November 14th, 2011 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “orchestra”

  1. sing,
    sing sweet symphony.
    sing every thought,
    remembering yesterday’s
    sing sweet symphony.
    sing every
    missed embrace.
    sing with all your might
    how I could have
    been better,
    how I could have

    By NuSol URL on 11.15.2011

  2. orchestra is also kwown as a big band.
    Its filled with musicians like violinist and drummers.
    They play old classical songs and are leaded by a guy waving around chopsticks
    They mostly play in huge halls

    By LuxXx URL on 11.15.2011

  3. An orchestra in my mind defeats the stillness of an empty room. I imagine the sound of the violins pressing against the mighty brass section and the tension in creates. It fills me with anticipation that will undoubtedly go unfulfilled by anything except boredom.

    By dan URL on 11.15.2011

  4. music people auditorium
    TV and food is what is it
    Eat and watch
    enjoy the sounds
    that your ear will contemplate
    after you are done
    just remember the good
    and don’t forget

    By Cristina Aguilar on 11.15.2011

  5. I looked out at the lights illuminating the first row of the audience. The orchestra looked up at me intently, ready to begin at the tiniest nod from me. Maybe this wasn’t as important as being president or mayor, but it was important to me. It was the one time when I could be in control.

    By Shannon on 11.15.2011

  6. It was a matter of pride to Rupert that, his whole life, he had never bowed to any man, woman or child. His inflated sense of his own importance was scarcely touched by being the third percussionist in the symphony orchestra of a fourth-rate one-horse town. As he brandished his highly-polished cymbals waiting for his cue, he knew he was destined for greater things.

    By Santa Monious URL on 11.15.2011

  7. orchestrate. I’ve been trying to orchestrate my life… but the band hasn’t shown up yet… so it’s been a little tricky. I have the wand, but nothing else. I have the stage, but no lights. I guess I’ll have to wait for the ‘big’ cue.

    By Houkje Ross URL on 11.15.2011

  8. Morning rise.
    An orchestra of life fills the air.
    My voice lifts from my lungs to join in harmony.
    This is forever.
    This is masterpiece.

    By Marcus McMahon URL on 11.15.2011

  9. is a musical group that uses instermints to make preaty sounds.

    By christian ward URL on 11.15.2011

  10. I used to play in the school orchestra, when I was younger. I wasn’t all that good, but I did enjoy myself. To this day I still enjoy anything from a quartet to a full out orchestra – the sound of the soul!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.15.2011

  11. one day i went to the orchestra. IT WAS THEMOST FUN I”VE EVER HAD. there were some clarinets. some cheezeburger friez wrapped in saxophones. and when they played the saxophone they ate the cheezeburger friez. sorry i forgot my listening app. what. orchestra!

    By marie-claire on 11.15.2011

  12. I saw an orchestra at the philmont harmonic or something.

    By just582 URL on 11.15.2011

  13. sounds everywhere. high. low. loud. soft. a bunch of different instruments everywhere. some gold. silver. brass. music stands. violins. drums. noises. alot of people dressed in expensive clothing. hand fans. music sheets. string instuments of all kinds. feet patting keeping the tempo

    By Bailey Ferrell on 11.15.2011

  14. A orchastra is a group of musicians together all playing different chords and notse that is all combined at once to make a beautiful sounds and continusly playing and making a large and enjoyable sounds that is joyful to the ears of those who are listening.

    By Ty Simmons on 11.15.2011

  15. I never liked orchestra, it was bland and full of squealing little instruments. Annoying. What do you do when you hear nails scraping across the chalkboard, you drop the class. That’s what. Every time I walk down the halls and hear the ork dorks at it again it haunts me.

    By Dgaterhag on 11.15.2011

  16. i started orchestra in 4th grade and i hated it!! i love the music but performing was not my strong suit. i always went ahead and could barely read the notes on the page. but i will always love the music that it makes.

