October 28th, 2010 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “missed”

  1. There it was. The ball was flying towards me and I was to catch it. This would end the baseball game! Here it comes, but then the clouds opened to the sun and I missed the ball.

    By Tyler on 10.29.2010

  2. What do you miss? I can’t really think of anything else i miss my cat jkjkjk shes a pain in the u know what. Remy i think you missed the point on what you are supposed to do but thats ok your just to smart.

    By ash on 10.29.2010

  3. missed.

    By bre on 10.29.2010

  4. You still hurt me.

    By Alli. URL on 10.29.2010

  5. i always miss my brother when we have a Nerf war my darts always miss him. where as his darts always hit me right square in the temple.

    By Dudley on 10.29.2010

  6. not
    not make
    i missed the ball

    By chase on 10.29.2010

  7. up and out – the long tongue of the matter – things unsaid and all the space to bring it back, if only – but no – and where does that leave us – in an underground garage with no hope, and stung/waffled egos – and did i really make you cry or was that all for effect – i guess we’ll never know – unless, well – no matter – on and on and hope to know better next time… until… yes.

    By superball URL on 10.29.2010

  8. Seems like a sad word. “I missed you yesterday.” It suggests a lost opportunity, or something that has passed you by.

    By frank URL on 10.29.2010

  9. I know I’m missed. They’ve loved me since before they met me. But I can’t stay there. I can’t be around all the tension and nervous energy. The hostile glances and the forlorn stares. He did this to you. I was just in the room watching. He’s gone and we remain. I know it hurts. I can’t help you.

    By Anad on 10.29.2010

  10. When you miss somebody you want to see them. When you miss something you didn’t aim at it correctly. Either way, missing is usually bad.

    By karina URL on 10.29.2010

  11. I miss it when I used to get home from school, eat saltines and peanut butter and then go ride my pony. I remember missing the school bus and how stressful that was.

    By Mrs. Robarts URL on 10.29.2010

  12. The comment was said aloud so that all could hear it. Somehow he missed its meaning. Maybe he didn’t hear it correctly. Was he really off the Christmas card list?

    By gino on 10.29.2010

  13. “I missed you!” he proclaimed.

    I just stared into his eyes. I knew that every moment I delayed, without a word of reciprocation, hurt him intensely. But I couldn’t believe in his sincerity. Eventually, I looked down and whispered back.

    “I missed you too.”

    By vish URL on 10.29.2010

  14. You. You’re missed. Every ounce of you, every day. I hate hearing your voice, having conversations, when I want you to have them with me. I miss your basement, your hair, your smell. I miss watching movies with you.
    I hope you miss me.
    I know you do.
    Stop pretending like you don’t care. You’re pathetic.

    By hannah caitlin URL on 10.29.2010

  15. I somehow thought that you’d be there when I woke up fifteen years from now with a slightly graying beard and a borderline-arthritic hip. It works out like that sometimes but not this time. It works out like that sometimes because some people don’t stop to think about the what-ifs and the super-ego and id of it all. What separates all of them from us is that we were too thoughtful to ever truly be happy. We liked to drive along the canal in the fall and soak in the filtered light but we weren’t thinking about the light like we said. We were thinking about when the light was going to end and what it’d be like to be living in apartments in Soho when you graduated. There was a moment there, somewhere, in the months and years, that we missed.

    By Vito Quattrocchi on 10.29.2010

  16. When I see a newborn baby,
    I see the beginning of a new life ahead.
    A woman’s mind has been read.
    When I see a newborn baby,
    I see a miracle come true.
    It’s the gift of happiness,
    that keeps going through and through.

    By Matt Norcross on 10.29.2010

  17. Missed, as opposed to present, known and others cognizant of. Not hitting the target. What I have missed lately? By whom am I missed? If I were gone from this earth, would I be missed?

    By bardolotrous URL on 10.29.2010

  18. I am sorry that I missed the special meeting with my friend. She said she had something very important to say to me. I was feeling awful and couldn’t get out of the situation I was in. How was I to know that this was going to be a life alterting decision to her and that me as her friend I was no help to her.

    By Me Too on 10.29.2010

  19. I think of the things I may have missed, and I can feel the sense of potential regret rise up inside of me like a howling lion; It overtakes my thoughts. I see everything.

    By nick berghane URL on 10.29.2010

  20. One word. One nation. One world. One singular sensation. One is the loneliest number all by itself. One can also be very advantageous in that it stands alone, apart from everyone else and is solely one of a kind, original, unique. One word.

    By michelle cox on 10.29.2010

  21. I missed you like you were mine. I missed the bus when you left to go fight the war. I missed the chance to let you love me. I missed the opportunity to let you fall in love with me. I missed you like you were mine. I missed making love to a beautiful person. I missed our goodbye.

    By Apeksha V. URL on 10.29.2010

  22. Right after I lost you, I thought there would never be a day when the ache wouldn’t overwhelm me. I missed you so much. But now, 15 years later, I manage to get through most of my days without the deep ache of loss.

    By Heather Jackson URL on 10.29.2010

  23. i missed out on life, i missed out on nostalgic yesterdays. too busy twirling soggy-footed in rain storms. what’s god’s name? i can’t remember. let me sleep, just let me sleep some more. amen.

    By amanda☥ URL on 10.29.2010