June 6th, 2012 | 330 Entries

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330 Entries for “jelly”

  1. Usually, I mean jelly by jealousy. I am a jealous person, with only one person too. Everybody, I don’t really much care for, but that one person that I do, I become very “jelly” when she is with other people. However, I love jelly with peanutbutter in a sandwich. Wow, this one was pointless haha.

    By Hector on 06.06.2012

  2. My nerves are jelly. They cannot be contained. My emotions are water. They slip through the sifted columns of my brain, my heart, my soul….and drip slowly and sadly into an unmarked grave never to be heard of again. I hope I’m watering a happy spirit.

    By Shauna on 06.06.2012

  3. I used to love jelly until I became a vegetarian. Jelly is made out of horses hooves so I couldn’t eat it anymore. I got it at this one restaurant that would put whipped cream on the top. It was good.

    By L. Kat E on 06.06.2012

  4. jelly is so good. its good with peanut butter. peanut butter and jelly is so good. but grape jelly is disgusting. anything grape flavored is disgusting. but strawberry jelly is good, but only if it doesnt have too many seeds in it. seeds are gross. and grape is gross.

    By joie on 06.06.2012

  5. Jelly is sticky and it clings to my fingers and the top of the jar as I try to open it. It does not work well anymore, it has been sed too many times but now it is almost too late to worry. It will find its home in the garbage soon, among other things and the slice of toast before me is its last hope for usefullness. its last hope for salvation from the too icy depths of the far far back of the fridge.

    By Her on 06.06.2012

  6. Jelly pops ? What were those? Didn’t sound terribly pleasant, not to her. Intrigued now, the girl worked her way further into the ginormous cabinet.

    By Sarah on 06.06.2012

  7. Peanut butter, toast, big thick French bread, panini. Delicious. Wonderful childhood memories relived every once in a while.

    By Darice on 06.06.2012

  8. I like strawberry jam better than grape jelly. The jelly is too smooth. The jam has plenty of texture. You can put jelly on toast.

    By Victoria on 06.06.2012

  9. Isabelle always asked if i was jealous of the birds. She was always right about that. I am jealous of them. You see, the birds have something that very few others have. They have comapny, true comapny, and freedom. Some say that these birds are cursed, never being able to exist in any other form. But you see, that is not the case. Birds are blessed and honored and I want nothing more than to be a bird. I want nothing more than to join them, forever soaring through the sky.

    By Lauren on 06.06.2012

  10. when i think of jelly i think of sandwiches which makes me think of the song sandwhiches in which they rap about raping girl. i find that a dark subject and find myself questioning morality in some people and how they fail to sense it and understand it.

    By jeff silveira on 06.06.2012

  11. Today for breakfast in a stoned haze I decided it would be a good idea to grab stale bread and make a pb&j sandwich. Upon realizing the state of the bread, I quickly grabbed a frying pan and fried the sandwich in butter. T’was good.

    By Lucas on 06.06.2012

  12. j

    By Becca URL on 06.06.2012

  13. i like jelly. it comes in so many different forms. jam and jelly are the best. it reminds me of the color purple. little pieces and chunks and seeds from once fresh fruit are inside of it. i love jelly. i don’t just like jelly. especially on toast, never mixed with butter. by itself, every time. it has to be.

    By alyssa on 06.06.2012

  14. Jelly is good on toast, especially with butter. You can also put jelly on most breakfast items such as pancakes, waffles and french toast. I don’t like jelly very much, but occasionally I do like a little bit with my toast. Jelly and peanut butter can make a great sandwich. They just go together.

    By Amanda on 06.06.2012

  15. hot meets cold
    liquid meets mold
    how can an emotion
    cause such a great commotion
    be still
    my jelly filled

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.06.2012

  16. Sometimes
    I remember the walks we took
    at 9:27, the stars
    lighting the grass
    and the fireflies,
    tiny flying comets
    in our midst.
    We held our hands
    and lulled through the grass
    humming quiet tunes to ourselves
    and wondering how this night
    could have anymore
    memories attached.
    Feelings held.
    We wondered.

    By Scythe42 URL on 06.06.2012

  17. I like jelly with peanut butter. Only grape though. But I’ve never had any other kind of jelly, like strawberry…or I’m not even sure. I don’t know any other kinds of jelly. I’m young, and maybe I should try more jelly. I don’t take any risks. Maybe jelly is the beginning of taking some.

    By Bre URL on 06.06.2012

  18. I used to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch when I was kid. It was my favorite food. When I developed anorexia, jelly became one of my worst fears. Sugary, sweet, far too many calories. I couldn’t eat it.
    Anorexia took away everything I had. But mostly my childhood.

    By French on 06.06.2012

  19. Icky you.
    You decided to make a fluffy nutter and jelly sandwhich.
    Who said I liked that?

    Okay okay, that was a bit aggressive.
    How do I rephrase.

    Hun, your cooking skills suck!
    This is actually scary.

    Maybe cheetohs would make it better.

    By Danielle URL on 06.06.2012

  20. jelly is something you eat… I think about sponge bob when i see the word jelly. And in jelly fish. Jelly is sweet and with a funny texture

    By Daniela on 06.06.2012

  21. The first time I put grape jelly and cream cheese together on a bagel was in a cheezy little deli in a back alley in florida. Someone at the next table was doing it and it looked kinda good so I thought I’d try it too – and who knew?? It was awesome delish.