    By Olivia on 11.15.2011

  17. Orchestra

    A night filled with musics and performance.

    By BlackMistress URL on 11.15.2011

  18. My grandfather would poke away at his Sunday newspaper, every morning, figuring out crossword after crossword.

    In the background, I could hear Bach or was it Beethoven?

    Drifting in the morning air, the smell of bacon, Beethoven, coffee rested on his little table by his favorite chair

    By Michael Keel URL on 11.15.2011

  19. Music that is deep and intense. Tells a story with music. music notes. violins, pianos, and other instruments. sounds, melodies, harmonies.

    By Alli Purvis on 11.15.2011

  20. We are an orchestra of believers and God is our conductor.

    By Lauren on 11.15.2011

  21. All of these magical instruments speak their minds at the same time. Their voices mesh together and what at first sounds terrible, an epiphany of sounds come together to make a noise of harmony in the orchestra.

    By Adeline on 11.15.2011

  22. Er spielte das Cello. Jeden Montag Abend. Er hätte es gern jeden Abend gespielt. Aber sie ließen ihn nicht, denn da war die schöne Marina. Die spielte zwar nicht so schön wie er, sah aber einfach besser aus, in der ersten Reihe. Wenn sie spielte, war der Saal ausverkauft.

    By Eli URL on 11.15.2011

  23. Salimos de la escuela, en el momento en toca la campana, todos los alumnos se mueven como una orquesta, si uno se queda ahí nada más mirándolos,se da cuenta de esa coreografía de adolescentes que parece que se movieran todos almismo ritmo, al ritmode la libertad tal vez, o al ritmo de algo como sus hormonas. Esperaba encontrar a Andrea esperandome en las escaleras, pero no la vi.

    By Ivan on 11.15.2011

  24. N. dachte immer, sie sei besser als ich, weil sie Geige im Schulorchester spielte und nicht – so wie ich – nur Saxophon in der Stadtkapelle. Ich mag sie trotzdem. Und sollte mich dringend mal wieder bei ihr melden. Erstaunlich, was für Sachen einem hier einfallen.

    By Stefanie URL on 11.15.2011

  25. All I need is what is around me right now. All I need to do is feel the vibrations and hear the music and feel it running through my veins through all of my body. My true love. Music.

    By Katy URL on 11.15.2011

  26. it sounded like a cacophony of coyotes on the ridge line above the lake. If we had been in the Teton wilderess south of Yellowstone in June of 1970 it would have been.

    By Rashmi on 11.15.2011

  27. An orchestra of feelings, a bass line of rage overwhelms me while the woodwinds line up and blast through with lust and seduction. still, It doesn’t matter, because I’m not the conductor, I have no control over this, where it’s going, and how it ends up.

    By gabe URL on 11.15.2011

  28. hii

    By Brandehe URL on 11.15.2011

  29. They were playing all night. The trumpets, the clarinets, the violins invaded the place with their harmonious tones. ‘There is something you want?’ the waiter asked me, but I was lost since then, anyhow.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 11.15.2011

  30. The music sweeps me off my feet like a rushing ocean tide- powerful, oh so powerful, I couldn’t hope to escape it if I tried- and sweeps me into the sky.

    I am going backwards, so far back that I can’t see the sun anymore, into a nameless dark where there used to be something- but it doesn’t exist anymore. There is movement around me, smudges in the dark where it seems there might be people, images, glimpses of shapes and bodies, but I can’t place it and I can’t see it.

    I want it, though. I want it so badly my throat burns but I can’t put a word to it, this feeling that I can’t describe except for as ‘being’.

    The music reaches a new high- driving bass; smooth melody; a lone, clear, trembling high note that sounds like crying- and my skin turns to ice and I place it, this swirl of emotions and bleeding of my heart and seeing all of these things but not really understanding.

    It is life.
    So this is what ‘living’ feels like.

    By Skye URL on 11.15.2011