May 27th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “mint”

  1. Fooken minted prick he fucken waz. Piece of cack wi two fooking bahrooms an a jackooooozi. I damn near shat meself on the lock wi’hem.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 05.27.2011

  2. gum delicious, something that I love, carb free, halls, trident, oxygen, food, whatever, fat, I don´t know, Silvia, fresh, water, gummy bears, mint chocolate, after eight, black eyed peas, music

    By Luisa Torrealba on 05.27.2011

  3. fresh in your mouth, like a crisp, early morning and the droplets of dew on hanging spiders’ webs, on long blades of grass that bend in the wind, as the sun shines on it as it rises above the horizon!

    By lorna on 05.27.2011

  4. It’s something you get at restaurants after dinner. Sometimes they have chocolate on the outside of them, which doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to me because they’re meant to freshen your breath and I’ve never heard of anyone having fresh breath after eating chocolate. You can also find them in hotel rooms on top of pillows.

    By Corrie on 05.27.2011

  5. Chocolate pillow mints
    trailing from the front door
    to the foot of our bed.
    I waited all night for you, babe.
    But you were off with her,
    that dainty looking, doe-eyed girl
    with her bodice cut low
    where your eyes drop.

    By lilymoore URL on 05.27.2011

  6. My mother just had tea with mint. I don’t like mint. It stings. But it smells good. I think I actually ate green mint before. It was good. I don’t know if i like it or not. But at least I like the way it sounds.

    By FaridaEzzat on 05.27.2011

  7. mint in the garden flows over land adding scent as it goes, it goes and flows and the scent delights. Then I imagine an ice tea and it comes in to the house and refreshes me.

    By wayne URL on 05.27.2011

  8. A mint is the amount of money I’d like to be making eventually in life, actually right now if we’re talking about wishes and not what’s practical.

    By Corrie URL on 05.27.2011

  9. Minty fresh. Peppermint growing in the front yard, next to the chamomile. Chamomile is next to the spearmint. I’ll grow my own, thank you. Then my cup of tea is right outside my front door.

    By nope on 05.27.2011

  10. The icy cold feeling sweating through your mouth while teeth break though the stolen piece. I remember it so well. The smell. The cold. The wetness of your mouth on mine. The package was black and green. We melded together… you, the gum, and I.

    By alicia on 05.27.2011

  11. damn foot-in-mouth syndrome… where’s that last fuzzy cert at the bottom of my purse when i need it?

    By Selena URL on 05.27.2011

  12. mint chocolate – that was what she craved. It was on her mind night and day,, Was it something to do with being pregnant or just a hangover from her childhood when she wasn’t allowed chocolate or mints. Now she could buy and eat what she liked a combination of the two seemed so desirable it was driving her crazy. The thought of After Eights or those knobbly sticks that tasted of mints sent shivers up her spine…

    By Tamsin Richmond on 05.27.2011

  13. Mall shopping is cooler
    I don’t care
    No, I won’t
    Trust me

    That is called “Rebellion.” I’m sorry it has nothing to do with the word. I just can’t do this rightr now-I’m sorry.

    By Jo on 05.27.2011

  14. MInt is cold, and toothpaste, and a little bit like morning gardening when someone else is in love…
    But that’s just me. And mint it very universal. Probably not chinese, but maybe tibetan…

    By Twinklepop on 05.27.2011

  15. its so delicous as a flavor of ice cream. i love it especially chocolate chip mint. but its really fresh it like burns my mouth in a weird way. like i love speirmint gum and wow i cant spell right now i just feel so much pressure from the timer. lmao

    By rosa mullan on 05.27.2011

  16. Mint is a flavour. It is minty. You find it in plants. I think. It’s in toothpaste and mints. People tend to like it if your breath smells minty. It gives off the illusion of being respectable and is probably a good way to make friends. If you offer mints in a crowd, this too will make everyone your friend.

    By Will URL on 05.27.2011

  17. He reeked of mint, slowly sipped from a dirty glass. A lit cigarette passed through narrow lips, crinkling at the corners of his mouth. He was trying too hard to be the man he was twenty years ago. No one took him seriously.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 05.27.2011

  18. Mint. I like that flavor. My grandmother usually has some sort of Andes mints in the freezer. That said, I also like Thin Mints…you know, those Girl Scout cookies? My freshman year of college, my roommate’s mother sent us forty-seven boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and I claimed most of the Thin Mints. I also like Junior Mints, but I ate almost a whole box of them in just one sitting once…bad idea. Didn’t even touch the things for almost a year after that. Yesh.

    By Artifex on 05.27.2011

  19. When I was little, I hated mint. It was “spicy”. But now I like it. Then I got braces. The orthodontist said, “No gum, no hard candy.” Yesterday, I broke the rule and ate some nice minty gum.

    By Sasha Barish on 05.27.2011

  20. I can’t remember exactly when I started noticing the mint smell in my room. I never figured out why it was there — I had no candle, no breath mints, no mint potporri from Anthropologie. It just was. Lovers would ask me where it came from, assuming it was some sort of cream, but I never told them that I didn’t know. It seemed too strange.

    By Abby on 05.27.2011

  21. she didn’t have time to sneak down the back to pick the fragrant mint but she pushed through the wire fence anyway. She couldn’t remember the signifigance of the memory that mint conjured up, but she knew it was important.

    By Simone URL on 05.27.2011

  22. Ah, tea time. Mint tea from some land far, far away. It refreshes my soul and awakens my intelligence. Dare I share this treasure I have found or keep it hidden from all who know me too well?

