March 15th, 2011 | 680 Entries

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680 Entries for “heels”

  1. She promised not to wear anything; “that would be too distracting for me as I paint, especially the heels. No, no, no!…No heels!” Fredricho insisted.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.15.2011

  2. heels make a woman feel very sexy. heels are a beautiful and fun thing to wear on a night out to impress the gents or simply to just satisfy a need of feeling beautiful for any woman. heels are hard to walk in heels are fun to walk in though and i love to buy high heels.

    By lauren on 03.15.2011

  3. It’s fascinating that some people just dig them in — and fo no reason or warning. Meanwhile, I’m suffering with plantar fascitis and my heel never husrt so much. Heel Pain — all you do is say theose words together and people KNOW it’s “plantar fasciitis”

    By Pamela on 03.15.2011

  4. High heels are very very VERY uncomfortable, not matter what ANY woman says. She’s a lying bitch. Trust me, I know. (I love uterus’!) (Uteri?) (I dunno, I’ve only got one) But they are sexy as heeeeeeeeeeeell. :) also, my heels on my feet get rough during the winter. gross yo. fo real. seahorses. fo’evah.

    By Kaitlyn on 03.15.2011

  5. love them even though they hurt me, kinda like men. although i am 5 foot 11, so i really don’t need them, kinda like men.

    By Sammy Jo on 03.15.2011

  6. they are on the bottom of your feet. Women wear heels when they go ou and often end up taking them off because their feet heart. You can get dry skin on your heels if you do not look after your feet properly

    By am on 03.15.2011

  7. i dig my heels in the ground and think about what the day will bring me. should i be scared or should i be happy? am i making the right choices or am i going to just on about my day without thinking if i am doing the right thing. i don’t know but my heels are hurtting hurtting so bad i want to pull them out of the ground

    By Bri Carnes on 03.15.2011

  8. heels have traditionally done a lot of interesting things for women in our society. they arch the foot and augment the muscles of the lower leg which create an attractiveness that men find appealing. is this a product of chinese foot binding and other forms of societal sexual oppression?

    By ryan on 03.15.2011

  9. They are shoes and I wear them on my feet. They are sometimes pretty, well most of the time they are pretty. I hate ugly shoes. They suck. I also hate uncomfortable heels. ULGH. And wet feet. That happens when I don’t wear heels more, though. Heels are sexy and pointy. I don’t understand heels that are chunky. They are bulky and they clomp. CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP. Heels shouldn’t clomp.

    By Emily Streeper on 03.15.2011

  10. In my heels I feel free to seduce. Being well heeled is something people who ask me how much rent I’m paying AREN’T. My heels need to be pumiced. Constantly. I feel people grasping at my heels a lot.

    By amber URL on 03.15.2011

  11. there is something oppressive about wearing something intended to slow you down, keep your back straight and make people want to fuck you. Also, slightly empowering, if you decide when you can take them off…

    By emily on 03.15.2011

  12. I like heels. They are fun to wear and to shop for, but they can be pretty expensive. It’s funny when people wear heels when they can’t walk in them because they walk goofy. I have lots of heels at home in my closet. My favorite are a tan pair that I have.

    By Jevita on 03.15.2011

  13. Her high heels clicked and clacked across the time worn church flagstones, the noise amplified by the ancient stone walls. Father Jerome blessed himself slowly before turning around.

    By mariesdaly on 03.15.2011

  14. She slipped on her red heels and ran out the door. There he was- anxiously waiting to see her again. He greeted her with a kiss on her fore-head, as he led her to the car door. She was completely in awe of the beautiful buildings and sites. Suddenly the car came to a halt, and he opened the door for her to reveal a lit garden with a violinist and a band. After a delicious dinner, a single slice of her favorite pie was placed on the table with a ring around the cherry. He got on one knee and said to her, “I couldn’t imagine my life with out you. I can’t stop thinking about you and I can’t stop loving you. So, would you- would you marry me?”
    She gave him a simple response with an innocent smile, “You know you don’t even have to ask. You know my answer.”

    By laughalot on 03.15.2011

  15. are high and easy to fall off. James hasn’t got any. They make me tall and I like to wear them at times. 6” are my highest heels

    By gillian Topping on 03.15.2011

  16. heels – we like them, they keep us standing and we dig them in to defy. sometimes literally sometimes not. they can be rough, they can be scaley – they arent always pretty. but we all have them.

    By Kelsey on 03.15.2011

  17. they hurt your feet. They give you the most feminie of sillouhettes yet they cause so much pain, but are so necessary to attract the opposite sex

    By mollie on 03.15.2011

  18. the dog was nipping at my heels
    the higher the heels on the shoes, the more apt i will twist my ankles
    high heels do make a bit difference in the dress-up or dress-down of any outfit

    By shelly on 03.15.2011

  19. The bottom of my heels always hurt. As a dancer the heels are very important to us. Is it good if the are callused and hard even if it mean that they don’t look pretty :( They keep us connected to the floor as we move to the music and sway back and forth.

