October 29th, 2010 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “sail”

  1. damaged by water

    By seema on 10.30.2010

  2. He planned to sail day after tomorrow. The weather forecast looked good for calm seas, plenty of sunshine to warm him, salt-laden breezes to invigorate his imagination.

    By gino on 10.30.2010

  3. I have never been on a sail boat. I think it would be cool to take a ride on an old style sail boat from like the pirate times. But I’m sort of afraid of sharks, and drowning since I can’t swim very well, so I’ll probably just stay away from sail boats.

    By K URL on 10.30.2010

  4. I’d love to sail away, on air, on water. Just go … floating and come back when everything is better.

    By Chad on 10.30.2010

  5. If I could sail the world I’d take a dog with me. They’re the best company. I wouldn’t argue with him and I could just chat with him. A one-sided chat. He’d love me unconditionally and I’d give him lessons on how to sail the boat. Dog sailing under the dog star.

    By mamuwe URL on 10.30.2010

  6. i have no wind behind my sails. sometime i feel like the sails on my life are really not facing the right way, or the way that i feel that they should be facing

    By Samir on 10.30.2010

  7. Sailing i fun, I lovet o do it, but really don’t get a chance to most often because my life is so busy. Also, I love to see others sail, there is something liberating about it where people become this independent and self sufficent movers. They get to break away from the normal confines of things.

    By jeff hayes on 10.30.2010

  8. Sailing is beautiful when done by other people
    I speak from bitter experience through two husbands numerous friends
    that men turn into monsters in sailing boat.

    By vivienne Blake URL on 10.30.2010

  9. Sailing is beautiful when done by other people
    I speak from bitter experience through two husbands and numerous friends
    that men turn into monsters in sailing boats.

    By vivienne Blake URL on 10.30.2010

  10. Incredible. A beautiful ship crossing untold seas on a vast journey, its crew long perished. No direction other than its tattered sails to carry it onward.

    By Brian on 10.30.2010

  11. I people want to sail around the world, I just want to sail through life content and happy and being joyful

    By robin URL on 10.30.2010

  12. I never did learn how to sail. I’m regretting that now that I’ve had to shoot the only person on the boat who knew how to. Sitting out in the middle of the ocean with my sails unfurled, I realized that I was going to miss my wife a little more than I initially anticipated.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 10.30.2010

  13. Been there, done that, got the bumped head to prove it. Sail bad, oars good – under my own control.

    By vivienne Blake URL on 10.30.2010

  14. The cloud billows out like the sail of a boat, the wind pushes against me like waves on the underside of the boat. Laying on the grass, I close my eyes and sail across my daydreams.

    By Adria URL on 10.30.2010

  15. I totally hate it. I hate sailing. well not really totaly. Give me a little boat and set me free in the Caribbean and I will enjoy it. But as sports – it’s no go.

    By Liyah URL on 10.30.2010

  16. As the ship sails through the ocean it has a bunch of people who are enjoying their vacation, eating more that they should eat and enjoying the sun and fun. With family time it is always a good thing to have lots of money!

    By Ann Miller URL on 10.30.2010

  17. In that instant, I wanted to sail as far away as possible. Looking into the horizon all I could see was the promise of infinity, of forever. Who needed vampires or magic when you could grab such things as immortality for yourself? Why not continue on until I fell off of the earth? What law could stop me?

    Sighing, I turned the boat around and brought us both to land, promising to someday leave for the waves for good.

    By neonchandelier on 10.30.2010

  18. Sailing seems like a lot of hard work mixed with much skill, quick thinking, and much knowledge. Yet, I think all of these things would bring the sailor to a place of self attainment and a healthy pride.

    By JTR on 10.30.2010

  19. watching you sail away
    on a crystal blue water front
    was the worst
    and perhaps the absolute best
    possible thing
    that could have ever happened
    to you,
    and for me.

    By Just Jes URL on 10.30.2010

  20. sailing, sailing, over the open sea. Why is it that the songs that stick in your head are the best of the worst? Worst of the best? I’ve laid awake nights because I couldn’t get a loud song out of my head. And it’s guaranteed that I’ll know, say, five of the six words in the chorus. And nothing else.

    Music for middle-aged listeners: Enya.

    By sarah URL on 10.30.2010

  21. I don’t want to sail away from this, from here. Or do I?

    The “I don’t want to sail away” were the first words my fingers chose, without thinking. But I thought that was part of the point. Weird. I will continue to sit and write and think.

    I surprised me.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 10.30.2010

  22. I’d love to go sailing. I’ve never been, but I have this image of crisp white clothes and a blue sea and champagne and little sandwiches and the salty smell and the sweet air. Sailing, sailing, sailing, sailing on the sea.

    By Liz on 10.30.2010

  23. The wind was so strong on Lake Superior I could sail to the Atlantic Ocean in an hour.

    By Troy Patterson URL on 10.30.2010

  24. Sailing is an activity that a lot of people do while visiting the beach. It is a great experience during which the wind is constantly blowing in your face. There’s nothing better than sailing at sunset with someone that you love.

    By Ms. G on 10.30.2010

  25. Zum Sailen braucht man ein Sail. Natürlich. Gut gedreht sollte es sein. Ich frage mich seit Wochen, wie ein Seilmacher, der einen 40 cm langen Bart trägt, arbeiten kann, ohne sich ständig selbst einzudrehen in die Seile.

    By Lisa URL on 10.30.2010

  26. I had a boat and went out to sea,
    The only thing I thought was I wanted to be me.
    Alone with the waves to comfort me again,
    So that when morning comes I’ll breach my sins.

    By Rasaja URL on 10.30.2010

  27. Sail with me far away from a world too full of talk for action, too full of self-consciousness for love, to full of fear for art. You and I shall cross scarlet oceans before anyone can tell us that they’re blue, and kiss with our eyes finer kisses than lips have ever known.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 10.30.2010

  28. I will sail the seven seas on my viking ship with my bazurker. My winches will provide me with whatever I desire and I will live out my life as a pimp daddy. My voyages will be infamous and will spread pimpdaddiness throughout the world.

    By Tanner Bedwell on 10.30.2010

  29. We sail away into the depths of our deep, dark mind. We forget about the undeniable reality and drift off into oblivion. Sailing, sailing through thoughts and thoughts and problems and problems. We sail away.

    By T URL on 10.30.2010

  30. ive never sailed in my whole entire life. i mean, i only go to the beach to swim and get a tan, but i’ve never sailed. sure, i’ve ridden on a boat, but hello, on a boat with no sails (ie superferry and yung supercat na ewan). sailing..isn’t that a song from urbandub? hey, i like that song. and i like urbandub. but erika’s apparently still dating their lead singer. oh well, none of my private business.

    By trizza URL on 10.30.2010

  31. When we think about sail, I imagine abt Sea. Last week we went to an island, we sailed to the island using ferryride. It was an awesome experience. The island is named Washington island.

    By Sheeja on 10.30.2010

  32. the waves of the electromagnetic waves from the sun can power an intergalactic spaceship on its journey across the stars, powered like the ships of old on journeys inspired by the same ancient wanderlust as our ancestors.

    By Adam Wilson on 10.30.2010