July 31st, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “methods”

  1. My methods of madness are simple and unfoilable. I place my fingers on the keys, let the muse flow through me like water through a sieve, and go.

    By Jade on 08.01.2012

  2. “What method are you using there?”
    “Sorry?” I say, trying to focus my attention on the stern dark figure in front of me.
    “What method are you using there?” He repeated
    “I uh…” I’d completely forgotten where I was. I was incredibly absorbed in the book I was reading that I’d forgotten to pay attention to the actual experiment.

    By Bella Desiray on 08.01.2012

  3. Many people would ask me what my method was for drawing attention.
    And it’s simple.
    I don’t try. I just sit there, and everyone ambushes me like I’m a magnet. I may sound up myself when I say people love me when I don’t even try, but I’m only telling the truth.

    By Bella Desiray on 08.01.2012

  4. Methods of people are stupid in multiple ways. I don’t understand why we do the things we do half of the time because they don’t make any sense. I tend to question random things when I’m bored and have a lot of free time and that leads to horrible things happening to me.

    By Paige on 08.01.2012

  5. methods remind me of science class when i was still having aspirations of becoming a doctor. no methods seems to correspond more closely to madness, I do not have any method. I go along day to day with no direct path.

    By becca on 08.01.2012

  6. He is all about methods. He can’t just sit and think that faith can move mountains. No, he has to have methods, he has to think logically. It’s not all about science you know father. He doesn’t listen to me though. Faith. Not methods.

    By jemima owen on 08.01.2012

  7. There was the kinetic blast, the upheave, the punch and kick, the solar flare, the cosmic whirling whorl. So many techniques, such a wide palette, like the writer who unrolls their tool belt of figurative language to pick and choose their precise favorite appliques, being acutely fine-tuned in their selectivity.
    And such magic, in the discovery of each! To find that we were capable of evolving with these abilities– to revel in them freely, to feel yourself fitting into this new skin. It had the sort of newfound love and pleasure that one can only find in acquiring, that being born with it couldn’t possibly be enough.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.01.2012

  8. Method is part of process which is required for executing our instruction one by one in proper manner, already known method can be used by others to complete their task.

    If we follow the method for doing some of our work, it make sure it will be completed successfully because we know the end result of some methods.

    So for doing any work we should write the method of doing it and it gives great result and its can be reusable.

    By Rajiv Chauhan on 08.01.2012

  9. methods are ways of helping you reach your goal easily
    there is always method to the madness

    By nor on 08.01.2012

  10. Methods are more or less like roles, restrictions, ways of doing things. In life methods are applied, with different results, but the key is to apply them in the right situation and in the right way.

    By someone URL on 08.01.2012

  11. Methods. Of madness.
    Methods. Of instruction.
    Instruction of madness.
    The madness of instructions.
    There is destruction in the madness.
    There is method to deconstruction.

    By Ian URL on 08.01.2012

  12. …going with the norm, the way the world expects. Our own methods are the best, non-conformist, original,and creative. To do things according to someone else’s methods suggests that your life is limited by someone else’s design.

    By Randal Whitmore URL on 08.01.2012

  13. I have my ways, means. There are things that I will do that no-one else has thought of. You will come to understand my methods and, from them, will come to understand me.

    By Iain on 08.01.2012

  14. Roots that hinder the freedom of neurons.

    By Wind. URL on 08.01.2012

  15. A classic move in snowboarding, one which is not that technically difficult, yet difficult to do well. Professional riders are known for the quality of their methods even if they cannot ride at the current level of spin-tow-in difficulty. The puns regarding “methods-to-their-madness” are too numerous, and painful, to include here.

    By Ara URL on 08.01.2012

  16. The methods of living my life is simply doing your own will. This is your own life, it’s not ours, not theirs, not his/her. It’s yours. Use it wisely as you can. Don’t waste it as other assholes do. This is one of the valuable gifts God has given us.

    By MD URL on 08.01.2012

  17. There always method to my madness. I don’t understand my methods. They just come naturally to me. Like an innate gift that I somehow have. People don’t often understand my methods. That’s okay. They don’t need to. Because if they did, it wouldn’t be madness now, would it? It would be just the same as everything else. And I value my madness. It makes me different. It makes me, me.
    Someday I may do something that brings my methods into question. We’ll wait for that day. Patiently. Who knows what tomorrow brings anyway? It seems random to us. But there is always a method. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter whose methods they are. They just exist.

    By Zoya on 08.01.2012

  18. “I’m a psychiatrist”, she said, dropped the bomb suddenly and I could do nothing, not hide, not fight back. Drip-drip-drip. Her teabag, hanging loosely between her fingers, drip drip drip: tea stains on the table.

    By kirish URL on 08.01.2012

  19. Methods. What are methods? Methods are ways of achieving what we want to achieve. Our path towards our goals. There are clean methods, and there are dirty ones too. How we act defines us. Our methodology in life defines us. That’s what makes us different.. I suppose.

