March 15th, 2011 | 680 Entries

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680 Entries for “heels”

  1. My heels ache. They ache in the morning, in spite of having rested all night long. They ache when I stand all day at work, and they ache after long runs most of all. I am desperate with the ache. Is it a syndrome?

    By C on 03.15.2011

  2. beels. why can i only think of rhymes when i do this. beels aint even a word. i’m not sure i get this thing. alot of time spent misspelling. shouldn’t go back but would be a wohle mess of gibbersih if i didn’t. yech. times up.

    By michael on 03.15.2011

  3. I hear clicking in the back of my head. I feel the result in my toes. I feel the anxiety rising in my stomach through out my body. But all I can do is wait to feel what happens after the clicking stops and I remember to breathe.

    By breanna URL on 03.15.2011

  4. My heels always take me to new heights
    With my heels I feel more confident
    Through my heels I reveal the sexy me

    By Abi Harper URL on 03.15.2011

  5. His eyes went immediately to her leather-clad feet. The heels were four inches high, but she walked as though she were floating. The red satin enhanced the golden tan from their vacation in Argentina. He patted his hand on the couch next to him. Immediately she placed her foot where his hand had been. He caressed her leg, slowly making his way down her silky leg to the shoes. Let the games begin.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.15.2011

  6. freewrite: on the heels of glory morning glory morning comes soft but soft what light through yonder window breaks don’t play in the house you’ll break the windows! open the windows let in some air fresh air of the valley of the meadow on the prairie free and wild waves like the water like the ocean deep and clear and free flying bird

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.15.2011

  7. She tip-toed now, past his sleeping form, toward the loo. Catching a glimpse of his handsome face, she was momentarily distracted, noisily tripping over her black patent-leather heels (which she had carelessly tossed onto the floor the night before). He stirred, groggily, and smiled at her there, naked on the carpet, rubbing her knee.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 03.15.2011

  8. An accessory which expresses ones individuality or class in society. You can learn a lot about a person by their shoes… if they are poor or rich, up tight or free spirited, good taste or bad taste. To some they are viewed as an object for the shallow while others can see the true beauty that can be seen when you look up from the shoes to the person wearing them.

    By paranoid people URL on 03.15.2011

  9. she walks briskly along the sidewalk, her heels making a crisp, tapping sound. she clearly has somewhere to go, a purpose, a direction. It doesn’t matter where, specifically. As long as she has a goal, she feels fulfilled, confident. Happy. A delusion, perhaps, but a necessary one.

    By lil_nail URL on 03.15.2011

  10. i dont like heels. I know they are the symbol of feminism, and the typical sign of being a girly girl, but i can’t and don’t wear them everyday. I don’t like to identify myself that way in everyday life, being only a girl, who’s trying to stumble arou

    By Ayesha NoorA on 03.15.2011

  11. Skinny bitches with scrunched up feet. Working their finest, they dress to compete. Be taller, be thinner, make your ass look fine. But wobble when trying to walk a straight line.

    By Kayla Martine URL on 03.15.2011

  12. I just dont wear them enough. work doesnt require them. I have sooo many. last week i worke my 6 inches to a photo shoot and twisted my ankle quire a few times. why do we do this?

    By christie URL on 03.15.2011

  13. I have 20 pairs of shoes. most of them have heels. my favorite heels are the yellow ones. I bought them on amazon for like 50 dollars. they have these nice strappy things. and everyone seems to like them. i saw so many people stare at them.

    By Selbi Taganova on 03.15.2011

  14. Things are always at my heels and all I can do is keep going to avoid being caught by that which follows me. Maybe someday I will be free of those things that bite at my heels, pushing me forward, but without those would I really try as hard to stay ahead of the game?

    By Ashley on 03.15.2011

  15. Kicking my heels up in my new high heels, and I don’t usually wear high heels, was quite an experience! I nearly lost my balance once, and was kept from falling by the arms of a handsome stranger, dark-haired and mysterious. Blushing, I thanked him and walked on, or should I say swished on, because that’s how these shoes affected my walking.

    By Emily on 03.15.2011

  16. They are on your feet.Theyare still on your feet.I really don’t know what else to say.SHOES!Um vomit.Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HIGH heels.You wear them with a dress or somethin sometimes with just normal clothes.

    By Me on 03.15.2011

  17. She stumbles, curses, glares down at her feet, and then continues onward like a solider marching into war. How was she supposed to know they’d need her that night? What was she supposed to do– go to the gala in combat boots?

    By Sae URL on 03.15.2011

  18. Make a sandwich with the heels, know the way the poet feels. Also, you eat slower.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.15.2011

  19. Aren’t they pretty! I almost didn’t see them (I do have to learn to not walk with my head down!). But I did look up, and I did see them! Lovely, bright red heels!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 03.15.2011

  20. heels are great for grinding into balls like that movie jade…y’know with david caruso? he was a great actor. i wish someone would grind heels into his balls. that would be sweet.

