June 5th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “treaty”


    By Leelee on 06.06.2012

  2. PEACE and truce achieved by both countries.. friendly talk always works than bearing arms.
    war is never the answer.

    By apple on 06.06.2012

  3. Treaty. Treaty? A legal document stating some official? Boring That is what a treaty is, boring. Boring= treaty. That is all,goodbye.

    By Tuck on 06.06.2012

  4. The document was meant to be the most important one between our races — a promise for peace, a promise of new beginnings and an offer of sincere friendship and aid in the future. We signed it with the best of intentions, believing that our new-found allies would indeed uphold their part of the bargain.

    Oh time — what a bitter teacher! Where are you now, you who said you would be there for us in our time of need?

    By terradi on 06.06.2012

  5. A treaty is something that can end a war. It’s called a peace treaty, and sometimes it’s needed to end wars between my friends and I! My mother and father as well end up using peace treaties.

    By Charlie on 06.06.2012

  6. A treaty between the two left room for tears and new ties. Trees were born, and kin renewed. Despite the distance, it was known.

    By Adesola URL on 06.06.2012

  7. Hush, Maya whispered. We’re going to form a treaty. Between the Sandbox Kings and the Monkey Bar Marauders. Ben shook his head. Never! We can defeat them! No way, Maurla moaned. They have shovels and Daniel’s mom made then lunch. I’m too hungry for this. I just want to go home. Daniel poked Maurla in the ribs. Scardy cat, he taunted. Shut up both of you! Maya smacked them both on the head. We’re forming a treaty – but its going to be a trap! We arn’t REALLY forming a treaty silly.

    By Emily on 06.06.2012

  8. what is treaty? I don’t understand what’s the meaning of it. I’m a Bahasa Indonesia speaker and is learning English nowadays. Well, if I take chances to guess, I think treaty will be understood as a way to treat someone. She is treaty, she likes to treat! Maybe it would work that way.

    By indah on 06.06.2012

  9. There are many treaties in the history of the world. Some of these treaties are still in effect and some are disbanded. Treaty also sounds like the word treat. So are treaties a treat for the parties making the treaty? Perhaps a dessert treat is offered at the signing.

    By Lindsey on 06.06.2012

  10. the treaty of versailles hahahaha idk treaty could also mean someone who likes to treat people? how could i write so much about treaty it doesnt mean anything to me. blegh. omg why has time slowed down so much. kill me. no. why.

    By kaz on 06.06.2012

  11. i dont understand what does it mean

    By BOULAOUDJA on 06.06.2012

  12. peace union talk join meeting end sign document

    By veronica on 06.06.2012

  13. A piece of legislation for peace between countries??!!

    By Sara-Jane Keenan on 06.06.2012

  14. something that cobtouries to to get to an agrement. usually after fighting, supposed to be about peace, but usually after war. compromise, countries coming to a mutual conlcusion, or the stronger country forcing someone else into a false peace.

    By hannah on 06.06.2012

  15. treaty is an agreement between two persons or countries after disagreement

    By KARIM on 06.06.2012

  16. The treaty was finally finished and before the ink had a chance to dry, it was torn in pieces. The wind catching them as it blew them away like confetti.

    By Acer on 06.06.2012

  17. A Sense that a common ground is being meet when in reality the future factors of one party are only being taken into account. This is for the sole continuation of super powers and for the mild to extreme control both legally and officially of aspects of two or more parties

    By Nick M on 06.06.2012

  18. i know i am a history major so i hould know a lot about treaties. i think it’s an interesting word because it has thew ord treat in it and but it means something totally different. what if comturies gave each other treats when they instated a treatedy. it would be pretty funny… if germany came to us and gave us a traety it would be soemthing like gummy bearts.. or a possible war

    By kat on 06.06.2012

  19. A man broke the treaty and crossed
    the boundaries of love and friendship.
    His heart turning cold
    and still as climbing vines
    went up the melancholy
    walls of his honor.
    No surrender.

    By Mary Grace on 06.06.2012

  20. The time was up. There was nothing left for them to do but sign that piece of paper taking away everything that they held dear. All of the things that for years had be undisputed and brilliantly all their own. But that’s what war does. It tears away at the very essence of beauty and returns with nothing more than words on a page…

    By Nicole Pearson URL on 06.06.2012