December 4th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “higher”

  1. Always aim high in life. Go for the bigger things. Keep reaching until you attain it. And after you have, set the bar even higher and continue to reach for it. Life’s too short for the bar to ever be too high.

    By Prachi Singh on 12.04.2012

  2. Those days, when I’m higher. I’m above the others, flying higher and higher and have this incredible feeling of an explosion of happiness, WITHOUT DRUGS

    By LadyTuna on 12.04.2012

  3. higher than the average screwball he sat there unbiased and uncaring about anything but his own rhetoric. THere was something that told him he was on a higher plain than the rest of the world and for some reason he didnt seem to mind the exclusion because he knew thats where he always wanted to be. I dont know about philosophy or the independent opinions of the big “greats” but i do know, that the higher away from the contrived socials norms of life, the happier with yourself and others you will always find yourself.

    By Nadejda Stancioff on 12.04.2012

  4. Higher, lower, left, right, up, down. Flying, falling. Drowning, breathing. Living, dying. Oh how I’m falling for you. Falling, falling, falling. But why do I still get this high? I love you so much. Higher

    By Johanne on 12.04.2012

  5. She climbed up on the cafe table for a better view. The higher perch put her well above the crowds jamming the sidewalk and as the cars drew near she could see the armed guards hanging on the sides of the truck at the head of the procession.

    By Katherine on 12.04.2012

  6. The skyline swept higher than anything that she had ever seen. Unlike the small, humble houses of her village, these buildings crowded into the sky like jagged teeth. They cut into the clouds and disappeared. What need could there be for so much space going into the sky?

    By Rachel on 12.04.2012

  7. The stair case seemed to grow taller as the people on the ground shrink to the size of ants. Higher and higher i climbed, hating every step. I was walking to my death, i could feel it. It’s a sick sinking feeling in my stomach that i just couldn’t shake.

    By Kitty on 12.04.2012

  8. higher can become lower in a different perspective. and who knows wich view of the world is true?

    By corinnele URL on 12.04.2012

  9. flying in the blues the deepest blues I try to reach the highest point sailing upwards loosened balloons broken birds lifted on layers of light soaked smoke curled winds northern sky reaching always tops of mountains

    By Molly Walls on 12.04.2012

  10. the ballon just kept on going higher into the sky
    the man feels that he is higher then the clouds
    how much higher are we going to go

    By kyle URL on 12.04.2012

  11. higher higher and higher the large hot air balloon went. Up and up and up out of our sight.

    By taylark URL on 12.04.2012

  12. ‘Your love keeps lifting me, lifting me higher….’ Higher and higher above sky, above horizon line, high enough to see everything that was hidden before. From tethered to ground to sky-diving, feathers transforming frowns, ties to trampoline. Everything looks different here. I live in a new plane.

    By siobhan347 URL on 12.04.2012

  13. The higher you are in the food chain the more feared you are.

    By skyler jayne URL on 12.04.2012

  14. we need to get to higher ground

    By ashlee URL on 12.04.2012

  15. I was higher up off the ground than my friend.

    By andrewk URL on 12.04.2012

  16. The elevator went higher and higher until it reached the top floor.

    By sterlingm URL on 12.04.2012

  17. We can go higher than the sunuunnnnn. Tonight when you feeel like falling down, I’ll carry you upp tonight.

    By Reagan URL on 12.04.2012

  18. When you want to fly in a air plane you get higher and higher.

    By siena URL on 12.04.2012

  19. As the air plane let off it went higher and higher in the sky, as the butterflies in my tummy flattered harder and higher with the airplane.

    By desiree URL on 12.04.2012

  20. If I was ever higher than I am now, right at this moment,
    I swear I would be able to think so much clearer and know so much more,
    about everything around me.

    By Laurel URL on 12.04.2012

  21. Marion was in the habit of climbing on things. Trees, usually, but she could be found on the only flat part of the roof of an evening. She liked being high up. The higher the better. Maybe she’d fly one day, like the Lindberghs, It’d be nice to have a little big of perspective.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.04.2012

  22. i went up higher over the railing of the bridge ready to push off. i looked up into the sky and had my last thoughts. i was really going to go through with this because i wasn’t happy anymore. 1..2…3…. i felt the cold air against my skin for the last time.

