November 12th, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “icicle”

  1. she reached out and touched the icicle. it felt cold beneath her fingertips, and she shivered. winter really was here, again. the only good thing about winter was christmas. she still had 6 long months to wait until her favorite day of the year, the summer solstice.

    By laurabean on 11.13.2011

  2. Oh what an exciting word! It even makes me cold just looking at it! Icicle it really is quite intriguing. I don’t have much to say on the matter as I like in a place where icicles are not that prevalent, yet they fill me with that Christmas joy. Their clarity is beautiful, they are like diamonds from the rain.

    By wodkacoke URL on 11.13.2011

  3. I remember the wonder at my boys’ first icicle. We had just moved from Southern California to West Lafayette, Indiana and a freak snow storm in October introduced them to mittens and snow hats and boots and chattering teeth.

    By Ed URL on 11.13.2011

  4. the icicle started dripping so cold so hot so cold. the mixture of feelings all exploding. it keeps dripping and dripping. a puddle forms on the ground and keeps growing. everything is wet. everything is cold. then it falls.

    By Ishbel on 11.13.2011

  5. yo yo its almost time for snow
    a weather so cold
    u’d wanna go back to Chicago
    Get sum grub and move to the west coast
    its all good cuz i wanna make some dough

    By Abel Espino URL on 11.13.2011

  6. The streets aren’t very crowded, everyone is going about their holiday festivities. And here I am, alone on Christmas. Miles and miles away from family and friends. I have nothing to do, no where to go. The stores are closed, my apartment is empty and cold, I have no food and no money. The only thing I can do is walk through Central Park. It’s snowy and beautiful. The Christmas lights make it even prettier, icicles glimmer from their light, and it looks like a true, romantic, Winter Wonderland. And all of a sudden I feel lucky to have no where to go, no stores to enter, no pleasing apartment to stay in, and no money to do much of anything, because if it wasn’t for the lack of them I would have missed this beautiful place and every memory it brought back.

    By Sam Haines on 11.13.2011

  7. ice…. my family used to have a store where we would sell ice cream, popsicles, flavored water, and snacks
    i remember that i had to make popsicles in this big machine and then put them in the freezer… and i remember that there would be a lot of icicles there, and it made me miss the snowy places in the US since here it’s a rainy place, and it never snows….

    i stopped missing everything when you came around… now, then only thing i ever miss is your face… yesterday was beautiful… even though i got in trouble hahahaa

    By Haze URL on 11.13.2011

  8. frozen

    By sophi on 11.13.2011

  9. cold

    By Susan on 11.13.2011

  10. freeze

    By sophi on 11.13.2011

  11. i’m going to canada in a week. i’ve never been out of the county before, so i’m not really sure mentally how i should feel about it. i keep telling pepole i’m excited, because that’s how i think i should feel. but i don;t really know. i just feel pretty average about it. like, “oh, yeah, i’m going all the way up to canada….yay…” but i get to do snow every show, so that’s pretty cool.

    By phoetus URL on 11.13.2011

  12. That is how her heart felt. Cold and without any chance of warmth, ever again. When she had time to thaw out she would think of how it had happened. Was it slowly or did she freeze up overnight?

    By mojito on 11.13.2011

  13. a cold afternoon in canada, hangin with friends and laughing about who ever got their tongue stuck today and about who likes who at school :D

    By Meaghan on 11.13.2011

  14. Man alive if I ain’t always gotta be goin like an icicle fallin down up offa that hangin eave there goin all like that, man, I don’t know what. People stoppin up here askin all like why you do that, and man, why I gotta be splainin that like how. People, man.

    Anyway, when you got that thing like that, it’s best you know how to be and when to be, cus bein is always gonna be tough.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.13.2011

  15. The snow has hit but all things light haven’t enclosed our winter wonderland. The icicle sits hard and bitter amoung our rooftops, a reminder of the searing pain winter likes to inflict. Although beautiful this piece of winter is one we like best from afar.

    By speechlessly URL on 11.13.2011

  16. her touch was cold against his hot skin. he was feverish and she could be mistaken for an icicle, but it did not stop the curious spark of chemistry from crackling between them. he sat up, despite the swimming feeling in his cerebellum, and pulled her against him, bracing for the shock.

    By nichole URL on 11.13.2011

  17. Like a large icicle piercing into my skull
    My thoughts of this situation are painful and cold
    I wish they could just disappear and leave my children here
    with the family that truly loves and cares for them

    By Bryan Green URL on 11.13.2011

  18. hanging from above and below. careful not to fall or back into the tips. i can see my breathe in the air, its shifting form shaping into my only company here. it is cold, but their imagined entities provide no relief. and it is dark, their eery dispositions only augmenting my awareness of the shadows. obscuring and distorting all i know. worry. it never ends. the hair stands on the back of my neck and ive grown used to its familiar tickle. no matter how expectant you are theres never any preparing for whats around the corner, what will jump from the next crevice. and theres no way out. there are ancient, immovable cracks taunting me with the light from beyond them. but the passages inside are endless and confused and any amount of searching ive done for holes in its malicious walls has proven absolutely, rottenly fruitful. it seems that the only resource i have on my side is time. and patience.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.13.2011

  19. If this was icecream Yuri would be grateful but this was ice and her tongue was stuck to it. Oh goddamn it someone please save her. It was her stupid idea of showing off by licking frozen morning dew.

