July 21st, 2012 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “instructions”

  1. Where are the instructions to life? I can’t seem to find any.

    By Sophia on 07.21.2012

  2. I hate instructions. Why must we all be limited to one way? How do they know that this is the best way to accomplish said task? How would you do things differently if the numbered iron fist of law did not dictate you every move?

    By howdy do on 07.21.2012

  3. Insert post into cam on part A
    turn cam until post is locked

    Feed a pinch once a day
    do not overfeed


    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) on 07.21.2012

  4. There are instructions for assembly
    for walking in the hall
    for changing a cam shaft
    for cooking crepes
    for everything

    but not life


    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) on 07.21.2012

  5. Is it true that men need instructions less often than women? How do instructions threaten their self esteem? Why are the not just uninterested, but resistant to using them, like instructions are an affront to their manhood? Instructions are like a path in the woods, a light touch that gently directs in the most fruitful way.

    By Bryna on 07.21.2012

  6. in[I’m]stru[Stuck]ctions

    By Sophia on 07.21.2012

  7. well, I really do hate listening to them. If there were so many then it would have been unnecessary to have even more, wouldn’t there? I suppose we can’t do without them, but we can certainly do without more of them. Too many instructions clog up the brain just like they can clog up your hard drive.

    By Arkaprabha Chakraborty on 07.21.2012

  8. “Follow instructions.”

    Sometimes it’s easy to follow instructions. Sometimes it’s better to go against your own free will. Free will … isn’t that what things are about? You’ve never lived if you don’t know who you are. Yet they tell you to follow instructions. But then again, instructions keep order … and you UNDER order.

    By Patri on 07.21.2012

  9. The instructions were complicated, but not if you read between the lines. The villain didn’t want his source of power and his source of weakness anywhere close to each other, so he ordered two deposit boxes and there they went. Meanwhile the heroes searched high and low through the world, wildly chasing the fantasy weakness object. But the instructions to get to the boxes was ridiculously easy.

    By Shelly Tiasons on 07.21.2012

  10. something that we are told to follow so we know what to do, but is it always the right thing to do? what happens if we don;t follow them is there a consequence will we get in trouble, not by authority oer say but will our life not turn out how its supposed to if you dont follow instructions?

    By Mayme on 07.21.2012

  11. I read the instructions carefully. I re-read the instructions but to no avail. I was lost and the metal wagon was not going to be put together. i went next door to ask if my neighbor would help me…but there was no answer and then someone screamed hellishly.

    By michelle on 07.21.2012

  12. Instructions for sorrow. Lie to yourself, lie to others. Lie to yourself as to whether you lie to others. Mull over the fact that people give you a hard time. Never admit fault. Grasp what you can while you can. Sorrow is yours.

    By Ruth on 07.21.2012

  13. instructions are important. they help you do things, sometimes its finding your way, or getting through something, or going through with an action. they guide us. they assist us. from time to time we all need them.

    By Ciara G on 07.21.2012

  14. The instructions had been given. Lights had been turned off and it was time to sleep. His wrists still made a cracking sound from all the work he had been doing throughout the whole day, but it was finally time to let go off the pain and breathe in and out as to let problems stop colliding with each other.

    By Paula on 07.21.2012

  15. I am afraid that because I did not properly follow instructions I will not be allowed in. At the same time I feel that I was given competing instructions. The instructions of my social enclave dictate that I should have done it their way. The instructions of my heart and of the books that I have read say that I should follow my heart. I have chosen to follow my heart. I am now being told that I am not allowed in, because I did not properly follow instructions. Perhaps I am knocking on the wrong doors.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 07.21.2012

  16. they are not very usefull in this site.
    they were short
    and my keyboard isnt really cooperating with me.
    i dont usualy follow them anyway so ill just write about the army
    it sucks.

    By adam wellingstein on 07.21.2012

  17. the instructions were in russian and I just did not pay attention in class so the only way to defuse this bomb was to tie it to my dog and let him run after the cat down the road. He ran like mad, turned the corner, I heard a squeal and then it all went quiet……..

    By John on 07.21.2012

  18. ok the first thing that pops into my mind is something that you give people on a street to find a place or something :)) it’s also some steps that you could follow to do anything !!!

    By cooko on 07.21.2012

  19. the time for going and moving, the place where time is suck between the unknown and the know-hows. Don’t try to tinker or brand your name on something different. Try instead to do what many cannot, follow them.

    By rhett on 07.21.2012

  20. I don’t like to follow instructions, I like to do My own thing. I don’t necessarily like to give instructions either unless they are for a good purpose.

