URL on 10.28.2010

  18. Mermaids often lured sailors to their deaths in the seas of the middle ages. But this makes me think of Ariel – why has Disney twisted all the scary stories of the past to kid-friendly versions? Scary stories are there for a reason!

    By Jess on 10.28.2010

  19. Sirens are loud and stupid. They remind me of serial killers, and not the kinds that eat corn flakes. They remind me of dead people. They remind me of fire. I hate sirens. They’re loud and annoying and stupid and retarded and everything else in the world that’s really really stupid. Good Greif, that was a long sentence. Anyway sirens are loud and stupid and AAAAHHH i hate them!!!!

    By mkayla0528 on 10.28.2010

  20. The siren wails
    The siren screams

    The siren seduces
    everybody with her boobs.

    The siren is versatile,
    from screaming to seducing

    Sirens makes it hard to
    write this silly poem.

    By Bau Johnson on 10.28.2010

  21. The world war two siren told all of the pilots to scramble their planes quickly. They responded extremely fast to the siren and got into the air and flew away.

    By Sean Eisenhauer on 10.28.2010

  22. There’s a new city with new sounds, and a time now for rehabilitation. And it’s easy to miss the crickets, when sirens always leave the station.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 10.28.2010

  23. Hey! How come I got the same word as yesterday? Bah! Lookin’ forward to something new. I’ve gotten this three times now. Unfortunately, on my tiny Aspire screen, I can’t see the timer either, so I never know when the time is up. Bah, again! So, way to start the day. Grousing. ‘Sallright, though.

    By Jade URL on 10.28.2010

  24. The last siren faded from the sounds of the street. It was over. I looked at the long shadows stretching like fingers toward the smoking refuse of the accident. I didn’t know what to feel.

    By Andrew on 10.28.2010

  25. The siren was soounding loudily as we walked toward the fire. I felt muy heart beating louder and louder. Where was the fire and who was involved.

    By Mrs. Olson URL on 10.28.2010

  26. i run from the siren
    siren are very scary
    i dont like the siren

    By jake s URL on 10.28.2010

  27. sirens are a good thing to listen to when there is a tornado. A siren is blaring in the distence.

    By sweetpea URL on 10.28.2010

  28. Do you hear the sirens singing? That siren is loud! The beautiful sirens are singing on that rock. Cover your ears, the sirens are louder than the ship itself. Don’t let the sirens control you! Don’t listen to there siren sounds.

    By RaeRae URL on 10.28.2010

  29. there were sirens on the island. the siren was blue red and white. the siren was very loud. the siren drove me insane. the siren is pretty. the siren has a good melody. many people died by the sirens

    By Richy URL on 10.28.2010

  30. The sirens are wailing very loudly. I just want to cover my ears as the sirens become louder. Finally the the siren stops and it is quiet again.

    By sadielady URL on 10.28.2010

  31. i heard a siren. the siren is so loud it hurts your ears. sirens are horable. i hate sirens sirens are mean. we think sirens are useful

    By ikaika URL on 10.28.2010

  32. i hear a siren
    i see a fire siren
    a siren is really loud
    a siren is red sometimes
    a siren hurts your ear
    a siren is in a car
    i hate a siren

    By stephy URL on 10.28.2010

  33. A call to pray – a notice that somewhere in the world there’s a struggle taking place and possible fear and sorrow and the world needs Its Creator to answer the groaning of creation for redemption – now!

    By Fr. Andrew Rowell URL on 10.28.2010

  34. i haerd a siren. it was loud . sirens tell people to get out of the way.

    By jace URL on 10.28.2010

  35. when I think of siren I think of fire trucks. Wee woo wee woo. a fire a fire! help. i need help my kitty is stuck in my house! help!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Gillian on 10.28.2010