April 24th, 2011 | 465 Entries

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465 Entries for “puzzled”

  1. Not knowing what to do. it’s as if you are speechless and can’t think of the words or feelings to feel. You raise your shoulders… shrug… and wonder when you are going to get past this moment in your life

    By Megan Lawrence on 04.25.2011

  2. mazes.expression..! confusion…i relate it mostly with the mental status of a person, essentially me! n i like solving puzzles though! Love them!

    By Gargi on 04.25.2011

  3. confused altered games noise weird afraid odd wonder wonderment suprised

    By Catherine URL on 04.25.2011

  4. Puzzled about love and life,
    Puzzled about why I couldn’t put down the knife.
    Why do I have to be this way?
    Why can’t I just stay the same?
    I don’t know how to explain how I feel,
    because none of my emotions are real.

    By Nikki URL on 04.25.2011

  5. We were puzzled by the mystery of the stange pool of water sitting at the end of our driveway one morning. We were puzzled by the expanse of it as it oozed out of the ground and coagulated with the membranes of skin and bones left by the bird or beast that once lived in the ground. Who could imag

    By Anne on 04.25.2011

  6. The puzzled look covered everyone’s face in the room. They weren’t expecting the media to be this corrupt. They weren’t ready to face the truth.

    “Dear god, what has happened to us?” murmured John Paul, his face fading from puzzled to stricken.

    “I don’t know anymore, I just don’t know,” whispered Sandra, her heart shattering even more in her chest.

    By Ash on 04.25.2011

  7. puzzled. i am always puzzled throughout my day. why do we get puzzled? is there ever an answer. do we ever get to finish. i will continue to put the pieces of my life together. i will take pieces out that no longer fit. my puzzle is always changing.

    By lee on 04.25.2011

  8. It scours the darkness of meaning
    Empty, void, delirious
    The satiny smoothness of the dark
    Touches its cheeks
    Hums a tune
    Whips a mean breeze.

    By yunisee on 04.25.2011

  9. this word makes me puzzled in itself… or myself… or something self. i’ve not a thought to write of…

    By beebuns on 04.25.2011

  10. She was highly puzzled. Perplexed. Confused. Unsure. The random series of events became her life puzzle, the only problem was that about half of the pieces were missing. Nothing seemed to fit together except a few pieces here and there. She had no idea of where to go next, only that she had to go.

    By Sev on 04.25.2011

  11. You don’t know, do you?
    It’s left you confused – baffled, even.
    Here’s a clue – it takes thought.

    By Stephanie on 04.25.2011

  12. He stood there peering into her walk-in wardrope, a puzzled expression on his face.
    Amelia came and stood beside him following his gaze, which appeared to have settled on her rather large selection of handbags.
    “It’s so strange”, he murmured.
    “I’d heard tales of it, but I never knew women needed so many handbags?”.
    Amelia laughed and gave him a reassuring pat, “Well honey, we don’t use them all at once.”

    By mariesdaly on 04.25.2011

  13. pew puzzled it is a puzzling word , It sounds like what it is , onomatopaeic . Puzzles are hard to solve and the word puzzled is hard too. it must be unique as it has two zs . two last letters of the alphabet , a pity it does not have an a it does have d and e . the sound of pu strikes one hard , you have to make a rose of your mouth to say it . So too a rose is a complex flower it can be a puzzle too . Three consonants zzl do these occur in Eastern European languages? the front of the mouth is used first and then the back for the second syllable . the first is broad and the second is slender . it is a hit hard word , a word i like like maze the maze puzzled , I was amazed in the maze , then puzzled . What language has a lot of words like puzzle? Not English . When did the word originate ?

    By Anna Grogan URL on 04.25.2011

  14. i was puzzled one day. so puzzled that i could not even understand the root of the word “puzzled” itself. i was so extremely puzzled i stopped talking an thought about my life. i was no longer puzzled. it was a spectacular day for me.

    By chrissie on 04.25.2011

  15. Why am I seeing the word puzzled? I don’t feel puzzled. Puzzles can be fun and interesting, especially when they test your personality and brain power. This is cool. Wonder what’s next? You never know is this puzzling world.

    By Christine on 04.25.2011

  16. It’s strange to think something could be so puzzling. After years of education, reading books, and surfing the internet, there still isn’t an explanation for it. One day I hope to understand what my purpose here is.

    By Melissa H on 04.25.2011

  17. There is always something that he doesn’t understand. It angers him greatly. He wishes he was perfect and perfect means knowing evreything. No puzzlement.

    By Tristan URL on 04.25.2011

  18. I sat at the chair – staring at the newspaper that was in my hand. Plain black font reflected nothing but boring events – yet the one thing that caught my eye, more than anything, was the crossword puzzle. Had it been an hour? Two hours? I sat there, trying to decipher the last horizontal word… what could it be?

    By Ruben D on 04.25.2011

  19. i am puzzled about life because there is so much and so many different theories pertaining to life. Where did life come from? This can be very confusing and has many somewhat puzzled. I like puzzles. They challenge my ability to solve problems and to think logically. I think they help me develop critical thinking skills. This exercise is also very good for developing critical thinking skills.

    By Andrew on 04.25.2011

  20. I was puzzled about the degree to which my writing would inspire people. But then I thought that my words are meant to inspire me. If they reach out to someone else then that is just a bonus. Puzzling.

    By Zukey Jones URL on 04.25.2011

  21. ah puzzeled.!! i am puzzeled just now because day after tomorrow i have my prob stats exams,and i an not fuly prepared rifht now \
    i have read the portion after mid sems but not completely
    i am planin

    By saransh URL on 04.25.2011

  22. exactly what you and i and he and she are feeling and wondering not knowing because that’s what it means to be i can’t hear a fucking thing please be quiet sixty seconds is too much time.

    By alice on 04.25.2011

  23. i am puzzled what to write, i a m puzzled by what choices in life i should make, what i am doing in my chosed carreer, what steps to take next, its something i have alwasy known the answer to, but now i have no idea wha i am doing, but it is exciteing to be puzzled, and to not know, the more you dont know, the more new things you have to look forward to knowing.

    By Rhiannon on 04.25.2011

  24. the puzzle is puzzled because is puzzled and it should be pluzzled so it can be puzzled to be puzzled. So if it’s puzzled it can be puzzled to be puzzled and stop being puzzled is not a good idea because being puzzled is awesome for the puzzle.

    By Eliana on 04.25.2011

  25. confused. maybe slightly angry. diligent, but with a sullen air. not at all bemused. sitting in the solarium. why? warmth. banded warmth. nice. Is that why? puzzled.

    By Jennifer on 04.25.2011