December 28th, 2014 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “miss”

  1. I miss her. I miss the friendship we had. We used to talk constantly about everything and nothing. It was something so important to me, something I never noticed until it stopped. Now it’s lucky if we talk more than once a month. I just miss her.

    By Ciara on 12.28.2014

  2. I miss the feelings associated with knowing him. I used to feel that closeness and those connected moments between two lovers. Now it’s as though I sit in silence with a stranger. How do we come to these places? How do things get turned around so quickly?

    By StolenMoment URL on 12.28.2014

  3. I miss her. I miss our friendship and the way we were always in touch. When before we were texting every minute now we’re lucky to text once or twice a month. I just miss chatting to her about everything and nothing. When we were there for each other. She helped me through some really tough times and I wish I could tell her how grateful I am.

    By newsoundtrack URL on 12.28.2014

  4. To miss someone is to believe in a lie
    You don’t him or her, or anyone
    You miss the memory of a smile or laugh
    People aren’t worth your time.

    By Sasaki URL on 12.28.2014

  5. There was this lady she had missed her husband who had did awhile back. he hart was cold and lonely. She had missed the sweat smell of his vanilla scented shirt. she had missed the feeling of his old frail hands we they touched her face. she had miss the very essence of his being. he became only a memory. Only a memory that most would forget. She had missed the love of her life. She knew no one could ever take his place. every night she would close her eyes and say these words to him. ” Oh you old bastared, I miss you. You hadn’t kept your promise I was suppose to die first you old coon. Don’t worry my love time will come and i’ll be with you. I will no longer miss you. you are my love You are my heart. I will forever love you my darling.

    By Kenya lanay URL on 12.28.2014

  6. sometimes I miss it.
    The relationship part of it.
    not him. but just the action of holding hands and not being so lonely.
    I miss that.
    I haven’t been kissed in a while.
    yeah. that’d be nice.
    so I don’t miss him. I miss not being alone.

    By lauren on 12.28.2014

  7. I miss the days of my youth but know I can never go back.
    I miss my Dad.
    I miss the days before anxiety.
    I miss warmer weather.

    By One of the Crowd URL on 12.28.2014

  8. I haven’t missed. I’m here, damn it. Right here. You’re always accusing me, and the truth is, that you miss ythe point each time. I’m trying to tell you. Listen to the river, the woodpecker at the trunk, my heart beating against yours. That’s all there is. Don’t miss it.

    By Deepam URL on 12.28.2014

  9. Anguish deep in my gut. It hurts to close my eyes and attempt to let the darkness take over my brain. I can’t be peaceful without her. Her warmth and arms around me kept me sane. It kept me going. To think that I’m expected to carry on like this for so long is just unrealistic. Every time I leave the house I feel as if I’m being stabbed not just by the cold but by the emptiness inside me. It doesn’t feel right to smile when she’s not there. I try to seek understanding and empathy from friends and family but they simply telling me that I’m being over dramatic or they say “I’m so sorry” like they would to a child who had dropped their lollipop. Because they don’t know what it’s like to have to sit at home when you know you’re wife is off fighting for her life and the lives of everyone around you in a war torn zone. They don’t know what that feels like to know that at any moment in time there could be a knock on the door letting you know the woman you’ve trusted with your soul for the past ten years is dead as a door nail. They don’t know what it’s like to live in constant fear and agony. They know what it’s like to miss someone but they don’t know what it’s like to feel this level of loneliness and anguish.

    By TownScar URL on 12.28.2014

  10. I’ll miss you when I’m gone. But the memories will never disappear from my mind, and my love for you will never float adrift into the wind. Hopefully fate will someday bring us back together someday.
    The feeling of missing you will empower my despair throughout the days of sadness, but hopefully those days won’t last long.

    By Jacob Russo on 12.28.2014

  11. I’ll miss you when I’m gone. But the memories will never disappear from my mind, and my love for you will never float adrift into the wind. Hopefully fate will bring us back together someday.
    The feeling of missing you will empower my despair throughout the days of sadness, but hopefully those days won’t last long.

    By Jacob Russo on 12.28.2014

  12. Miss. A word that haunts those who have lost loved ones and pets. Its the feeling of being empty, where you seem lost without a precious item or person to you. Everyone human feels this emotion, its inevitable.

    By Jacob URL on 12.28.2014

  13. She missed her mother. Sure, they fought when she was home, and she often was ruder than she meant to be. But her mother always knew when she was upset, and seemed to always know just what to do.