    By kathpine98 URL on 12.04.2012

  23. i soar ever higher and higher searching for my goal hoping that i find it somewhere in this mess that is my life and yet the higher i get the more my goals seem to drift away and become more ghostly shadows of what they once were. The higher i get, the closer i am to them the more my will to reach them begins to waver and i am inclined to fall rapidly back to where i began looking from the ground up and wondering

    By ~A~ URL on 12.04.2012

  24. When you fall, you really fall. you crash.
    you could have taken me as high as you wanted
    and i thought that i’d have let you
    but i wanted to taste the dirt
    so i let go of you
    and when i hit the ground,
    you were the greatest thing i’d ever seen leave.

    By Sara c: URL on 12.04.2012

  25. I am reaching toward something I do not even realize. It is a dream. It is higher than I can imagine so I comfort myself with fantasizing that someday I will come closer to accomplishing a goal and realizing a dream. Others, like me, are also reaching higher and higher. That is life. Don’t be satisfied with less than reaching higher.

    By KB on 12.04.2012

  26. The water rocked me, carrying me higher on one wave, and then down into the valley of another. My red dress swirled around me, made heavy by the briny water. I looked up at the sky and thought, “If this is heaven…”

    By Iam Me URL on 12.04.2012

  27. i think about how often my household and everyone smokes so much and getting stoned and mountaintops and that time i went skydiving and and i think about having to raise low trees that are in the groundd and how much of a pain that is and how it hurts my back but mostl

    By Steve on 12.04.2012

  28. A balloon. Well, I love balloons. They fly in the air and what not. It’s pretty damn cool. I mean seriously, I don’t just fly in the air.

    By Bobbette III on 12.04.2012

  29. I get high to get higher to get high to get higher to get high to get higher
    only to get a glimpse of what lays ahead

    By mk on 12.04.2012

  30. On the top of a frozen tower of ice, everything is nothing more than glitter on the ground. It was cold up there. The wind beat my hair until it was cleaner that frost and my face as red as a bad-luck sunset. It was beautiful, and untouchable, but I was too alone to love it.

    By F on 12.04.2012

  31. I stand on my toes and I’m a little bit higher than I was a second ago. Perhaps a little more distant from some of the pain on earth, perhaps a little more able to handle the “hard,” parts. I try to reach into the good things, enjoy small, happy moments in each day, but some days I need to rise on my toes to find a section of sanity.

    By Julia URL on 12.04.2012

  32. Higher, higher than what
    Higher than the glowing moon in the sky
    Higher than the bird that quickly flies by
    Higher than a little girl on the shoulders of her father
    Higher than the weed smoking marauder
    Higher, Higher than what

    By Lindsey on 12.04.2012

  33. I try to get myself to go higher. But I struggle. And I sink. I want to be proud of myself. The only way to do that is to go higher. In everything. But something holds me back and I feel like I’m in a web.

    By Allison on 12.04.2012

  34. higher than all the buildings, higher than all the clouds.
    He. there He is.
    He watches over us.
    He loves us.
    all i need is higher than all the buildings. higher than all the clouds.

    By Kate URL on 12.04.2012

  35. I believe that I can always fly higher than you. I can jumper higher. I can be higher than you. I am a perfect human being, who is greater and more advanced that you. Whilst you will always stay on the ground I shall be high, high in the sky: bigger, better, and greater than you

    By hannah on 12.04.2012

  36. Maybe if I listen
    Maybe if I aim higher
    Maybe I’ll see a new happiness

    By Jackie on 12.04.2012

  37. im feeling free im feeling live im feeling high the sky isnt my limit im untouchable im full of laugher im full joy theres no bring me down so back of off me get away from me opps i forgot you cant even touch me can you even see me?… naw your not even that intense intellectually you cant even touch me im floating im high and im getting higher

    By chanel walls on 12.04.2012

  38. when i think about my mindset it is always so low i breathe it in slowly. hold. release. my mind.body.my soul. are now higher. im on a new evel a new plane and i dont ever want to come down. But sady,I always do. Until the time comes to light the fire in my mind again. The blaze of color and craving to release words i had never even begun to fathom before seems to combust in my mind. Exploding and hitting every wall in my bedroom. I am blazing, illuminating. All the corners of my mind finally seen. The shadows of monsters now shown to be only coat racks and dirty laundery in the light ive now found.

    By Adrianna Boyer on 12.04.2012

  39. higher than a mountain, mightier than the sword, truer than justice, brighter than the sun. I don’t know whait is, but it’s out there.

    By Nuno on 12.04.2012

  40. higher and higher
    all alone
    up I float

    looking down
    things and people look so small
    so far away

    and then i realize
    its not them that is far away
    but rather it is me

    they are where they are
    they be where they be

    It is me that needs to come down to see
    It is me that needs to re plant the tree
    It is me that knows what I should be
    It is me

    It is me

    By dan_dan URL on 12.04.2012