April 25th, 2011 | 587 Entries

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587 Entries for “intersection”

  1. I was at an intersection in my life. Take the job out of the country or stay in the small little town I have slowly withered in these last five years. What did this town really have to offer me? Sure, there were some human connections, but they haven’t really seemed to be interested in me these last few months. Which turn do I take? The familiar?

    By Becca Leah URL on 04.26.2011

  2. The path was laid at so clearly at first.
    Do well in school, drink 8 glasses of water a day, wear sunscreen…
    It goes on.
    Now at this intersection I sit, and wait for some indication I didn’t take a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

    By Zoe on 04.26.2011

  3. an intersection is what you have on a road when two roads combine and run into each other and they usually put a stop light so cars dont run into each other and they take turns and its also used in math when two lines run into each other

    By alicia on 04.26.2011

  4. people use the image of crossroads a great deal cause it helps them cope with all the options in their lives. hell is knowing the only thing seperating you from someone else is the choices they made.

    By raw pills URL on 04.26.2011

  5. An intersection can be a great way to help the flow of traffic, but without lights it can be very confusing. Most people these days seem to forget the rules of the road that would allow us to navigate an intersection without lights.

    By kg on 04.26.2011

  6. Intersections are annoying. People never stop right. Or they go when it’s not there turn, or the old geezers sit there like NO YOU GO while everyone else is just frustrated. Intersections are a form of the devil.

    By sydnee URL on 04.26.2011

  7. When 2 or more things come to a point.intersections can be dangerous.welikeintersections. DONT WE…… DONT WE……. DONT WE……….???

    By Allen on 04.26.2011

  8. The intersection of two roads coming together. When I ponder the intersection I think of two roads, but couldn’t it be more. In my head I see a perfect cross, and the intersection is the perfect shading of the shared area of these two roads. But it does not have to be this. An intersection can be messy. It can be unclear what the paths have in common.

    By Robert J on 04.26.2011

  9. A crossing of lines, an inbetween place. That moment in a time where two paths cross and continue. A space of meeting, a spot.

    By Emily URL on 04.26.2011

  10. At the intersection of 62nd Street is where I met her. Call me a romantic, call me a hopeless case of a lover gone wrong, but that was love at first sight. Ah me, I knew I’ll probably never see her again but I couldn’t help myself.

    By DongWon Oh on 04.26.2011

  11. He stood looking at his naked body in the bathroom mirror. Gawd, how had he come to this? He wiped away steam to reveal his ample midsection in all it’s glory.
    He knew he was at a crossroads, an intersection in his life. He could either keep going as he has been for the last 8 years, or make the most amazing change in his life.

    By mariesdaly on 04.26.2011

  12. the intersection. crashes. loose lips sink ships. accidents and wrong turns. you dont stop. crash into one another. It wont be the same. cause you cant stay in your lane. intersections. no one pays attention. i get lost so fast.

    By sydney reyes on 04.26.2011

  13. there at this point where all that was visible were lights that blinked obnoxiously was where he decided to kiss the ground al la raskolnikov and proclaim his love for (of all things) her aglets. Why her aglets? Why not her eyelets? Ms. Chuck Taylor was most confused and slightly hurt. it took time for her world to refocus when he finished tying her up. Back she was, her face on the floor and now only darkness with brief glimpses of those obnoxious lights.

    By Imogen on 04.26.2011

  14. the place where two things meet. two roads. two people. lives intersect. sometimes the intersection can undo itself, like a four-way stop. other times, it dead-ends or t-bones. it’s just there. no undoing. someone or something ends and that’s that.

    By aq on 04.26.2011

  15. Tony was a complete opposite of her. Yet, there was something that stopped her from cheating him. She wasn’t an introvert like him, she had been flirting for years before she met him. The difference is their lifestyle never reflected on their relationship. Two lives, on two very distinct paths became a single soul on an intersection.

    By Tyroceur URL on 04.26.2011

  16. The last time I saw my sister Sitara (aka Batul aka Astrid aka Samantha aka Judith aka Lynn aka Derede) was at the corner of Dundas & Sherbourne. Crack Central, for those who don’t know Toronto.

    By Sally Smallwood URL on 04.26.2011

  17. He was at the crossroads. People now tumbling into motion as the street lights halt the passing vehicles. He couldn’t muster enough courage to trot forward as he suddenly felt himself clutching her umbrella.

