July 21st, 2012 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “instructions”

  1. He slumps down in his desk chair, glaring at the pamphlet in his hands. The instructions for what he’s about to try are simple enough that they’re ridiculously hard to follow. But learning how to fly isn’t exactly something that you do every day.

    By finchlings URL on 07.21.2012

  2. “Why don’t you try listening carefully to my instructions?” she said through clenched teeth. There was an irritated edge in her voice. “Find him. Kill him. Bring his body to me.” She stood up straight and clasped her hands, narrowing her cold black eyes at me and tapping her long talon-like nails together. “Is that simple enough for you?”
    I clenched my fists, my nails digging into my palms. “No,” I snapped, my voice low. “I’d rather die than let you hurt him.”
    A wicked smile curled her lips. “That can be arranged,” she hissed.

    By Rachel URL on 07.21.2012

  3. A man from Missouri put the steering column in his Z-26 1991 Camaro in upside down. I have never heard of someone doing that before, nor of a man so desperately in need of the instructions. I guess he’s officially lost his man card.

    By Shae URL on 07.21.2012

  4. He’d given her exact instructions. He’d given her it in words, on paper, and acted it out physically. And she still, regardless of that, messed it up.

    She grinned and rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. “Ehhh… sorry?”

    By Katie on 07.21.2012

  5. They were always the worst. Stupid box with like sixty different languages on it. She let out a noise of frustration. This was supposed to be easy. If he was there… She couldnt fault him for not being around. Military wives always had to deal with Ikea instructions on their own, pregnant or not.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 07.21.2012

  6. the instructions came through. “get to Bruges you dumb fuck”. I didn’t even know where Bruges was. ………………………it’s in Belgium.

    who can guess the movie?

    By corinnele on 07.21.2012

  7. how to do something. or how not to do something. restrictions. rules.

    By M on 07.21.2012

  8. Instructions annoy me yet are a huge help at the same time. I hate following instructions, yet I know that if I don’t follow them, I will be much worse off than my current situation. So I follow them anyways. I guess it’s not so bad, although at times it can be very aggravating.

    By Emilia URL on 07.21.2012

  9. I wish life came with instructions. It would make things so much easier. And saying that sounds cliche. I mean, that’s what everyone wishes for isn’t it? But we wish for it for a reason. We don’t want to make mistakes or hit the pit falls in life. We want to be happy and make those around us happy.

    By Kyle Hammer URL on 07.21.2012

  10. Mrs. Barnswell gave them all the instructions, but for some reason Jimi’s were different from all the others. He was instructed to stand out; to be himself. If the teacher would have given those instructions to the the rest of the class, that year would have went smoother. better. not as full of pain.

    By Mags URL on 07.21.2012

  11. He’d received the following instructions: “Do not follow.” And it was the one instruction he could never commit to, the only promise he could never give. All he could do in face of the train of destruction that he was faced with was ignore them completely.

    By Moony on 07.21.2012

  12. there are instructions for millions of things; instructions can help people do things. some people don’t like instructions; they think instructions are too rule-based; i think instructions are good; if you don’t like them, don’t follow them; however, you must be mindful of what the consequences are.

    By gayle on 07.21.2012

  13. They help guide us. They are very helpful when doing big projects. It could be for a recipe or a object. People often read them. They are used in everything.

    By Audrey on 07.21.2012

  14. yelling
    swimming lessons
    life or death
    following certain commands

    By clare on 07.21.2012

  15. instructions are things set out for you to do. they teach people things that they may need to know in order to be successful. some people don’t need instructions. if there were instructions on how to live, everyone would be the same as everyone else. and life would be boring, and uncreative.

    By Hannah Baldridge on 07.21.2012

  16. There are no instructions written on the back of your soul. We figure it out as we go.

    By Kyle Hammer URL on 07.21.2012

  17. They’re supposed to be followed. Sometimes if you don’t follow them, you end up on the completely wrong path. But once, when me and my Dad were assembling our Mother’s Day lawn chair, we did just that – and it came out just fine. Brain work, and putting your heart in the right place means you’re free from complete instructions, making mistakes is for everyone anyway.

    By Karena on 07.21.2012

  18. They help you understand what to do. If you need help building a chair chances are they come with instructions. They are in recipes, homework, dancing, building and a whole bunch more!

    By Audrey URL on 07.21.2012

  19. they just don’t come as easily as they used to. they go out, they come back, but they never stay in one place for too long.