    By Dale Kingsley on 05.27.2011

  23. Even the sweet mint couldn’t take the bitter taste out of my mouth, the burning only intensified the pain the words I had just said caused my tongue. “You can never come home again”

    By Trista URL on 05.27.2011

  24. Just toss the green away. It’s nothing. Not a memory, not the past. Certainly not the important thoughts you hide in closets. Throw the poignancy into the water. Watch it drift away. Forget.

    By Alicia URL on 05.27.2011

  25. I enjoy mint things. My cousin Amanda loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. I always feel like i need a mint or minty gum in my mouth, especially after I eat, because I feel like otherwise I have terrible breath. Also after I eat too much, mint makes my stomach feel a lot better.

    By Lauran on 05.27.2011

  26. soft, smooth, white as cream adn bedsheets crisp from new folds. It tastes like he thought it would, minty and like his favorite toothpaste. As ithe desolate resataurant she’d chosen to meet him at- and why she never showed. Leaving him to stand alone by the hostess stand, waiting, waiting, waiting, sucking dry complementary mints for an eternity. Had she been joking? he didn;t think so. Girls like Samantha didn’t ask boys out on a dare or as a joke. She was the sweetest girl he’d ever known; though in retrospect, he realized she was actually like the mint he was eating at theat moment; pretty tolook at but not so good when it came down to it. after several minutes of gazing at the menu a final time, he gave up on er, walking out of the dingy diner and down the streetlamp illuminated sidewalks. the mint was almost gone now, and as it he had done wrong. at last, he decided, it was nothing. this was Samantha’s issue, Samantha’s rudeness, and he wouldn’t stand for it, not one bit. And as he walked, his angr grew. grew as he patched the old run down houses he’d rown up around, past the graffitied streets and dusty mailboxes. Who did she think she was? leaving him to this embarassment. the anger welled up inside him, pushing and pushing until he felt like his brain would explr her, adn now that his chance had finally arribed, she took it away from him. suddenly, he punched the trashcan beside him, his arm almost acting of it’s own accord.”Zach?” said a voice. he whirled around, still marked with a hurtful scowl, only to see Samantha, surprised, sitting on the porch steps behind him with dried tears on her face.

    By gwen on 05.27.2011

  27. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is good. Mint chocolate chip milkshakes are even better. That’s all that I can think about today. The AC is broken, it’s about 90 degrees outside, and my sister has run away with my car. All I want is a nice, cold, mint chocolate chip milkshake.

    By Molly URL on 05.27.2011

  28. mint, mint is awesome. It’s fresh. Like waking up. It’s uplifting and unique. You can also use mint to say something is brand new. Like a car, or money. Mmmmm minty. Yo momma likes mint. Because shes an intelligent woman.

    By ashley on 05.27.2011

  29. “Want some icecream?” he asked.



    “Absolutely. Does that make me too predictable, I feel like that makes me predictable.”

    “You worry too much, darling.”

    “Well just in case, I’ll have vanilla.”

    “Suit yourself.”

    By Elizabeth on 05.27.2011

  30. candy white delicious refreshing good fresh air sweet nice taste healthy small green

    By Na Levy on 05.27.2011

  31. ah the smell of mint. especially in my green tea. actually….let’s change that. i will write about chocolate chip and mint ice cream. reminds me of the days when my cousin and I HATED that ice cream but our parents bought tons and tons of it because it was on sale so we forced ourselves and completely fell in love with it.

    By Ansy on 05.27.2011

  32. minty gingham tops are cute and lovely on spring days, peach trees blossoming, autumn leaves falling, mint, mint, minty flavour of gold and red and all sorts of wonderful saccharine things.

    By Jess on 05.27.2011

  33. freshness guaranteed
    like mentos
    reminiscing old television commercials
    retro hair
    with retro hoopy earrings
    with high-waisted jean shorts and bright polka dotted tops
    and those headbands

    By Alene Tan URL on 05.27.2011

  34. the stuff you get when you leave a restaurant…some are the kind to settle your you see the relation…mint gum in my dad’s car…spearmint…yum…can get over the restaraunt…drive home…fresh and clean…or leaves…ehem

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 05.27.2011

  35. My boyfriend and I have a love for the old school Mario Bros. I went to Hallmark one day and found a 1up for sale. Inside the 1up were mints. Great combination.. :)

    By j5j URL on 05.27.2011

  36. Mint. That was all I could smell. I was down in the depths of the cave with my legs paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do. But the only thing I could smell…was mints. It sounded crazy. It was what I would eat every day in my boring job in my boring office in my boring life. But now that I smell it, I don’t feel afraid now that I know I’m going to die. It’s just a simple fact of life. Everybody dies. Even me. But smelling mints? It was not only a wake-up call…it was a realization that it was happening. I was dying.

    By Kaelyn on 05.27.2011

  37. Mint is like breathing in the cold of a midnight wintry air. It’s refreshing and it clears away the world. Senses are lost. Time is stopped. For one moment of chilling solitude, it’s just you and a door that opens to endless possibilities. One thought crosses your mind: Run. Don’t look back. Just go. Mint beckons you to create a new place for a new beginning.

    By Annonymous on 05.27.2011

  38. Fresh green leaves, the color of the sea at twilight, sat in a bowl in the middle of the counter. Small droplets of water clung to the crisp leaves, sliding off the tips. A plump woman took a few and ground them to a fine dust to sprinkle in her tea.

    By Kathryn on 05.27.2011

  39. mint reminds me of love. It reminds me of the taste I got in my mouth after my first kiss, and the ice cream we ate before it. He told me he loved me, too. That was a good day.

    By Ray on 05.27.2011

  40. mint. gum. kissing. mouthwash. more affiliated with mouthwash. i just used the word affiliated. ‘in mint condition.’ like cars, mostly, i think. mint has to do with money, too, i think. i don’t care too much for moneymaking processes or cars. although i like money and being able to drive.

    By Tyler on 05.27.2011