November 13th, 2011 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “abstract”

  1. When I think of that word, I think of dreams I have considering they’re just thoughts in my head that never really exist. Like if I’ll dream about a place that has no way of existing, then that would basically be abstract

    By Emma URL on 11.14.2011

  2. abstract reminds me of mrs.billings which is a art teacher wheich reminds me of art. and black and white, i like black thing. that sounds sooo creeppy. but my nails are black, and i like them black. and black reminds me of my stomach because im really hungry right now, and its empty.

    By jordyn URL on 11.14.2011

  3. The whole time he felt as if whatever he was feeling, whatever he was going through, wasn’t real. “Maybe it’s all in my head,” he would say to himself. “Maybe I’m just making this up.” He didn’t know if it was right or if this was the way it was supposed to be. To him, it wasn’t real. It was abstract.

    By Neha URL on 11.14.2011

  4. art beauty colorful photography photos life beauty natural idea quality chart

    By Leah on 11.14.2011

  5. colorful, full of excitement, many colors and textures. Character. :)

    By Kyle URL on 11.14.2011

  6. Abstractions. Hm. I thought about doing abstract photography for my final project, but there wasn’t enough ideas floating around in my head to do that. Greg, my professor, would’ve liked something like that. He’s SO fine art. I’m SO more into advertising photo.

    By Jessica Renee URL on 11.14.2011

  7. to me, abstract was always an excuse for somebody without talent.

    “that guy is a painter”.

    -“oh yeah? kinda looks like he drank paint and yakked on a canvas”.

    “oh, well, it’s abstract”.

    -“ah, suddenly he’s a genius. I must just not have an eye for talent”.

    By B URL on 11.14.2011

  8. Abstrast, what an abstract concept.
    Abstract things annoy me.
    I like it when things make sense, when everything is clear.
    meh, idgaf. :)

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.14.2011

  9. Abstract, it’s a word that I use in my vocabulary quite often. But I guess I’ve never really given it too much much thought.
    Now that I think about it, abstract concepts…abstract people…just abstract things in general really do irk me. I prefer it when things are clear and everything makes sense.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.14.2011

  10. I am an abstract thinker. Things are all sorts of shades of grey in my head, with hardly any black or white. In fact, I don’t even think in grayscale. I think in color. It’s like in my head there is a box of crayons, and each crayon is a thought. And then somehow my mind overheats and then al the crayons melt together and form a beautiful swirling mess of color… that’s how I think.

    By Glory URL on 11.14.2011

  11. very nice and beautiful. It contains different type of lines and shapes. Can be as colorful as a rainbow or as dull as a charcoal drawing. Abstract. Abstract can be a personality trait as well. You never know how abstract someone can be. Art. Art can define a person as well, noone knows how someone can be abstract. It’s a wonderful word to use.

    By Maria on 11.14.2011

  12. Abstract. Everyone can be abstract. But the word seem s to be much more than that. We can have abstract art, personalities, life, ect, ect. The first picture rd that pops into my mind is lines and shapes. Not exactly sure why, but it does. When you have a abstract personality, is that a good thing or bad thing? What do you think it means. To me, it could mean you’re either as colorful as a rainbow or as dull as a charcoal still life drawing. Abstract.

    By Maria URL on 11.14.2011

  13. When I look at you,
    I don’t see expressionism
    or realism or anything normal.
    I see bits of Dali, abstractions
    from the depths of insanity.
    But it’s better that way;
    I like you the way you are.

    By Sammy Marks URL on 11.14.2011

  14. something that is not completely defined in its representation but yet is conveying a meaning. A representation might be missing in its complete physical form or meaning yet conveying the adequate emotion with respect to the audience.

    By Anuraag Sachdeva on 11.14.2011

  15. Her thinking was abstract and she knew it. She knew she wasnt like all those around her because instead of trying to see what they saw and be what they were, she was striving for something different. Something revolutionary. She wasn’t like all those around her, and she couldn’t have been happier about it,

    By Sarah on 11.14.2011