    By Lisa URL on 12.28.2014

  14. You get the answering machine again and with a sad smile you leave a message. “Hey, I miss you. Could you call me back maybe? I know I messed up, but I’m sorry, so please call back. I really miss you. I want you back.” You hang back up and frown. You’ll try again later. It’s so miserable, doing this every day. It really is.

    By Rebekah Kim URL on 12.28.2014

  15. I miss you, Nena.

    I miss you more than words can say.

    I miss you more than all those sappy love cliches I hear every day.

    I miss you.

    You made me laugh instead of cry.

    You reminded me that I was the only one who could change me.

    That getting up and making a difference was the better option in life.


    I miss you.

    I miss you a lot.

    Because instead of standing here in front of your pyre, with a flaming torch in hand, I know if should’ve been me up there.

    You didn’t have to take that for me.

    You didn’t have to, but you did.

    I’ll miss you. But I’ll honor your memory–just as I know you’d do for me.

    With all my love, Nena, I hope you’re happy where you are now.

    By Sara H. URL on 12.28.2014

  16. there’s nothing more than missing someone, is there? where you yearn and plead and beg for them to come back in your sleep and then you wake up and they’re not there, they’re not coming back, give them up, don’t let them go – they can’t be your every waking thought, but they are, they can’t be what you eat for breakfast and what you do during the day, but there they are

    By ella on 12.28.2014

  17. Dear Jayne,
    I really, really wish I could see you again. That mother of yours shure dose like to mess things up, doesn’t she. I just wish that she had alowed me to stay home.
    Love dad

    By guardians'promisefan on 12.28.2014

  18. miss..what shall i say about miss. i miss the fact that life was easy back in the day and i didn’t have to worry about nothing. i missed my opportunity in a lot of ways, but maybe i can get it back. i’m young but i miss the feeling of actually feeling young..24 yo and i might as well be 40. i miss the simplicity of the idea of fun…

    By honest-solution URL on 12.28.2014

  19. i miss all the fun i used to have on mars… so many friends i left there. I hope to go there again, but I know it will never be. I had a home there, and a kitty. I hope he’s doing okay.

    By Bell on 12.28.2014

  20. you correct them each and every time, and they brush it off each and every time. they stick to what you used to be, what you were, years ago when you were young and you didn’t know. they stick to femininity, nature’s choice and not your own.
    they invalidate you.

    By rhey quaza on 12.28.2014

  21. I was given a bow and a single arrow. I knew my target, but it was much too far away. There was no way I could reach it. Resigned to missing, I raised the bow and nocked the arrow. I took a moment to set my sights on the boy before me and let the arrow fly.

    By M&M URL on 12.28.2014

  22. Miss. I miss my family and my friends. Most days I don’t think about it because it just is, but some days it gets to me and I feel hollow inside – as if I’m completely unnecessary. It’s weird because I’ve always wanted to fly, but now all I’d like to do is to fly home.

    By snookerum URL on 12.28.2014

  23. he snips off a lock of your hair with his stupid shears.

    you throw the death scythes in his direction and miss by about half a mile. they bring down a tree instead.

    “They’re deer knives, not boomerangs,”

    you don’t understand

    By kab00mslang on 12.28.2014

  24. Besra watched him draw back the arrow. His muscles rippled when he pulled back the string, but it was a natural kind of stress, like the ocean building up a wave. He stared straight ahead at the target and, with a quick jolt, released the arrow. It hit the dummy right in the throat.

    “Haven’t seen that man miss yet,” Besra told the empress beside her. “I think he’s the one.”

    By Tone Deaf The Bard URL on 12.28.2014

  25. I miss the firsts and the frequencies at which they occurred. The first time you asked to hold my hand. To share a kiss. To be your girlfriend. But, I love the familiarity and the comfort we have with one another. I love us.

    By Reese URL on 12.28.2014

  26. I miss looking into his eyes.They were blue like the ocean. I could see everything I had ever wanted in those eyes. The light in them burned so bright. The love I would see in them was more then I had ever felt. I wish I could look into those eyes just one more time and see them looking back.

    By Avary URL on 12.28.2014

  27. I miss him so much. I have missed him since that night we said goodbye over fourteen months ago, and I am waiting for the day when I will no longer have to.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.28.2014

  28. “I miss you.”

    “I know.”

    “When can I see you again?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “It’s so lonely without you.”

    “I know.”

