November 16th, 2011 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “hearts”

  1. Hearts are out floating about everwhere. We hear the sound of them. We feel the thump..we can sometimes hear the heart beating in someones voice..vibrating in the voice…We speak the language of the heart and the heart is mine to have ours yours to have God says. thank you for colliding your heart with mine.

    By ajloopy URL on 11.17.2011

  2. Sweethearts.
    I don’t know how to understand it.
    The complications that come with owning one, almost make it not worth the trouble.
    Yet, no matter the pain, the turmoil, the distrust, we all seem to yearn for more.
    More Love,
    more Hearts.

    By Drea URL on 11.17.2011

  3. Hearts of healing heard her howls.

    By Marianne URL on 11.17.2011

  4. Hoy sólo caminé de ida a casa y ví cómo un chico que conozco de vista, al cual no saludé, era mirado raro por todos los transeuntes. Sólo pensé en qué lástima de sociedad actual. Discriminación por todas partes.

    By Annie on 11.17.2011

  5. hearts, cards, are to be broken, the core of life, little red symbols, can cause fright, i like to avoid, not feeling it, hate that card game……

    By Jamie on 11.17.2011

  6. THe queen of hearts is mean to Alice. She wants to chop off everybody’s head. She has the biggest head and wears a fancy dress with hearts. She is poofy.

    By Susan URL on 11.17.2011

  7. Hearts

    Queen of ____

    Playing cards

    – It’s the “s” on the end that’s making me go in this direction…


    I remember when I first saw mine. The only time I think. In my 20s during a stress test of some kind. I saw it beating on the monitor, in black and white. I remember thinking how… it’s tough to say…. “tired”… Maybe…? “Vulnerable?” It looked?

    People are used to seeing babies hearts beating inside of them, and getting emotional, but I saw my own. And somehow, I felt sorry for it. Like, there it was, working, always, unseen and not appreciated as much as it should be. Because I hadn’t known before. Hadn’t really seen it doing its thing. I knew it was there of course, and had felt it, but it’s one thing to know your heart is working, and to feel it beating. It’s another to actually see it, pumping unending, doing its job, on a screen, in black and white. I don’t know what I expected. Something more solid looking? Maybe? This looked like a sack.

    I wanted to wrap a blanket around it, take care of it, and let it take a nap or something. To give it rest. And then of course I realized it could never rest. Not ever. Not even for a few minutes. It would always work, 24/7, forever, until it, and I, die. I’d love to let it sleep.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.17.2011

  8. beats loud beats hard beats fast
    is where my soul rezides and my life is stored
    if it comes from my heart it is real it is pure it is mine and mine alone
    the heart is all

    By Jon MIller on 11.17.2011