August 1st, 2012 | 332 Entries

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332 Entries for “trap”

  1. i feel trapped. i HAVE LOST EVERYONE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I COULD BE. Its cold, damp and fairly smelly…could it be a sewer? If it is I would rather be stuck on the end of a skewer….DADADA bum bum bum bum bum. Walking in the beaches looking at the peaches!

    By Olivia Scotts on 08.02.2012

  2. it’s something that you are not expecting but catches you and you cant’t leave it anymore.

    By fran on 08.02.2012

  3. entrapment trapped the mouse trap with the trappings of lies and misfortunes… just keep your trap shut or follow the sign to avoid the trap door… rhymes with rap

    By Hilary on 08.02.2012

  4. ooooo noooo
    saveeee meeeeee
    im stuckkkk

    im meltinggg
    oh what a cruel cruel world



    By Adriana on 08.02.2012

  5. It’s a trap, it’s one trap after the other, a minefield – childhood conditioning. Born into the hands of unwitting programmers that maybe know the basics and botch the rest of the code or botch it all. Junk code in your head – I’m not good enough, I can’t, I’m small, worthless, helpless, incapable of any great feat – you strike out on your own tiptoeing to The End.

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.02.2012

  6. A trap? Whats that? A type of cheese? Maybe de name of an animal? I dont know, thats why i hate not being a native English speaker. indeed, i think i need more english classes….

    By Mariana on 08.02.2012

  7. Trap the rap in your thinking cap.

    By Marianne URL on 08.02.2012

  8. A thing to capture something in. Noun.

    By kaye URL on 08.02.2012

  9. Trap is for capturing animals in the woods. Or sometimes if you set up a trap you can troll or confuse your friends by convincing them to believe something which is actually not true or get them pranked. Often used phrase “It’s a trap”, yelled by someone to inform someone else about the danger they are approaching.

    By christianod on 08.02.2012

  10. ITS A TRAP!!! -Admiral Ackbar

    By Ricky on 08.02.2012

  11. it has been sprung. what little of the steel that glistens flashes as it snaps against bone and flesh. the crack is audible over the grunt of air escaping horror filled lungs.

    By eoj on 08.02.2012

  12. capture every moment of my happiness. Capture the smiles hidding the pain, click a button and make the memory stay.

    By Alicia URL on 08.02.2012