July 30th, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “losses”

  1. owen eve max relationships my patience love family tolerance childhood 15 years self confidence i miss it all and i want it back i wish i could do it over make new friends fix relationships but i can’t i lost it its gone and I’m alone in my feelings just a body only me by myself too fast its all too fast

    By elizabeth on 07.30.2012

  2. This last week I’ve been very keenly aware of the meaning of loss. I feel as though I always wear some kind of emotional armor that allows me to protect myself from any kind of emotional attachment and avoid painful situations in which I lose something that matters to me or get hurt. There must be a chink in my armor.

    By Suzi on 07.30.2012

  3. losses, they are so many. we all have them. they can be anything, lost dreams, lost hope. its like failure, but there is no second chance. its whats wrong that cant be fixed….

    By Colby on 07.30.2012

  4. Hello we have lots of losses in our lives. Loss of jobs homes friends family games dreams and pets.

    By Judy on 07.30.2012

  5. Losses… You lose some you gain some..a loss can hurt tremendously but with every loss comes perhaps a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you tried as best you could

    By janeczka URL on 07.30.2012

  6. It’s one of those things that stops any conversation. The subject of a person’s losses always renders them quiet as the others do the same, out of respect or the thoughts of their own tragedies.

    By BattleCry URL on 07.30.2012

  7. I’ve lost wallets and competitions and words, but I guess I never quite knew what it was like to lose a person–not until now, that is.

    By aria autumn URL on 07.30.2012

  8. it is a term used to indicate how much negative effect an item or an event has had on a fixed event, person or another item.

    By venkat URL on 07.30.2012

  9. Maruti Suzuki is bearing heavy losses at this moment due to labour riots. But then again, they are not the only one. Losses have been incurred by the everyone living around the facility, along with the automobile industry and country as a whole. The monetary part of the losses can be made-up in the long-run, but the time will be lost for ever.

    By Ninad on 07.30.2012

  10. I haven’t suffered the losses yet. I’ve suffered from disappointment, but I haven’t learned what it means to have lost. I doubt I’ll make it through life like that. To learn to love and to loose, that is a huge and unescapable part of life.

    By Rachel on 07.30.2012

  11. Losses make people stronger in the long run. Pain and loss help us to become better people and without them, things would stay sedentary and uneventful.

    By Rachel on 07.30.2012

  12. Count your losses. Amy stared down the line of soldiers marching in front of her. she didn’t know any of them. she didn’t speak their language. she barely knew what country they came from. yet they had risked their lives to save her and her family and friends. She stared at the fallen soldiers around her, the wounded marchers, the occasional man who fell down right in front of her eyes. Count your losses. Though these were not here people, their deaths were as much her losses as anyone’s.

    By Kristina URL on 07.30.2012

  13. I hate losing. it’s like everything you’ve worked for is over in a second. Winning is good, losing is bad. Every type of losing is bad. Whether it’s in a sport or game or it’s losing a loved one because they have died. You can lose your favorite pair of earrings.. or losing your job. nothing is good about losses. nothing i tell you. nothing!

    By brianna URL on 07.30.2012

  14. Empty. Greedy. Gains? Who knows what we possess that really is ours? Hear today, tomorrow another story. But iwho will tell it? We just don’t want to admit we’re as alone as we feel. Time’s up. It ain’t over til it’s done. So finish what you start. Hang on to the better passages, throw out the rest.

    By DN Rothschild on 07.30.2012

  15. The losses that incurred during the beginning of the year really hurt our business. We didn’t know if we were going to be able to make it through the rest of the year. With the impact the scandal had on us, we lost almost a million dollars. There was no way we could bounce back from such a hit.

    By Kristy on 07.30.2012

  16. there are many losses in this world. many people win but many lose as well. right now, during the Olympics many have lost and a few have won. It is tough to see people go through a loss.

    By Sonia on 07.30.2012

  17. points money marbles socks jobs babies loves souls

    By Sarah on 07.30.2012

  18. Losses are inevitable, but even the inevitable is sometimes unenviable.

    By ss URL on 07.30.2012

  19. I couldn’t count my losses – they were many, too many. I frowned as I glanced down at the sand slipping through my fingers to rejoin the other millions of grains. What was I without her? Another wave crashed, and my phone still didn’t ring.

    By Justice URL on 07.30.2012

  20. Life is filled with them, but you gain just the same. things would not gain perspective without one or the other. i appreciate them both!

    By Chante URL on 07.30.2012

  21. games will always be lost in translations can’t ever be read it and I’ll let you live a care free dancing tune life and death are inevitable-higgs bossom. Death regenerates life and death isn’t nothing.