    By vey URL on 06.06.2012

  22. I opened my closet, already bracing myself for whatever was inside. It had been keeping me awake for the past hours, whispering me secrets no man has ever had knowledge to. It called to me.
    Wincing, I opened it, the handle already turning my knuckles white. As the doors of the cabinet blew open, the thing that was inside turned my insides into jelly. My eyes grew wide as I saw the inhumane shape in front of me.
    It was unlike anything that I have seen before.
    I turned around.
    I started running, but I knew it was already too late.

    By Tee URL on 06.06.2012

  23. Jellyfish once attacked my uncle. It turned red and raw. It was funny. Hahaha! But We didn’t laugh at the time. We were worried and we wondered what to do. I heard he was stuck at home having the most difficult time of his life. And there I was, far away somewhere else, while one of the people I love the most in my life was going through hell.

    By Andy URL on 06.06.2012

  24. I had a peanut butter and melt sandwich today that was amazing, it had the perfect combination of peanut and jam. The were swirled together as if they were in a dance that continued forever, like yin and yang

    By Gabby on 06.06.2012

  25. Her legs were as useful as two jars of jelly. If she had wanted to run at that moment, she would have been left at the starting gate. Distraught and yearning for more.
    Always left at the perimeter, faltering through every misstep as she always did. Tired, not breathless, broken while at full capacity, lying while standing straight up.

    By Leila molahan on 06.06.2012

  26. Jelly is what someone says when they are mad, like the internet meme. “you jelly?”
    It is also a stupid thick sauce people put to put on their peanut butter… that poor peanut butter…………..

    By Dana on 06.06.2012

  27. and jelly just get the jelly. in the cubpaord and we just need it for our lunch and we dont even care about jelly ya know I can’t believe we’re still fighting about this.

    By Caitlin on 06.06.2012

  28. Liam’s morning is not off to a good start. First, he’s smeared jelly all over his new trousers and secondly, Louis Tomlinson is sitting across from him. In fact, these two events do have a correlation, but Liam is going to pretend they don’t because he’s the new kid at this performing arts school and Louis is top of the food chain.

    By Cassie URL on 06.06.2012

  29. I’ve always wanted to touch a jellyfish, but I’m really nervous around things that shock you. Once I touched some wiring behind a lightswitch and felt the charge up my whole arm. Plus most of the jellyfish I’ve seen are kept behind touch-proof, bulletproof, tank-proof, jackhammer-proof glass. And are even more dangerous than the garden–or tide pool?–variety jellyfish.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.06.2012

  30. squishy unformed potential. to eat to spread to share. fish glowing ocean currents a storm beneath. peanut butter creamy and happy childhood from a simple sandwich. mom knows best.

    By Sarah on 06.06.2012

  31. jelly fish sting. peanut butter and jelly is delish. strawberry jelly on anything makes it better. jelly belly jelly beans are so good. dr. pepper is the greatest flavor. jelly= homemade treats.

    By Emily on 06.06.2012

  32. Jelly of people who have things, use them, and don’t cherish them.

    By Sunshine URL on 06.06.2012

  33. I have a friend named Jelly. Strawberry jelly is my favorite. Jelly fish are amazing creatures,
    Jelly is also the cliche’ way of saying jealous in a teenagers world.

    By amber on 06.06.2012

  34. Lie: You aggravate me to the point of homicide.

    Truth: Every time I catch you looking at me during class, my insides turn to jelly and I find it difficult to breathe.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.06.2012

  35. Moving, wiggly, jiggly
    Easily shaped and spread
    It’s not that I’m a puppet
    but more open than before
    Happy to go with the flow
    I’m happy.

    By Delilah URL on 06.06.2012

  36. Jelly. I want to touch it. Jelly fish, jelly candy, jelly candles – my first instinct is to touch them.
    Oh, the jello- I love to play with it…

    By K URL on 06.06.2012

  37. This one time, I put jelly on my sandwich but it was bad so I threw up everywhere. It was literally all over. It not only got all over my plate, but it also covered all of my place mats. All of the place mats. Just… all of them. So I have stopped using jelly on my stuff.

    By Alex on 06.06.2012

  38. Jelly. I like Jelly on bread, like a sandwich. Not peanut butter and jelly though, because I’m not a big fan of peanut butter, unless its creamy, on toast. I like all types of jelly, except for grape, I have never liked grape jelly. I still like jam better though, my late grandma’s homemade jam. (:

    By Nicole on 06.06.2012

  39. I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don’t know if it’s the deep, savory flavor of the peanut butter, or if it’s the sweet tanginess of the strawberry jelly I prefer. It could be the rich flavor of the multigrain bread I eat religiously (though my allergies say I shouldn’t). No matter the reason, there is no denying, that it is one of my favorite sandwiches. Just talking about it makes me hungry.

    By Emily URL on 06.06.2012

  40. Jelly. I like jelly on bread, in a sandwich form. I don’t like peanut butter with jelly on bread in sandwich form though. I don’t like peanut butter in general really, unless it is creamy on toast, then it’s okay. I’ve always liked all jellies, except for grape, I have never liked grape jelly or jam. I’ve always liked jam a lot better than jelly though in general, especially my lame grandmothers jam, yummm. (:

    By Nicole URL on 06.06.2012