    By moonblood URL on 07.21.2012

  20. lead the way….tell us how….follow the leader……way to go….helpful but what about thinking for oneself and outside the box? How to

    By momushka on 07.21.2012

  21. I was given instructions to write what ever came in to my head with just sixty seconds to do so.

    By Red on 07.21.2012

  22. It’s really too bad that life doesn’t come with instructions….. and parts. All the nuts, screw, bolts and allen wrenched needed to get through…. sorta like a box from ikea. (equipped with diagrams to get through the rough parts)

    By Erin URL on 07.21.2012

  23. instructions are totally irritating, you never should follow them because there’s no point. do what you want, do what you like and it’ll be fine. do whatever you want just remember to stay happy no matter what happens, even if that involves not following instructions :)

    By Mia on 07.21.2012

  24. i didnt know that i was suppose to write about this word but i guess this is the word of choice.

    By tonya on 07.21.2012

  25. “The instructions are in German.”

    I stopped making dinner for a brief moment. “What?”

    “The instructions,” she repeated, gesturing at the flimsy packet of paper that was bristling in her hands. “For the radio. It’s in German.”

    “Okay, but is it in English, too?”


    I tried again. “Spanish? French?”

    “Nada. Non.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.21.2012

  26. Instructions are necessary in order to start any new project or new work. Instructions help you to get familiarised with the environment quickly.

    By Prachi on 07.21.2012

  27. I can’t follow them. I try but I tune out or there’s a key word or expression I don’t understand or they’re in Hebrew or Arabic or Russian but not English. I try to find them online but unsuccessfully, I look for someone to do it for me, usually a man.

    By Dorit on 07.21.2012

  28. “These instructions are terrible!” I cried, throwing them to the ground. “How can I communicate with Specula if it’s only one-way with mirrors for them and I just get to hope they see what I’m saying?!”

    By Kristina URL on 07.21.2012

  29. Oppps got distracted!!! Didn’t read the instructions quickly enough so I’m behind! DAMN IT!!! Wont make an A on the Spelling B now. Sad day.

    By Britt URL on 07.21.2012

  30. they always tell you what to do. you follow them and you’re supposed to have success right? follow the instructions. that’s what they always tell you to do. but what if you were different? and didn’t follow the instructions? disobey the instructions. and you’ll find that those were the instructions all along.

    By ellie URL on 07.21.2012

  31. Life doesn’t come with a set of instructions. From the moment your dad’s fastest swimmer meets your mom’s egg, you’re on your own. There’s no tour guide through the birth canal, and no one to hand you a map and guidebook as soon as you’re thrust into the bright, cold air of your new world. All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players, but we’re missing a script to memorize. We don’t know our cues until we’re again shoved under another bright light. We’re helped by science and religion and art and stories and our predecessors, but beyond those aides, we’re left to navigate unfamiliar waters with no instructions, no map, nothing but our own devices.
    Instructions aren’t rules. They’re merely guidelines. Like a recipe for cookies, you follow carefully until you feel they’d be better with a pinch more salt or a drop more vanilla. Instructions are a stern suggestion from someone looking out for you, but an invitation for creativity. To bend the rules. To make something your own.

    By Marin on 07.21.2012

  32. Instructions are a little bit that people write to describe how they want a certain thing done or how they intended for something to be carried out. They can be very helpful. Many people refuse to read or use instructions because, for reasons of self-affirmation, they like to prove to themselves and others that they are capable of doing whatever it is on their own. This is silly and they usually end up fucking things up and having to ask for help.

    By Nikki on 07.21.2012

  33. are given. by me or by you or by some other cretin. we’re all cretins in one way or another. that’s a given, too. so don’t give me that look.

    By resident poltergeist on 07.21.2012

  34. I always try to follow them. Deviating from them isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you get the job done. I was raised to follow them without question, and am still being put to that test. In school these are a big deal. A huge deal. Well that’s what they make it.

    By Andrew on 07.21.2012

  35. I don’t have any idea. I did’n read the instructions of this thing. I’m not English native speaker. I don’t know what I’m doing here. But I hope understand it in a while.

    By MAGA on 07.21.2012

  36. Get it?

    By Ariel on 07.21.2012

  37. to do and say is what I need. I have instructions to kill, and be killed as well. One day, I will follow them into an abyss of hatred and indifference. It will become my destiny, these instructions.

    By Thomas on 07.21.2012

  38. “How can anyone read these intructions!” My mother screamed. “They’re not even in English!”
    I walk to her and take a glance at the directions. Then, I take them out of her hand and flip them over so that the spanish side was now on the back.
    My mother paused. “I knew that…”

    By Amarie URL on 07.21.2012

  39. you have to do these but sometimes don’t want to. IKEA ones are difficult to follow. I hope mine are clear, as a bell, or tinkling thing. Which to follow first.

    By lizardj on 07.21.2012

  40. following instructions has never been your strong point; you used to lie with your eyes wide open when you were supposed to nap after lunch in kindergarden, at school you never managed to sit still till the end of the period, and now there’s a guy pointing a gun at your head and expecting you to do exactly as your told… who will you listen to, him or his heart that knows it would be betrayal of everything you’ve ever believed in?

    By Lucie URL on 07.21.2012