    By Tanner Throb on 03.15.2011

  21. when i see my mom go out to eat she is always wearing high heels. my heels help me balance and walk about. my heels are marvolous.

    By Michael URL on 03.15.2011

  22. The heels of my day
    dig into the back of my derelict.
    I’ve elected some sickness away
    and prayed all night
    with my eyes shut
    and my mind open.

    I’ve stopped believing
    and just started agreeing
    because nothing makes sense at all.

    By Tescia Schell URL on 03.15.2011

  23. Click, click, click. My heels clatter across the pavement as I run for the bus. They really weren’t the best shoes for that kind of thing I think as I pick up the broken heel and watch the bus disappear into the distance.

    By Ania Knight on 03.15.2011

  24. This is a colloquial word for a type of women’s shoe. Similar words are stilletos, ankle breakers, etc. These are usually uncomfortable and worn on nights out drinking or on special occasions. They add height to the wearer and are thus usually favoured by short women, and avoided by tall women.

    By Jess on 03.15.2011

  25. The sky is black. I can already see the stars. I’m wearing my pyjamas, though they’re small and sit high above my ankles. Nana says she’ll buy me a new pair, when she wins the bingo. I look at the clock. It’s nearly midnight. The Grapes closes at 11. Jenny told me. Squeezing my hands tight, I look at the streetlamps until my eyes go blurred. I say three prayers. More. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll work hard at school. Do anything. ‘Please God, let me hear mum’s high heels coming round the corner. I’ll never moan. I’ll cook tea. I’ll never ask for a single thing again. Not even a dog. Amen God, and thank you.’

    By Jeannie URL on 03.15.2011

  26. Heels sounds like eels. Probably because they’re basically the same word. Eels are kind of terrifying, and so are heels. Shoe heels, at least. Those things can get high. I was high last weekend- no heels, just weed. It made me want to fuck my boyfriend.

    By Mildred on 03.15.2011

  27. I got the opportunity to go inside Julliard the other day. It was a beautiful place. People walked and talked with purpose. But it really hit me… that I didn’t belong there. I was only a bystander looking in. Every girl I saw (not even joking) wore heels; beautiful high heels of all colors. It seriously is a different world there; their own culture.
    It blew my mind away.

    By marulove on 03.15.2011

  28. eels don’t have heels. But if they did they would probably wear some sort of metal shoe, like made out of tin foil or something. . . . some days I got it. Others, not so much.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 03.15.2011

  29. she wore heels 2 inches high. then she fell. everyone laughed as she cursed her shoes.

    By nix6 URL on 03.15.2011

  30. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word heel is track. I love track.(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.15.2011

  31. he stayed on my heels as we ran through the woods. i tripped and he closed in i woke up and it was just a dream

    By kaylob URL on 03.15.2011

  32. some people use heaels to look bigger.

    By alejandro URL on 03.15.2011

  33. where them a lot
    They make me feel sexy
    especally the red ones with the studs on the back of them
    my knees are gettng bad so cant wear them a s much as like
    have toooooo many shooes

    By CC URL on 03.15.2011

  34. make your legs look long, can be your weakness, are usually expensive.

    We cover them up when we are in public. why?

    By hollyblue on 03.15.2011

  35. when i think of the word heels i think about stomping peoples heads in if i truly hate them jk hahahaha

    By twiztid URL on 03.15.2011

  36. when i think of the word heels i think of feet

    By jamie:) URL on 03.15.2011

  37. The high heels that my wife bought were very expensive. so expensive that I will not be able to send my kids to college. The heels were very nice but they were covered in diamonds and gold plated. They were specially made for her by the world’s most expert shoe maker.

    By Mr. Johnson URL on 03.15.2011

  38. her high heels clicked the pavement as she pranced by us. sure, we thought, you and your high and mighty thoughts and muscular calves. sure. you win.

    as she passed us in the hall, we stooped our shoulders from the pressure of being as cool as she was. would we ever be? would we ever get out of our insecure natures? unlikely. maybe we should just get a pair of heels.

    By soinclined URL on 03.15.2011

  39. red heels and a black dress. A perfect night out on the town with the perfect man. The night filled with laughter and joy and never letting you think back to the horrible place your at when you come home to the darkness. The dark disappears when your with him in your favorite heels.

    By Alexi Dabrowski on 03.15.2011

  40. “I’m head over heels in love with you.” he said. She didn’t know how to react. He was attractive. He was sincere. He was well dressed. He seemed to have a air about him. But she’s met him only 2 minutes ago. How could he be head over heels in love so soon?

    By Lisa on 03.15.2011