    “Where are you going to go now?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “I want you to come back.”

    “I know.”

    “Do you miss me, too?”

    “I don’t know.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.28.2014

  29. I miss a lot of things. I miss atmospheres. I miss the feeling of new love. I miss who I used to be and the choices I made. But I can’t dwell on my past, I can only look forward tot he future.

    By Jen Danger on 12.28.2014

  30. i miss you. so much. i miss you and i missed you, like a missed deadline, like getting to the theater and watching the last ticket sell out right before your eyes, like trying to catch that baseball your father throws at you and watching it shoot past. I watched you shoot past like that, like a star in the sky you were traveling at a hundred thousand miles per hour straight from your past hurtling towards your future and you had no obligation to stop for a mere mortal like myself but you paused momentarily to let me admire you, point you out and show you off, use you, and then you were gone before i really had a chance to make you mine and i missed you. i watched you zip past out of my world onto the next life, your life, and i missed you. and i miss you.

    By Elliott on 12.28.2014

  31. I feel like I don’t know you anymore. You say that I’m more of a distant cousin now.. we used to be best of friends. You got involved in things I didn’t like, and I wasn’t aware of the fact that you were doing so.. I wonder why you cut me off; I wonder what I did for you to not awknowlege me anymore.. I wonder of the things that could have happened within the time lost.. all I know is that I miss you, and I wish things were the same.

    By Fatima Partida URL on 12.28.2014

  32. It’s more hit than miss.
    Like a tanker striking upon an iceberg
    It’s sinking metal ripped to shreds.
    Like a maniac with a rifle
    aiming at your head.
    Like a mother taunting you with the tragedy
    of a boy who won’t leave you alone.
    Like a lover mired in bitterness
    who leaves you to lie in pain and moan.
    Like a missile crashing in a bunker
    designed to save your life,
    Like a brother enraged with jealousy
    who sets out to steal your wife.
    Like a friend who doesn’t ever hear you.
    Like your self when you don’t care.
    There are moments in this life of your
    that will be ever hard to bear.

    By Erica URL on 12.28.2014

  33. Is it an unmarried woman
    or a near hit?
    goes by like a hiss
    take a shot and not hit the mark
    mark can dodge
    stay out of the way
    here it comes
    try and keep it at bay

    By Protean URL on 12.28.2014

  34. Sometimes there is a feeling we cannot shake. That emptiness; longing for something nearly forgotten. It has been 3 years since she died and no matter how much I try to forget, no matter how many times I try to move on, I cant shake her. Her face comes at me in my dreams

    By Mitchell Drake URL on 12.28.2014

  35. I have to ask you this. It’ll only backfire.

    By delicious.com URL on 12.28.2014

  36. It wasn’t like him to miss his morning train. He was punctual, orderly. (Or anal-retentive, as his colleagues often whispered behind his back.) His life was in perfect order, thank you very much, and this fluke had now disrupted his entire day.
    He sighed, gripping his briefcase more tightly. It was going to be a long walk to work.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.28.2014

  37. Miss is superficial. Pine hit me like I fell 7 stories and landed with a thud nobody heard.

    By Swing Through URL on 12.29.2014

  38. she missed the silence as the constant chatter filled her head. so she stepped back and trailed behind the group. she was thrown to the side of the street before she heard the explosion. then there was silence.

    By Anu on 12.29.2014

  39. A goal was presented the effort involved in trying to reach the goal was dreadfully tiring and many people dropped out along the way.I did my best but I did not think that was good enough to convince myself and the panel of judges. My efforts will be well worth while as i know I will not miss the end result.

    By John31 URL on 12.29.2014

  40. All she wants is for him to let go of the formalities, let the lines blur for a while and love her. It’s the one thing he can’t do, no matter what they’ve gone through together. ” Please, you could come with me to Winterfell, serve my brother, Robb. I could be your family.” Arya pleads desperately. And Gendry stands resolute and as stubborn as the helmet of the bull he crafted. ” But that’s it. You wouldn’t be my family, You’d be Milady. ” She hated her highborn status more than in that moment, even when she was forced to wear dresses and attend those cursed needlework lessons with Sansa and simpering Jeyne Poole in the background calling her ” Arya Underfoot” or ” Arya Horseface”. She never wanted to be Lady Arya Stark of Winterfell or called ” Miss “. As she headed back north, leaving her Southron smith behind, she knew she would miss him.

    By Bhavini Malhotra on 12.29.2014