August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. Half of ones life is spend in getting and spending money. half life in sleep.when a person will get half second for god. Half minute for one innerself,half min, for helping others. Half successful is the person who does not do this.

    By bhavana URL on 08.22.2012

  2. Sometimes this is how I feel, not whole. Not only because of my race, but because of what you leave me as. You keep me at a distance when I want you so close to me. I want us to be one, but rather I am left in solitude and therefore searching for something, that is within you I know, that will make me feel whole again.

    By brittany on 08.22.2012

  3. You were the one. You were my other half. You were my soulmate. You were my destiny. You were my fate. You were on the other side of the red string that was tied at my ankles… The imaginary red string of fate that tied us together.

    By Lamsinyan URL on 08.22.2012

  4. Not even close to whole, they said. I wanted to tell them that it was just as close as could moderately be, but they said,mno. Half isn’t even in the realm of whole. It is hardly a part of anything really. I mean, sharing? I asked? What about sharing? They said they didn’t want any of my bullshit. They didn’t want even some of it. Not even half. Half, not even. Don’t even. We are wholly about whole.

    By Rhiannon Richardson URL on 08.22.2012

  5. Half of a thing, half of the other. Mix them up, and you’ll see what a great thing they have become.

    By Camila Abrantes URL on 08.22.2012

  6. The half sister of mine is up to no good.
    My half baked idea did not work.
    I am half way tempted to…

    By teeda URL on 08.22.2012

  7. The glass is never half anything, there’s always air or some other form of matter involved taking up the other half. So when I look at a situation and realizes it seems awful now, it always seems to cheer me up knowing that in a few moments, months, or years that it’ll all get better.

    By JPHuber URL on 08.22.2012

  8. Is the glass half full or half empty? I used to think it was half empty, but now I see it as being half full…despite my imminent break-up with a boyfriend, lover, and emotional mentor of almost 4 years.

    Half. I like the word. I rings of fairness. Half is yours, half is mine. You take half, I take half…of mine and your love. Let’s be fair. And cut it in half.

    By SsoQueen URL on 08.22.2012

  9. of my time is spent with you, and I would have it no other way. You give me such a great sense of comfort and happiness. I wish things were simpler, I wish we could just be. But for now I am happy that we are the way we are

    By Clumsylucy on 08.22.2012

  10. Half is what people neglect these days. It is either all or nothing. That is what most people think. But all I have had to live on is half or less.

    By Orion URL on 08.22.2012

  11. Half of me planted against half of you. Shedding my troubles onto your wasting body, trying to fit us together as one. I share myself with you. I am you. You are me. Let us become whole, separate from the who we once were.

    By Desiree J URL on 08.22.2012

  12. There is no such things as half. When something is half, it was never meant to be whole. Perhaps others don’t see it this way, but this is the only way I can reassure myself that life is still going on.

    By Mira on 08.22.2012

  13. HKalf my life I was a character actress the other half I am going to spend as a writer
    I don’t have to audition I just write whats on my mind. Half of it is having the courage to listen to what my mind is saying the the othr half is listlisenting to this ole lady
    trusting her own truth. Half says I’ll so it half says I don’t hafve the guts.

    By Mary Rose Betten on 08.22.2012

  14. One half of my world was gone. The other half was inside of me, hidden, locked away so nobody could find it and take it. The half that was gone had exploded and was destroyed beyond recognition. Who would help? Nobody, nobody would help because they all have their own problems. We were all in our day of reckoning, just trying to survive. We could barely spare words for other unfamiliar people, strangers.

    By umbazachika URL on 08.22.2012

  15. Half a glass of water. Half empty or half full? Optimistic or pessimistic? Better to me optimistic, open your mind.

    By yeshe on 08.22.2012

  16. my life my soul my dreams, i have split in half for others but myself. to dream in full is no longer my way but a half empty cup filled with only doubt and plague

    By Jamie on 08.22.2012

  17. half of me, half of you. Two halves make one. Where is my other half these days?

    By Maggie URL on 08.22.2012

  18. hi im Katerina, and i feel like im writting to a wish board…
    so i will start make wishes…
    :) from now…
    i wish peace

    By Katerina URL on 08.22.2012

  19. Half full? Half empty? Neither. In between.

    By Marie URL on 08.22.2012

  20. Just half, that’s all I wanted, but I was in the wrong place and the wrong time. We were all scared, back then. There was no hope for the future, just fear of the lost opportunities. We didn’t think, we tried not to, it only reminded us of what once was. When the colours were still there, when you could still hear them as they splashed against the walls

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.22.2012

  21. half full, half empty, half life, half lived, half hearted

    not whole

    By charly on 08.22.2012

  22. Half a million bucks. That’s not enough to cure my father. I wouldn’t give another penny to the kids on the streets at this moment. I can’t get enough money no matter what I do. Half a million dollars. I need another half a million.

