March 16th, 2011 | 559 Entries

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559 Entries for “figure”

  1. A figure is like a shadow. It leaves a dark thing

    By Caitlin Cordova on 03.17.2011

  2. go figure, my mom was telling me this just last night because i told her i was tired and wanted to sleep. Well i cant really think of anything to talk about and i’m out of time peace out.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 03.17.2011

  3. You skate on ice and have fun its called figure skating so enjoy.

    By emily URL on 03.17.2011

  4. is an image of something…..

    By littleman on 03.17.2011

  5. The figure stood in the darkness. it shifted its weight and truned around. it looked as if it was staring at me. quickly he came towards me the figure stop and hit the ground

    By Babi B on 03.17.2011

  6. its a figure of your body when its a round fat ppl its funny jkjk

    By red neck URL on 03.17.2011

  7. Figure is when you find out something new.

    By bubbles URL on 03.17.2011

  8. i stare into the mirror. when did this happen? I don’t remember when this happened to me. Those…folds. (I can’t even bring myself to think of them as rolls). My stomach…it sticks out so far, I must be pregnant.

    I’m not pregnant. I can’t be pregnant. Immaculate conception is not a thing. Sorry, ChriChrist

    By indigone URL on 03.17.2011

  9. The model stood on the table with an umbrella in hand. I never thought figure drawing would be so hard. I always thought myself a great artist, but all I ever could draw were little cartoons. I don’t know why my art teacher suggested I go to this figure drawing class, was it to proove that I really had no artistic ability at all? or was it to show me that i could do this

    By Alyss URL on 03.17.2011

  10. I hate puzzles you have to figure out by yourself. Not jigsaw puzzles but brain benders.

    By emmaliegh URL on 03.17.2011

  11. Ohh that just figures…the world is obessesed with figures. How do I look? Do I have a nice figure? Ohhhh or we can go with the whole money fixation…Figures dont lie but Liar’s always figure! Ohhh yeah money? Looks…Which is the one we most care about?

    By KitDickson on 03.17.2011

  12. Go figure. whjat do you expect to happen to your figure if you fill up on carbohydrates and other emppty calorie foods. My fugure is

    By Vivian Randolph on 03.17.2011

  13. it is the shape of a woman’s body, the thing that people think about when they think of beauty. One may consider it but it is also considering. A triangle is just as good as an hourglass, it is no less one such thing, it is the subjective interpretation of it that matters.

    By Harold Maguire on 03.17.2011

  14. It figures that this would be the day I got my period. It had to find some way to hold me back, some way to limit me. And now I was stuck. I couldn’t swim–hell, I could barely move. I guess I would have to find a nice, cozy seat on the couch, and spend the day perched up in the corner..

    By Emily on 03.17.2011

  15. Doesn’t it figure that once you think you have things done right, you have to do them all over again because there has been a change in the plans.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.17.2011

  16. I love to figure things out it helps me to understand the world around me I believe that understanding your suurroundings and environment will make you appreciate life more in general because you can extract meaning and emotion, or deeper emotions from every situation, you can recognise the beauty in all things and your life will be more fulfilled,

    By Joseph Thomas URL on 03.17.2011

  17. for thr king bring the vodka love u mom god blss u child u r god is with u come and have dinner wisemen r gods gift bless u childrren ma i love u dad u are my sweetheart chinky i love u maneet i love hubby dearest i love u evenings are beautiful clouds are appealing to me butterflies are beautiful to look atk at small things attact me come and join hands with ma

    By neena URL on 03.17.2011

  18. i don’t know what to do. i can’t figure this out. Usually i know what to feel and i know how to execute certain things, but right now i can’t think. This has never happened before, and i just don’t know how wo react. Someone please help me realize and figure this out. please i’m begging you.

    By Bea URL on 03.17.2011

  19. Go figure. Figure it out. Figures and graphs and charts, oh my! What do you figure? Like fig, with ure. Figure. Don’t have much else to say about that!

    By Victoria URL on 03.17.2011

  20. That’s the french word for face, but its funny because that means a totally different thing in english, it’s the actual whole body… the body is an interesting concept to think about because the media is making people wonder what makes an actual “beautiful” figure. I think that a fit figure is a beautiful figure. That doesn’t mean you have to be the skinniest person in the world, just that you are happy with how you look.