    By danny on 07.30.2012

  22. Losses? What’s losses?…. lose…loses…loser….yea, i’m a loser. GOOD JOB!. :)…….. ily swd<3.

    By Emily on 07.31.2012

  23. Losses, the one thing you can have a million of, and have nothing. Something measured by impact and not quantity. A loss of a thousand items is incomparable to the loss of a single life. A loss sometimes may lead to a gain. You must lose your current footing to progress to a better place. Loss of memory may not be perceived as a loss to the loser themselves. Losses; interesting to say the least, and interpreted as you please.

    By Anny Willard on 07.31.2012

  24. Losses..my great grandpa just dies. I loved that guy. make me think of his old ill be when I die. he chewed his whole life and lived to 90. I smoke but I think I might try for least 70 or 80. Lol that should be enough . I’ve done a lot of hard and soft living already. and I haven’t been an adult long. the first 20 don’t really count to me I guy.

    By Nic p on 07.31.2012

  25. death. sorrow. longing. empty space

    By Kine on 07.31.2012

  26. I’ve lost things sometimes,
    and they’ve hurt.
    and I don’t know what to do
    but look for them,
    then i will have them back
    except for the fact
    that what i’ve lost can never be restored
    for it is not the same thing it was before.

    By t44 URL on 07.31.2012

  27. everyone has losses, some as simple as a lost dollar in the wind, some as complex as being late for that big corporate meeting that depended on your promotion. but lose is subjective. lose is what it means to you.

    By curtiss on 07.31.2012

  28. And all the losses couldn’t even compare to losing him. He was and would always be the biggest loss of them all. The love he gave her couldn’t compare to absolutely anything else. Her heart ached for him. But he was there and she was here and there was nothing that either of them could do about it.

    By Aimee Borrayo on 07.31.2012

  29. my shelves are empty and trophies prefer to sleep elsewhere
    lottery numbers never stroke my fancy
    even my guesswork is way off when it comes to jellybeans

    but i’ve found that your mouth tastes like copper
    under gold plating
    and still, i feel like i’ve taken it all

    By h. b. URL on 07.31.2012

  30. People experience many losses in a lifetime. People lose people. People lose jobs. People lose pets.
    I’ve lost nothing worth having at this point in my life.
    In fact, I’m gaining more and more each day.

    By Shyanne on 07.31.2012

  31. They are what we fear most.
    Not because we can’t avoid them, but because they can not be controlled.
    How much we lose by, what we lose, who.
    None of which is easy..
    We are lost, but only if we want to be.

    By Chase Bader on 07.31.2012

  32. Is the moment the world stops no one can notice it but you. The stillness the anger the disappointment takes over like a wave in the ocean the salty sting and impact takes you for a ride but if you don’t lose yourself in it and come out on the other side you realize you can still breath after all

    By allan on 07.31.2012

  33. i’ve had very few lately. it’s a trend that i plan to continue indefinitely. egotistical? yeah. but also irrevocably honest. losses are the breeding ground for victories. they are the genesis of strength, necessary, imperative, unavoidable, a limit that is a prerequisite to push through for all giants of spirit.

    By meliora URL on 07.31.2012

  34. All of these losses. Everyone has losses. I’m dealing with a lot of loss myself. I’ve recently felt as if I’m on my way to hitting rock bottom. I’ve just realized that I’ve lost my entire positive attitude which was essentially keeping me happy and making me a better person. This is definitely a wake up call.

    By Madison Hite URL on 07.31.2012

  35. pain. in the end. empty. blue. cards of condolance and champage glasses. a beloved pet and tears filled with absence killing and death.

    By Melanie on 07.31.2012

  36. Fake
    I can’t do this
    Why is this happening

    By Monse Ortiz on 07.31.2012

  37. losses is the plural for loss. Its the opposite of gain and noun form of lose. If a person lost something, then he suffered a loss. Loss can be physical or abstract which makes it more usable.

    By s on 07.31.2012

  38. Everyone experience losses, whether it be as trivial as a toy when you were a child or when you lost a loved one, losses are usually never a good thing. I’ve lost a lot of things in my life but the thing I’m most lost in is myself.

    By Hang URL on 07.31.2012

  39. We experience so many losses during life, that we often fail to recognize the steps forward we take, and the things we gain. We focus on what brings us down – they seem darker than the good seems bright. We mistake ourselves.

    By Katie URL on 07.31.2012

  40. terrifying, family, friends, hurtful, frustrations, longing, love, life, faith, beleief, hope, sadness,

    By jessica garcia on 07.31.2012