November 15th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “left”

  1. left in the dirt
    all alone.
    to do what?
    i’m sure you don’t care
    as long as you don’t get hurt, right?
    you’d toss me aside with no second thought just to save your

    By katie URL on 11.15.2011

  2. I left this keys in the car. She always leaves things behind. Like the time I was left in the department store screaming and crying looking for her.

    By Shane on 11.15.2011

  3. at the back of the auditorium it wouldve been the walkway to the left. the one that goes down into a basement or something. it was better than i could have ever imagined. simple and right and perfect. and i shouldve known my feelings or wishes or intentions, the potential, would never escape the confined spaces they had been subject to. would never go beyond the crevices in which theyd grown and become accustomed in. but it was beautiful, for both of us – i know. and it was the worst mistake i couldve made, for myself anyway. this is the way it looks. and id like to think im wrong. or that maybe the time will be right and something will change. who knows. but theres a dull ache in that place where you could go and i must carry it around if and until i find something else to put there. whats the most disturbing is wondering if anything else would fit. or is this how this sort of thing goes? are we supposed to walk around life battering ourselves to pieces until we are more hole than whole hoping and searching and yearning for that which will fill us back up, compensate for all that weve destroyed or thats been destroyed of ourselves? i just want to go back to that time, the time when i remember the peace and joy of what it was like when you first came along. there was still a lot of me with nothing to worry or think about. and so you were no confusion for me. you were refreshing and new and not yet overwhelming. i remember when it was easy and childlike for me and, i wonder, did you pick up on that? i wonder if you get many things. but, you helped me to realize some of what is most important about myself, and life. and i thank you. and i hope ive given you at least half of what youve given to me. and i hope that maybe you havent suffered half as much as i have in this twisted fucked up mess we seem to be entangled in. then again, i suppose i could take comfort in the fact that theres always been the chance that its just me. alone and crazy. regardless, id be happy to know ive been any where near the comfort and treasure for you as you are for me. and if i can ever give you anything you need so far as i know it would make me the happiest in the world.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.15.2011

  4. Why go right when you can go left. Why not take the road less traveled. You know essentially when driving it is more difficult to take the left turn than it is to make the right turn so why not shoot for the more challenging one? Going left may take you to something that you never knew imaginable.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 11.15.2011

  5. I left home and went to boarding school. The first time I ever really left home besides for camp in the summer. I left behind a life that I really enjoyed to better my education, to be exposed to opportunities that I never would have gotten at home. But we keep leaving our lives behind and beginning new ones.

    By Evelyn URL on 11.15.2011

  6. no where to go
    i feel myself spinning out of control
    i had one decision to make all those many nights ago.
    i chose wrong.
    so many years.
    so many wishing moments.
    the days, the minutes, i feel regret eating away at my soul.
    it should have been you.
    you tried to tell me and i didnt listen.
    you knew it was you.
    nothing left.
    no where to go.

    By Kim on 11.15.2011

  7. Get left because I’m getting right. I love everthing. I can’t be wrong. I love everything. Fondu feels good. I am still in love with Peter Fox. I can’t let go. I want to see him again. I want him to love me. He should get left. I should get right. I am to the left.

    By Nilda on 11.15.2011

  8. Left. Left like the direction? Or left like what you did to me? Because that’s what you did, you know. Walked out when the going got tough, instead of standing by me like you promised to. It just amazes me that you could stand by me as I threatened to take my own life, but not for the few days I didn’t feel like talking. It amazes me that you can just leave. I know I haven’t been perfect, but I have lways fought for us. And frankly, I’m more than a little angry that you would give up on so much history so easily.

    By Emma B. URL on 11.15.2011

  9. Right. He’s gone. I remind myself that as I walk into the house for the first time, trying to tell myself not to expect his shoes, his coat, the smell of his aftershave in the shower. He moved on, you can too.

    By Lisa on 11.15.2011

  10. You left a very long time ago. 7 months, 26 days ago. You never came back. And you never will. You promised you wouldn’t leave, and you did. You left me, and I just can’t do the same.

    By Brooke URL on 11.15.2011

  11. the day you left, i cleaned the entire house. you know i don’t clean, that’s what i overpay the maid to do. i don’t get left. i leave. i’ve never had to organize your clothing for a garage sale, or throw out our old photographs or scrub your smell out of the sheets until my hands were raw and red. i’m not suppose to be left.

    By Taylor K URL on 11.15.2011

  12. There were billions around but she was left to no one. There was a world of possibilities practically within arms reach but she was left to grasping thin air. There was a promise of a future but she was left no tomorrow, life had already sentenced her to misery, no chance of parole.

    By speechlessly URL on 11.15.2011

  13. i left behind the old days and the things of my past
    but i can seem to leave the thoughts of you behind
    and its ruining me

    By sarah marie URL on 11.15.2011

  14. Forgotten is a harsh word. More like an adjective that applies itself to a being rather then it’s state. They did not forget you, you were forgotten. You are forgotten. And now that defines you.

    By sarah on 11.15.2011

  15. I look left and all I see left is the oven, and a blank floor. I press my back onto the rim of the counter, and slowly I slide onto the rug, letting out a sigh. I am exhausted. But moreover, I am conflicted. I love my new apartment, I really do, but this place has…history. This is my place. it has been my place for quite some time.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 11.15.2011

  16. I was left here, not as punishment, but as a man strung out with no more options left. I stand here before you saturated in my sins, unconditionally conditional in my actions. But who are you to push me further, even if your the ones left holding all the cards in the end.