    By yunisee on 04.26.2011

  18. when two lines meet they says hi and then depart without even asking any details of their source or where they came from or what they actually are. they meet and they leave. However, the point remains, that is just for the rest of us to see what it is and perceive it according to our own sublime stupid notions

    By duf on 04.26.2011

  19. where people meet.

    By Ashley on 04.26.2011

  20. the place in your life where you know where you’ve been and are about to step into something new. Is the street muddy or wet? The sidewalk is safe. You know the sidewalk, you’re on it. Will the oncoming traffic of your life wait for you to cross or plow you over in haste to win the day.

    By Cindy Papken on 04.26.2011

  21. sometimes there are intersections like 12th and Mirabelle. Places where things happen that could change your life.
    but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the new direction my life took when I got into that car and you were there too. you said hello. I’m sure I did too. and eight months later I found myself with two teenagers. at the intersection of Bill and Amy.

    By claudine on 04.26.2011

  22. Queensway and Islington intersects in Etobicoke where I used to live. Every time I would tell people where my house was I would say “Islington and the Queensway” but when I was younger I had no idea where that actually was. So when they asked for more clear instructions, like north or south, I would say by the McDonalds. You know… that McDonalds? Close to the 7 Eleven. And I would finally admit. I don’t know where I live.

    By Jess on 04.26.2011

  23. the meeting point of anything two lines, or people deserves to be called an intersection. it can be taken as a positive or a negative term.

    By tamanna on 04.26.2011

  24. life and death, one intersects the other. Crossroads, red, yellow green. go or stayed there waiting, stopped, yielding.

    By Ana URL on 04.26.2011

  25. people waiting. waiting to take that next step. they press the button as if that would make time go faster. i curse when i miss a light. like i’m missing life.

    By frenchruffles URL on 04.26.2011

  26. When someone cuts you off when your trying to get off the freeway… that sucks… I still love big cities though :)

    By Jewelz on 04.26.2011

  27. it is cars on rods

    By littleman on 04.26.2011

  28. Intersection means when like all the roads meet.

    By soccer10 URL on 04.26.2011

  29. I get scared when I go on a road that intersects with a railroad.

    By emmaliegh URL on 04.26.2011

  30. a car. Red. stopped at the lights. About to turn left. It is raining. Night, or evening rather. There is still a purple tinge in the sky. Still a little light left. The dark has come early with the rain clouds.

    By G on 04.26.2011

  31. The crisp, foreboding tones of the piano play the prelude to the symphony of my discordant emotions.

    Here you come again. Here we meet again. My face stiffens; my manner dulls. Then you’re gone, once again, and I feel like I just gouged out a chunk of my heart.

    Just another intersection where we met and parted, like strangers.

    By eehua URL on 04.26.2011

  32. when 2 roads cross, they intersect. so there for that is an intersection!!

    By stillmoon URL on 04.26.2011

  33. An intersection is when the middle of somethings are placed together making it a intersection.

    By Babe on 04.26.2011

  34. its something car drive on or drive under

    By red neck URL on 04.26.2011

  35. crossway cross fire
    we’ve won it all
    tick tock goes the clock
    let’s stop all time and just run along

    i miss you
    truth me told
    i miss you
    i do

    let’s run along
    forget it all
    forget the world
    run and all

    we’ll live this life
    the way we meant we would
    take it slow
    but run along

    By B on 04.26.2011

  36. intersections are things were cars can pass through. Usually in an intersection there is four stop lights or stop signs. Theses are made to keep people safe, and save lives, if someone follows the laws and stops. Im fourteen and when i get my license i will do my best to follow all traffic laws. People need to start following these laws so that lives can be saved.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 04.26.2011

  37. If you have a car you can drive on an intersection.

    By camiwhite on 04.26.2011

  38. There’s this intersection that made me feel like flying away too swift. To love someone who can’t love you back is indeed hard. Letting him know is harder. And when your eyes meet his is the hardest.

    By Herman G. Barcelona URL on 04.26.2011

  39. An odd concept, the meeting of roads, the juxtaposition of moving and stopping mixed together in a paradoxical example of government legislation. Wonder how many meetings of significance have taken place at them, if any, the loves eyes that locked and stayed locked for years, the fleeting glances that gave the other the key to unlock and remain unlocked for the rest of time.

    By Andrew on 04.26.2011

  40. We have lived our lives and lies on two parallel planes. Would you like to meet me for dinner tonight?

    By Aditi URL on 04.26.2011