    By Sean on 07.21.2012

  21. I peered down at the card in my hand. It said to take walk for two miles west until I hit a river. I didn’t know what was waiting for me there; the card had appeared in my bag shortly after school let out. I was wary – odd things had been happening around here. People going missing and the like. Disregarding all caution, I sucked in a breath and headed forward.

    By Lyric on 07.21.2012

  22. I follow instructions. I don’t deviate from what I am told. My life is calm, all is orderly. I am living the dream and loving every minute.

    By dan URL on 07.21.2012

  23. i dont them, they take to much space. their boring. i hate when im told to follow them.
    why are they boring. gosh why cant they at least be colorful. i mean they would look much more awesome right?

    By Ery on 07.21.2012

  24. It is to give us a written list of the procedure and a better undertanding of the task at hand. There are many things to remember to be able to give coherent details to form a lo

    By Safina on 07.21.2012

  25. as the teacher hands out a her list of instructions as to how to complete the report, Janie looks over at marie with a face of boredom. Though they are best friends and working on the project together Mr. Abro is just so boring.

    By Sydnie on 07.21.2012

  26. I already did this one today. I find instructions of upmost stupidity since it leaves no room for your own ideas. the instructions on how to do something will result in a definite product. Without instructions the product can be anything.

    By Sydnie on 07.21.2012

  27. task

    By faye on 07.21.2012

  28. He followed my instructions without hesitation. I was impressed by how attentive and meticulous he performed. There were definitely no complaints on my end.

    By leelee on 07.21.2012

  29. planes in they see how to do things :P umm in games how to play a game starts with i :O
    ummm mmmm how to do thingy

    By Kasper on 07.21.2012

  30. Instructions are usually never read. Ever. But sometimes, you actually should read them. I mean if you didn’t, most likely, you’ll miss something important. But honestly, who cares….. life doesn’t come with instructions anyway. So you’re
    really just listening to what other people want you to do. If it’s your teacher though…you gotta do what you gotta do. JK FUCK SOCIETY :)

    By Lucy on 07.21.2012

  31. they told me it would be fine. ‘follow the rules,’ they said.
    ‘everything will be fine,’ they said. i followed them to a tee, and now look at me. i am in so much pain. ‘you didn’t follow them,’ they said.
    ‘it’s your fault,’ they said.

    By Syrest on 07.21.2012

  32. I felt like I didn’t want to follow instructions, I wanted to be free. I searched for something more, but I didn’t knew what I was looking for. Don’t stop me.

    By Citlalli on 07.21.2012

  33. Why do fail to follow instructions? As a junior high teacher I reminded and reminded students. But some of the worst offenders are adults. There are so many adults who don’t follow instructions and it perplexes me!

    By Jean on 07.21.2012

  34. mom and i went to the store today to get ingredients for rice krispie treats to take to a family reunion. She’s made them so often that she couldn’t remember the recipe. I thought they have vanilla in them. We looked everywhere for the recipe and decided to just wing it… how hard could it be, right? As we got started, we found the recipe on the marshmallow bag.
    I miss my mom an awful lot.

    By midge URL on 07.21.2012

  35. I hate instructions. Why can’t we just do things our own way?
    I never follow them, but then again, i can just remember the stuff I’m supposed to do better. who cares about instructions?

    By Saima Dawood on 07.21.2012

  36. I follow you into the dark I follow you where I dont know WHERE? I dont know. I follow you because you seem to know where youre going, you have it laid out in steps, 1 2 3 4 and i like the simplicity. I follow you until you fail me and even then I tend to keep going one day i woke up and saw people following me and I am the instructor? me? I’m just following instructions.

    By amy betts URL on 07.21.2012

  37. They are unclear when it comes to the most important matter of life.
    Of the heart.

    I think I lost about 70% of people with that last line.

    I know I’m getting all wrong, despite all the backwards and menial instructions given by my many well-wishers.

    By Someone Else URL on 07.21.2012

  38. i think there are an immeasureable number of instructions that could come with a human life. there are so many things that one must figure out and discern, mostly all by themselves. an instruction book would be helpful in some aspects, but i doubt we would be who we are presently with an instruction manual in our lives.

    By Scarlet URL on 07.21.2012

  39. instructions is important for all people. because it directs us in good way. sometimes everyone might need some advice.when this time come up. instructions helps us in exact way.

    By Deniz on 07.21.2012

  40. Instructions should be the first thing one reads, its like learning from other people’s mistakes, it can save you time, where you can further the knowledge on the endeavor you’re undertaking instead of committing the same mishaps they did. Read them, someone took time to write them, at least give them the courtesy.

    By Kelly on 07.21.2012