    “Pff, told you so.” Taeyeon laughed.


    By -Sarah URL on 11.13.2011

  20. Cold and freezing, icy tack. My tongue drips in anticipation. Cold and wintery. Reminds me of snow and good times. Warmth and fireplaces. Spending time with my dog on the couch. lonely and cold. Time for reflection. Finals are coming up. Icicle Popsicle!

    By Ellima URL on 11.13.2011

  21. the icicles hung from the tree branches much like bats, he thought, no, that was not true. They were like daggers, he decided. No, not even daggers held that much… animosity. Yes, animosity that was a good word. Not the best, no best was susurrus with it’s whispering its… deceptive whispering, deceptive and dangerous and so very sneaky.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.13.2011

  22. icicles have always been scary. she’s always been afraid that one day one would fall on her head and she’d having no one near by to come and save her and she’d be unconscious so she couldn’t scream for help, and slowly die away in the snow.

    By Elizabeth Claire URL on 11.13.2011

  23. Ice ice baby. Cold, freezing white. I never like the cold sooooo soooo cold. Last year I was trapped in my own home due to ice and snow. It was horrible. I never wanna go thru that gain. never never gain. n icicle is a good murder weapon. It’ll melt into a puddle of water and blood very pointyy!!!!

    By Philip Madison on 11.13.2011

  24. Looks like the tooth of a monster. Of a really beautiful monster.

    By jwaacks on 11.13.2011

  25. i like ice and it is long and it has lots of other stuff, it’s cold and watery and diarrhea and stuff idk wtf i am doing cool lolol umad ice cream and also some other stuff. just like jars and waters and something nice to eat

    By Jason on 11.13.2011

  26. I remember it like it was just yesterday. The way you looked at me. The way we both smiled at each other. The way you laughed. You bought me an icicle and innocently bit mine abit. Then, the car charged towards us. We did not see it coming.

    By Syafinas URL on 11.13.2011

  27. Icicles… they remind me of dreams. Sometimes, they fall slowly and shatter at the end, and they don’t bother to recreate themselves. But sometimes, the icicles stay in one place forever, waiting to be picked up by a person, or waiting to fall. But this isn’t the way it should be.

    By paige URL on 11.13.2011

  28. I’ve never seen this word spelled out prior to now. Oddly, it throws me off completely. I don’t know how else I would’ve spelled it but this way just looks awkward, kinda like an icicle hanging down from a rooftop.

    By Niel Kelm URL on 11.13.2011

  29. Icicles are awesome.
    Seriously. I love them.
    They should be everywhere.
    I still don’t understand what I have to do here.
    But icicles surely do. I’ll go ask a few.

    By Moatilliatta on 11.13.2011

  30. icicles in my heart, trying to cool my madness. icicles hanging down, waiting to pierce the next in my rage. they’re the sharp shards of glass in my brain giving me a headache. they’re the frozen water in small bits, dripping slowly when melting, driving me ever further down madness.

    By Allsion on 11.13.2011

  31. The icicle hung from the old barns eave, and grew bigger each day, as the weather remained cold not allowing it to melt, only grow each day with the suns warmth, and melting snow from the roof.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.13.2011

  32. bike

    By niii on 11.13.2011

  33. Piece of ice hanging off the side of man-made structures. Forms when snow melts at a slow rate, causing water to drip off the side of a building. When the sun goes down or temperatures drop, the dripping water freezes over in the shape of an icicl

    By Johnny on 11.13.2011

  34. Icicles are sharp and you can potentially kill people with them. That’s what happened in the Lovely Bones. I liked that book but it was a bit unsatisfying at the end. My dad’s car gets icicles on it in the winter. I like to break them off and hold them.

    By Zoe URL on 11.13.2011

  35. i love icicles!! i always think about how they’re the perfect murder weapon, because they melt. and then i wonder why, since so many people know about it, no one has done it. it’s such a silly thing how that happens, when a good idea is popular but it hasn’t been actually done. why not? well, we wouldn’t want murder, obviously, but you know what i mean

    By nicole.brenna URL on 11.13.2011

  36. Icy to my lips. I love the feeling of frost on soft sweet blades of glass. Polar icy drapes detail the edges of my home. They trail stories of gravity beneath the arms of trees.

    By Ellima URL on 11.13.2011

  37. what does it mean that i dream about you?
    ive known you for years how do quantify how i feel
    if it is a feeling or not
    god it was so cold last night
    i need to learn to live with no regrets
    fuck it was so cold i dont know how to take what i did
    but wait how did you take it?
    did you say somehting
    fuck you

    By ramona on 11.13.2011

  38. an icicle drips down from the rafters, hanging from a precipice. it’s on the edge, dwindling away into nothingness. the tip of the icicle cries, shedding tears rhythmically. suddenly, it’s all too much to bear. it drops. it shatters.

    By Megan on 11.13.2011

  39. Uh oh… like a frozen icicle on a roof, yesterday’s word is stuck and hasn’t changed over.

    Unless it’s due to the daylight savings thing and this thinks it’s an hour… no wait…. that wouldn’t work that way. Then the new word would have been posted an hour earlier not an hour later.



    A virtual frozen “icicle” hanging in the entryway of OneWord…

    Let’s see how long it takes to melt…

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.13.2011

  40. Drat! That should have read

    “A virtual “icicle” frozen in the entryway of OneWord…” Eh, it’s close enough ;)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.13.2011