    By Mimizaurus on 08.22.2012

  23. When something is split in two, with both parts equal to each other

    By Ally on 08.22.2012

  24. Half is 50% of whole. I don’t know what more to say… Lol this is boring…….

    By lol on 08.22.2012

  25. half mean fad of something like 50 percent, it could be like half a pie or half an apple it can also be written as 1/2 and people can be half and half like half man half woman, they can also be half dog half cat which would be just weird.

    By scarlett on 08.22.2012

  26. so this one time, i was making myself tea and i wanted a lemon inside. i wanted the juices to flavor the lemon, so i cut it in half. the lemon was smaller, but just as good. it made my tea taste great!!! it was so good, i made myself another cup with the other half. two halves equal a whole.

    By Alec on 08.22.2012

  27. Half of a whole is two quarters, half of my heart was destroyed, half of my love never went away. but half of my mind say dont stay. Half of everything is nothing at all, without the other half to exist.

    By Matthew on 08.22.2012

  28. Half an hour seems like not much time; however, all time adds up. A half hour well spent matters.

    By Victoria on 08.22.2012

  29. Half my life spent waiting, pondering, debating. Half of my life was spent for that perfect moment. Now I realize that while I was waiting, the moment came and passed me by. I sit in the ruins of a lifetime, and I feel nothing for the things around me. They were the artifacts of someone else’s dreams and someone else’s goals.

    By Mike on 08.22.2012

  30. When I was sixteen I gave up my horse for a dollar. I took the dollar and bought a lemonade.

    By VL Hartmann URL on 08.22.2012

  31. half means a lot of things. like the half of one glass or something. i mean. ……. i dunno. like your half!! in life. people usually say I don’t need my other half because my mom made me whole. hahaha, but they usually do unless they wanna die alone with eleven cats. like.. ok.. :)
    i’m at the half of my time right now :D:D:D:D.. it’s wierd but nevermind. I loke onework, it’s really cool.. keep it up guys:D:D..

    By year nomber on 08.22.2012

  32. it’s not full – and not empty. not completely good but also not completely bad. not more to say.

    By Tessa on 08.22.2012

  33. One side smiles;
    Now, the other hides.
    Every now then, it comes out
    How to tell one side from the other?
    And you will only ever see one.
    Like the other just fades away from you.
    For you realise, we are all cut in half.

    By Ryan B URL on 08.22.2012

  34. Half is a subjective term. Half of what? Half full, or half empty? Half life, gone so soon. If I was half as happy as I’d like to be, I’d be pretty damn happy. Half can be used in so many different ways, and yet half is always the same, never more, never less.

    By Chase on 08.22.2012

  35. half a man is half a man whatever you angle it. I would like to be doouble a man. double the capaacity and double the fun. hilarious as it might seem. The world is dobuble the size it was only a few years ago. isnt@ that funny baby. really

    By henrik on 08.22.2012

  36. A tear went down his cheek. He felt free. All this while he had spent in searching the answer to his problem, one that questioned his existence and actions. He now felt like he had an answer that wouldn’t let him down. But that was just the half of it. Now came the part where he had to start living.

    By unkitjc URL on 08.22.2012

  37. Half. This word is not whole it’s half so it’s less then a whole and it’s more then nothing. So basically if you had a whole watermelon and you cut it in half that would mean that you have half of that water melon left. Well technically you would have two halves, but that’s another story. Half of the word “Half” would be “Ha” like HAHAHAHA, but not really like that. The other half of “Half” would be “lf” not like “if” like “LF”. THE END

    By maythewriter URL on 08.22.2012

  38. My half of the world was in darkness when your’s was in light, A straight mass of land separated us, the Earth understood and bent under me to where you reside. So many people here, only one I needed, only you I wanted, and your memory I got, and the knowledge of half a planet’s distance, because that’s how far you are.

    By unkitjc URL on 08.22.2012

  39. When I was young, really little in fact, I would ask my mother for a piece of gum. What I had in mind was an entire piece of gum, that would look and taste exactly like it did when it was packaged. What I got was a half a stick of gum fished out of her purse that had been peppered with bits of tabacco and lint and other debris that lived at the bottom of her purse.

    By Mary Beth Robertson on 08.22.2012

  40. I remember about my english lessons when I was younger. “Half” means for me a part, the time which goes, and you can’t stop it.

    By artemisia on 08.22.2012