December 29th, 2014 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “olive”

  1. all i can think of is ppl using olive oil for like sex as lube or smth wtf
    bird with olive branch
    noah’s ark
    olives taste bad wow

    once upon a time the world was ending so chanyeol and baekhyun built an ark with animals
    then a dove (?) brought an olive branch when it was safe and they used olive oil to have sex happily ever after

    By Karin Liu on 12.30.2014

  2. Oh boy he excalimed
    an olive
    how wonderful in time of famine it is
    when youre almost dead
    all but wine left to drink
    but a tasty morsel sustenance
    he was freed from the chains oh the unabating chains of what he called suffering
    he ate it
    but alas not enough
    and he expired
    and thus he lay
    the little Greek boy

    By G1Man on 12.30.2014

  3. Her parents always painted her bedroom shades of green. “Olive to match our Olive!” they would say. SHe hated that, but there wasn’t much she didn’t hate about them. Who names a child Olive? She always vowed thatwhen she had kids she would name them someting normal like john of susan.

    By Chelsea on 12.30.2014

  4. olive branches lay on her forehead like a crown, and margaery grins as she reaches up to adjust them. “your crown is crooked,” she whispers, and is immediately hushed. she giggles, entiwing her slender fingers with sansa’s own. she rolls her eyes.
    “you’re one to talk,” sansa answers, smirking at margaery’s crown. “yours looks like something out of a horror movie.”

    By anon on 12.30.2014

  5. Okay, I guess I’ll write about olives again. They are tart and are considered “fancy” foods. I think. I like olives.Yeah, that’s about it, there is not much more to be said on the topic of olives.

    By Emily on 12.30.2014

  6. Olive is a beautiful girl who lives in Israel. She is from a family that has raised olive trees for hundreds of years. They grow olives for olive oil. The oil is shipped all over the world. Olive enjoys working with her family and learning about different types of olives.

    By Stacy on 12.31.2014

  7. Oh, the Olives. I will mention Blackie first because he annoys me most. He is the spoiled son who demands salad as if it were his birthright, as if he were a throne heir. Ha,ha, to me je is just a heir without a throne, air would be more like it.

    Then there is the teenage daughter Green. She will bust the wall of the fridge I rent them. The parents are no better, olives in their fancy coats, salty, passing by Breakfast Lounge without a good morning. Once I spilled them on purpose from their lofty bowl and as they were rolling down the floor they reminded me of roaches.

    After the incident,they threatened to move out from my fridge if the incident happens again. Of course it did, ha, ha. They thought leave
    ing their space to new tenants would leave me devastated.
    How stupid an Olive can be? How arrogant?

    It doesn’t matter anyway. Not anymore since my plan has worked. The Olives are moving out today and the Porks are moving in. The Porks are the right family for my Fridge for holidays.

    By Ema URL on 12.31.2014

  8. Olive leaves were used by my father for head colds and depression when I was a young boy grow up. I wondered what power the leaves held and how it could help get rid of the ailment.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.31.2014

  9. I will offer you an olive branch not because you are right and I am wrong, far from it. I will offer you this symbol of peace so that we can reach a quiet place together and then sit down and have real dialogue. When all is said and done you have to say what needs to be said and then take massive action. That is the only way that progress will be made.

    By Tracey on 12.31.2014

  10. the color green. has red in it, the pimento. But that makes it red and green like Christmas colors. Yesterday, I went to a business and washed my hands with organic olive soap. Olive is mentioned in the bible, but at the moment I dont remember what it says. I will have to look it up. I also think of “o” “live” So live to the fullest.

    By Roxana46 on 12.31.2014

  11. I don’t really care for olives. My boys and husband love olives. At every family gathering we have to have olives. It started with my grandmother and now all of her grandchildren are the same way. We had a group text going around about it for thanksgiving

    By Glover on 12.31.2014

  12. An olive branch. A symbol of hope. Healthy living. Loving. Oil of love.

    By Ty on 12.31.2014

  13. popeyes girlfriend color army color fruit, bland tree grown in arabia oil made from it part of martinin drink, black or green

    By David Potter on 12.31.2014

  14. A food. I like black and green ones. There’s the oil and it is also a color. It’s popeyes girlfriends name.

    By Carmen on 12.31.2014

  15. “Olive”, she said, meaning it probably won’t kill her, and she threw her head back and you rolled your eyes and you fell in love deeper still, deeper into finding her jokes tacky and her hair messy but deeper into the dark, narrow places at the bottom of her well where the thing that is like you is inside of her.

    By Benjie on 12.31.2014

  16. Olive oil used for healing. Jesus always went to garden pray under olive tree. I think of healing and peace with olive.

    By sandra on 12.31.2014

  17. My father put olives in everything. On Sundays he would make us tuna sandwiches studded with little green ones and fry them on the stove. Grown up now, I put olives in my tuna sandwiches, too, but I don’t see him anymore.

    By Vanessa on 12.31.2014

  18. The most favoured fruit in her kichen was the humble Olive, Every recipe she made included some olives

    By John31 on 12.31.2014

  19. i hate olives. They do not taste good. they have a ugly color. its pronounced like i love you.

    By shannon on 12.31.2014

  20. Olive is a color . . . a green color. I can’t believe this is the word they gave me. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I actually love the color and I love olives.

    By Cheri on 12.31.2014

  21. oil reminds me of the character from popeye my father-in-law said he had a crush on her. LOL
    he came from the era of popeye and was a sailor in world one II. we gave him an ornament of her at christmas

    By peggy URL on 12.31.2014

  22. Scrutinizing herself in mirror, Sheila muttered disappointedly ‘Well Pasty, two weeks on the Adriatic and you still looked as pale as you did the day you left Toronto. Go get some sun!’ She grabbed her blue halter bathing suit from her bed; the one that claimed to boost a sagging bosom and smooth a bulging belly, but which Sheila thought did neither particularly effectively. She wiggled and shoved herself into it and shouted towards the the cabin bathroom ‘Amanda, Where’s the tanning oil?” From behind the door her sister hastily responded “It’s where it always is, it’s in the red burlap bag.”and returned to vomiting up whatever was left of her insides after suffering from almost two weeks of daily bouts of what she referred to as ‘sea sickness’, but which was more likely the result of nightly Sangria drinking jags in the ship disco. Sheila grabbed the bag from beside Amanda’s bed, reached in and grabbed the small dark green bottle marked Athena XV from the bag, ‘SPF 15 should be alright, if I’m careful’, she thought, and hastily slathered herself with the contents. Within moments of oiling her chest and arms, a familiar smell, reminding her more of the dining hall than the sun deck, met her nostrils. Sheila picked up the bottle that she’d tossed on the bedside table, and twisted it around to looked more carefully at the label – ‘Athena XV Olive Oil’. A Memento purchased front their last trip ashore. Hopefully Amanda would soon be out of the bathroom.

    By Erica on 12.31.2014