    By Jennifer on 03.15.2011

  20. women

    By bew on 03.15.2011

  21. i love to wear heel althouhg i dont own alot of pairs
    i would love to buy more heels
    they tend to be very expensive
    i cant walk alot in heels
    they are very uncomfortable for me
    i want to own alot of pairs of heels
    at this moment i dont have alot of pairs though
    i love heels

    By maria on 03.15.2011

  22. They are high, very sexy. Women like them to put on to tease women. Women are fond of heels because it attracts lot’s of attention. Men can’t walk on high heels but some of them prefer relatively high heels to impress others with there height though they are very shot.

    By Franggy on 03.15.2011

  23. clicking into the pavement, heels are powerful. sharp. i sway slightly as i tap, tap, tap along. there’s an odd sense of being giddily grounded from this high up. my heels are worn, therefore i have been seeing the world.

    By Eva URL on 03.15.2011

  24. Heels on the floor – that tell-tale click on the tile. So high, so graceful, we wonder how they wear them everyday. My heels in the sand. Dirty, rough, and sinking. We all dig them in; we all use them for balance but some of us let them sink lower and some click their way own the hall.

    By Kelseyann URL on 03.15.2011

  25. My heals are young but cracked and worn. They have pull me where they want to go and I move them where I choose to go. We do not argue, my heels and I. We show each other the world, we feel sand, warm puddles, dry grass. We jump when we step on thistles. I like my heels. I hope they like me too.

    By Sparrow URL on 03.15.2011

  26. whoa this is deja vu…the same word, same dragon on his heels ..same situation now just one more worried look until a new solution can be gained and the words found to speak to make sense of such a celestial being.. could they be friends? Would the dragon come to his aid? Could he be enlisted in the battle ahead?

    By kit on 03.15.2011

  27. The new shoes I bought on 6pm are amazing. Although they’re not the most comfortable. I really should start wearing heels more often, especially since I am getting older and need them for interviews and whatnot. I wish it were more socially acceptable for me to wear heels to class. Too bad people are so judgmental.

    By Elen on 03.15.2011

  28. High heels on the sexy models sexy feet as she stomps grapes in my big vat in my backyard. Oh the wine is fine, yes so de…vine.

    By rasco on 03.15.2011

  29. Staying back on your heels and waiting is no good. We need to learn not to let life pass us by. We need to be on our toes.
    I like to think I’m on my toes. I am always looking for the next opportunity in life.
    I want to brace myself and gather my wits on my heels, but be on the ready to move from them quickly and gracefully.

    By Sara on 03.15.2011

  30. Alice picked her high hels and tossed them in the garbage. they had cost her @200.000 but she wouldn’t wear them any more. Now that they were covered in Susan’s blood.

    By rasco on 03.15.2011

  31. heelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelsheelspie

    By Me on 03.15.2011

  32. Hoops in North Carolina
    Ever present in light blue
    Earning title after title
    Lose or win, the pride remains
    Shooting for the Mad March Moon

    By Amy URL on 03.15.2011

  33. I never understood why people walk heel to toe. I’ve been a toe walker all my life, even run on my toes. When I was little I got made fun of but its a family trait that I never would like to get rid of.

    By Envy URL on 03.15.2011

  34. Heels are very boring. there not comfortable. but they do look pretty and have nice class onto them . I’m just not a fan that they hurt your feet. Doesnt even feel right sometimes walking around in them because they hurt, they cause cuts, Just a waste of time i must say.

    By emily URL on 03.15.2011

  35. He was running, right on my heels, and I was so terrified that I thought I’d jump out of my skin to get away from him. My breath labored and my chest was going to explode if I didn’t stop. Seeing a sand bar ahead I took a sharp turn and ducked behind a bright blue tent.

    By Carol on 03.15.2011

  36. I believe it is the sound they make that first drew my attention. The clap that echoed through the walls repeated even as it ended. My shoes, all shoes I had previously known, so silent. I had to wonder: Why did they try to drown out our voices? What these shoes were saying so loudly?
    “I am here. I am here. I am here.”

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 03.15.2011

  37. high heels. i wear them when i go out. they make my feet hurt. i wish i had a new pair of them to wear for saturday. but i can never find a pair that don’t make my feet scream. the heels that i have are black and kind of messed up becuase they’re old. my heels on my feet hurt when i do yoga

    By katie on 03.15.2011

  38. Those things are hard to wear, or so I hear. I’ve never actually worn them, but wow. The things women do to impress really shocks me. Guys seem to be more laid back about their looks, while many women are wired to please. Who was the first girl to think of wearing heels anyways?

    By cody URL on 03.15.2011

  39. i love heels. i love walking in heels, and trying on heels, and looking at heels. i love people who wear heels. the higher the heel, the more confident you feel. that’s my motto. i love how when i’m walking around in heels, i feel like the rest of this town is too insignificant for me. i love how it reminds me that someday soon i’ll be living in the city and everyone will wear heels to the mall like i do.

    By elaine URL on 03.15.2011

  40. i adore heels. i’d wear them all the time if it was socially acceptable and/or comfortable. i just have one rule: the taller the better. i’m classy, but you won’t catch me in a pair of 3 inch pumps, nooo way.

    By sarahkaye URL on 03.15.2011