    By Chris on 08.01.2012

  20. different methods of doing things are unique to each person, making them different, like no other being with no thoughts as another person.

    By kelsshea on 08.01.2012

  21. Ryan shook his head. Whatever methods Nataly was using to get what she needed, he wasn’t entirely sure that they were going to work out. He knew that she had a huge strain to take care of, a burden that he knew she had the power to get rid of, but he didn’t know whether she’d take the chance and get rid of that burden. She had never shown a single sign that she could harm anything, that painful burden included.

    By Kelly URL on 08.01.2012

  22. Methods are different ways of doing something. Like there are different methods of doing different math problems.

    By Orion URL on 08.01.2012

  23. The tinkling of glassware with various apparatus echoed inside the laboratory. Careful hands worked with the instruments, getting each measure accurately ad precisely. The woman had bushy brown hair and bug-eyed goggles covering her eyes, her whole being directed on following her newly devised methods in order to accomplish something of great importance.
    Someday, she thought to herself. I will BE change.

    By Tee URL on 08.01.2012

  24. Methods of doing things, everyone has their own method. a method written out properly can teach and enable others to do the same thing and repeat the process. There’s method to the madness. This is really freaking difficult and probably the longest 60 seconds ever.

    By danielle on 08.01.2012

  25. She looked around, making sure she wasn’t seen, before she slid inside. It was just one of her methods. When she was inside, she looked for any sign of him. Since she found out he was alive, Kay risked her own safety to look for him. The things people did for love, right?

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 08.01.2012

  26. There are several methods to procrastinate. Read. Write. Listen. Think. Talk. Argue. Read some more as usual. Yet today I chose write. A change is nice sometimes.

    By VincentP on 08.01.2012

  27. Methods are a curious thing. It is the way we do something which becomes a method. It is the how not the why or the who or the where. How we decide to act madly, wildly, there is calculation to these things. The method of my madness is precisely that.

    By Lauren on 08.01.2012

  28. for communication. methods for advancement. methods are means to an end. planned. definitely an action but somehow more deliberate.

    By Larry on 08.01.2012

  29. It’s important to have a certain method to do things in life. Almost like a plan. People who rush into things without knowing what they’re doing always seem to have less successful results. It’s important to think about your idea and arrange them in a way that is most accessible to you.

    By Iram Khan on 08.01.2012

  30. to my madness although sometimes they don’t work and madness turns into mayhem which in turn turns back into madness, leading to newer methods.

    By nanette on 08.01.2012

  31. Some methods have logic. Some don’t. Some are written and some are spontaneous. Everyone has his or her own.
    Methods can restrict or guide. Having a planned method can be a means to success or failure.

    By mimosquito13 URL on 08.01.2012

  32. I have a method to my madness.
    Or so I make it appear.
    To everyone my perfection is effortless.
    But inside I’m crumbling, bits of me are falling off my heart and slowly eating away at my insides.
    My perfection is what’s killing me.
    There’s no method to this madness.

    By MD on 08.01.2012

  33. calculated and mathematical: ‘this is how to draw out her moans’

    By Mint M URL on 08.01.2012

  34. “Your methods for dealing with conflict are unhealthy, Ms. Mathers. What we’re here to do is find other ways with which to cope with your anger issues in a healthy fashion so that you do not harm yourself or others.”

    Cassandra stared at the man in the chair with disgust and fire blazing in her eyes.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 08.01.2012

  35. “No, no! This is wrong! If we do this, we’re no better than them. Please, there has to be another way.”

    By D. Chan URL on 08.01.2012

  36. Methods stood in front of the class, hands blurring as he show them all they could achieve. No styles, that would be Styles’ class and she would be pissed if he was trying to muscle in on her area. No, just straight methods and nothing more.

    By grapplerschool URL on 08.01.2012

  37. The most impossible methods of creating and keeping the human intention span focused on the brand you represent were on display at the London Biannual. Most spectators left with little more than the keys to their cars and homes in their pockets. It was a huge success.

    By Dingus URL on 08.01.2012

  38. Nevermind methods. Listen to your soul! write what you see in your mind as if the page is a mirror of what’s inside your mind.

    By Etty Feldman on 08.01.2012

  39. The process utilized to accomplish a task. Usually in a step by step instructional format

    By Eve on 08.01.2012

  40. Train tracks twisted and turned in my mind. Steel thoughts banged against the walls, others shooting forward, trying to deflect them. Newton’s Cradles clicked and clacked loudly, a clock’s needles fell backward and forward, twirling eastward and westward. Brassy golden cars swerved across my thought process, carrying ideas and plans and blueprints from place to place. Occasionally one would stray and leave my mind, leaving an empty space for a new car to take. Dark marbled wrecking balls swung wildly in my brain, crushing certain concepts, while lifting others upwards to my mouth to speak of.

    By Mimmy URL on 08.01.2012