    By K.T. URL on 11.15.2011

  17. ileft my book at home. i am sitting in the car waiting for my daughter and if I wouldn’t have left the book at home, I would have something to do right now.

    By susan on 11.15.2011

  18. right liberal gone abandon cheated bad association him he there over eight elf target hated untamed messy beard old anger freedom sadness eyes

    By Vkillough on 11.15.2011

  19. To the left of the bookshelf was the window. A venus fly trap sat on the windowsill, lonely, waiting for its next meal to land.

    By dan URL on 11.15.2011

  20. he left the bar a quarter past ten. he was tired of staring at those lonely faces. he got in his car and drove. he just drove aimlessly around, his mind spinning. he felt as if he couldnt get his head around the reality of it all. the distance he felt from the world. he had no connection with anything positive anymore. the more he tried to reconnect with what he felt was real, the more he felt disconnected. his dream world was shattered apart when he realized he was going a hundred miles an hour and the big sharp curve coming up in the road strained the tires his shitty dodge

    By Robert Paulson URL on 11.15.2011

  21. What’s left here? What’s left for me, or for you? You don’t even care. You’re a dog.

    I shouldn’t have done the right thing. Sometimes it’s better to blow them off, to fight for yourself, to fight for your wife. Even if she’s the only one left.

    Now I’m stuck with no one but you.

    By lmcadams URL on 11.15.2011

  22. So we all stood and teacher told us raise our hands up and look for the L. Find the L on your hand. That’s why its called your left hand you know.

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 11.15.2011

  23. In the end, it’s just you against the world. The people who once promised to stay, have left forever, some even without a word. Stay strong, darlings.

    By alyssa rae on 11.15.2011

  24. Is the opposite of right. I’m not left handed. I don’t like the word left. It leaves no hope.
    you aren’t thinking about leaving. You aren’t debating.
    You have already

    By Christina on 11.15.2011

  25. Toby looked left, saw Jackson there, beaming at him though his one hand was on the wheel, the other across the gear shift, holding one of Toby’s. “Good night, right?”

    By Q URL on 11.15.2011

  26. right. turn one way to get somewhere, turn the other way to go the opposite way. Simple words to move us throughout life.

    By Katie URL on 11.15.2011

  27. You are the best mistake I’ve ever left. I fell free from you only to be chained unbreakably with regret and a heart once happy now broken.

    By Veronique URL on 11.15.2011

  28. I arrived late and nothing was left on the table. No crumbs, no food, nothing!
    Vultures, this is a homeless shelter correct? The only one I know that stays open late, where’s the bar? I need a drink.

    By Michael Keel URL on 11.15.2011

  29. Anthony flexes the fingers on his left hand, then his right. His hands are completely sore from the typing workout he has just put them through. Freelancing, hard as it is, is not entirely impossible. Not to mention, the internet offers amazing flexibility and possibilities to writers. One of the companies he worked for in Europe is so pleased with his work that they ask him to continue writing for them on a long distance, part time basis.

    By Jess URL on 11.15.2011

  30. i left you standing there, aghast. you had no idea what was coming. you had no idea that i could stand up for myself like that. i left you there in wonder. and i left my old self behind, i left my insecurities with you. you can have them. you can have them all.

    By Tory on 11.15.2011

  31. Left behind. Being born left handed and being forced to right left may make us feel always wrong, wrong handed. Just wrong. The left is always a different way. It’s good to make a left hand turn as it’s more dangerous than a right hand turn.

    By Brad Buie on 11.15.2011

  32. I was there preaching
    In the schools I was teaching
    The souls I was fishing
    Who thought that I too would be left behind

    I thought iit was about the good things I did
    Not knowing it was about the relationship that u gave ur seed
    My heart and love is what you need
    Who would have thought I too would be left behind

    It is not about my title
    Or the revelations I have
    It’s about humility
    And being in life with your will
    Who would have though that i too would be left behind.

    By mpenzimtenzi URL on 11.15.2011

  33. I’ve always heard that left-handed people tend to be smarter than those who are right-handed. I wonder if that’s really true. Honestly, I think it’s a psychological thing…

    By anonymous on 11.15.2011

  34. How are you supposed to feel when you’re left behind? Should you feel happy that those who left you aren’t worth your time and that you should move onto better things? Or should you feel upset that those who left you have their own better things to move onto and not stay with you? It’s like a chain reaction…

    By anonymous on 11.15.2011

  35. Side to side we glance; upon the right, nothing but the shoulder devils and angels, to the left, is the most beautiful sight ever to be seen through crippled eyes of a lone wanderer.

    By Matthew Hunter on 11.15.2011

  36. She left. I don’t know what kept us together, love or desperation. Our peace was in chaos.

    By Kory on 11.15.2011

  37. I left the house in minute and a huff. My car keys dangled from my little finger. I knew I was never coming back to that bloated coccus. Fel

    By boyfulani URL on 11.15.2011

  38. When you left you took the light away. That light that scared away the darkness. But now you’ve left me in the dark waiting for a hopeless winter.

    By M URL on 11.15.2011

  39. Left handed. He wrote with his left hand. Sometimes he pretended to write with his right, and sometimes he could use his right hand. But he preferred left. He preferred to be different, to be unusual. He liked the difference. There was something magical about it. He felt free when he used his left hand.

    By Jaclyn on 11.16.2011

  40. I dont like left, but I play floorball with a left floorballstick, but when I play football I play with my right foot. And when I writing i do it with my right hand.

    By Christoffer Arvidsson on 11.16.2011