    By Kate on 03.17.2011

  21. A figure is a thing, thats similar to a form. Being part of society, a figure states the persons personality, but also materializes it into something graspable. It is a human thing.

    By Wolfram Hulumuluhu on 03.17.2011

  22. the figure was complicated.. had many equations attached to it. What is the value of x.. why did they want to know values of random variable was beyond him..
    why was this figure as complicated.. they should read hitchhiker. the answer to life and universe is after all 42.

    By Meghna on 03.17.2011

  23. Was bin ich?
    Wer bin ich?
    Warum bin ich?
    Was wird aus mir?
    Welchen Weg gehe ich?

    Was würdest du ihn mir sehen?
    Was würdest du wir immer in Stein hauen
    von meiner Gestalt?

    Was bin ich für dich?

    By Anuri on 03.17.2011

  24. I figure if I can overcome this, I can make it through anything. The tragedy and loss challenged my soul in ways I would never have imagined. At times I wasn’t sure I would survive, but I did and now I feel somehow stronger than ever…empowered…a different person from my former self.

    By mommywrites URL on 03.17.2011

  25. art
    math is not fun at all
    school is almost over!!!!!!!!!
    halo halo halo halo reach

    By Ben Cross on 03.17.2011

  26. something that is standing or is walking in a shadow or you see something but your not sure what it is.

    By quinn on 03.17.2011

  27. HI figure artwork posing for pictures
    shadow horse with white like on harry potter by the lake
    harry potter is weird
    i was talking about harry potter in math
    ben is talking its annoying

    By Zoe Novotny on 03.17.2011

  28. I figured out that no matter what I did, everything would be wrong. No matter how hard I tried, I could never fix it. Time would ravage at my soul and I would never be able to relive that one moment where everything had finally turned out right. A lot of things were like that. Thinking about how hard I had fallen and how much worse things had turned out.

    By Hannah Alan on 03.17.2011

  29. I think of figure like to figure something out like a problem for math or a job or a hobbie. I also think of figure like a romedel like you look at them as a figure and do stuff like them

    By Tanner on 03.17.2011

  30. In one split second I figured out how hard everything would be. There was no breath before the plunge, there was no time to figure anything out before I started. It would just be togetherness from now until the end of the earth. Implanted in each others brains. I didn’t understand why this would be thrust upon me.

    By Hannah Alan URL on 03.17.2011

  31. the shape of a body. a form of speech. a person that others look to as an example. something girls are always trying to improve. go figure. how do you figure? just figure it out.

    By Haley on 03.17.2011

  32. I saw him there, walking down the street, looking at the house. He slowed, as if contemplating coming to the door. But I knew he wouldn’t, his father and cousin forbid him from seeing me ever again. I turned away. I couldn’t bear to watch him go by, like he didn’t care.

    By rina URL on 03.17.2011

  33. i figured that if i saw her face then the most amazing thing would happen. LIFE. i could picture it so vividly in front of me. her body standing like the statue of liberty. so strong and powerful. i only knew my only hope for LIFE was to give it

    By catrina jones URL on 03.17.2011

  34. I run harder, jump higher, play harder. It’s all for you. The girl in my head and in my heart, the body I remember and love, my girlish figure. Someday we’ll be together again.

    By bunny walker URL on 03.17.2011

  35. draw
    start absstract

    By Fernanda on 03.17.2011

  36. figure. everything’s strange. i try to figure stuff out. i cant. not from here. i’ve got to go. figure out the world. so i can save it. if i dont know the world, i cant save it. i need to get out of here. as soon as possible. before the heat leaves me.

    By artemis on 03.17.2011

  37. to be a figure in a person’s life is great honor indeed. what would i do to be in your life? i guess that’s up to you.

    By Marie on 03.17.2011

  38. hah. it figures. every time i take a chance, i get slapped in the face. this time though, i figured it would be different, and it was.

    i got punched instead.

    By ace URL on 03.17.2011

  39. It’s all upto you to figure it out. No guide books out there, but too many voices out there and inside your head. But you need to keep your head steady and figure it out. go figure out! that’s the mantra. just don’t worry if you have figured it out right or not, because eventually you will not be happy with it anyway.

    By pallavi iyengar on 03.17.2011